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the motherships are
hovering overhead
& to the east,
apollo breathes fire
past the ******* incisors, like
'try &
catch me now'

or never.

to my west I felt nothing
but the most
uncomfortable comfort.
it's just.

becoming barefooted
clouds of dust I run
to the godlight
& in time I find I
also become

& I'm just freeezing
& my feet are filthy & bleeding
anything for that rush

tell me somethin brother
do ya cluster with the others?
are you some
undiscovered color
in the monochrome gutter?

are you sixsixsix seven
aren't you *** & heaven

dost thou seek
the foul
or the feather'ds;
brother of blood
& sweat,
is thou the sheep
or the shepherd?

we want the teeth.
to the tooth, troopers.

how rude;
I can see right thru
that wool suit
all too true to the stupor,

don't you know I know you,
don't you.
Running thru orchards with no shoes on at the buttcrack of dawn
hey, I'm
seeing spiders &
shadows & lights again &
there comes a point
in your life when
you realize
it's all this forced speech
about how
the weather is fine &
no one has died
that shouldn't have.

it's like sitting
in an unfamiliar bathtub
til the water goes cold,
knowingly just floating
in frosty clouds of your own filth,
that sick type of epiphany
that we're all just sad little
feeder fishes painted gold
that live to eat **** **** float
get old go blind become senile
then hopefully die
before anything too terrible happens.
happy ends.


high noon &
the horse flies are biting,
for the life of me.
if you find yourself dead
or alive.
they'll pay you for perfect timing.

so smile sunshine
the drain hasn't
swallowed you yet.

no problem no sweat.
deep dreem
humorously ludicrous.

the lunar rock flickering
& all that
co$mic glitter
almost saying
I should return to the
wretched place
whence I came.

phoning home.

the moon's only reflecting
radiation from the sun
& some of those ancients
thought that ball of gaseous hell
was god himself.

I am now these clouds
of heaven chemicals &
other toxic emissions &
I am in awe of all of this.

there was an epic in the sky
& unfortunately I am limitied by
a lack of understanding of the
technical jargon.
the sad fact is to me
real ideology is not possible
& nothing but impractical knowledge.

.... and I don't follow.

I'm afraid

I don't follow
fuckit duckling
black carbon paper lips  
peyote nothing to eat
lord made em sick
prayed to jesus in a backseat
after birth behemoth's armpit
the end.

the end
the end
the end is near

white flags folded in memoriam
klansmen's hoods
bartered goods for gunpowder
kinds who werent designed
for human eyes to see
cause see son
their light is blinding.

they sleep
when the sun is shining
lying in a field of drug flowers.
hugs for smokes & hot showers.

what's the headcount.

man I was done yesterday.

I'm sitting here suffocating
numb to the new world
attitude & outcome
smothered in
carnal crimson summer
not for money or love or
anything or anyone.

I'm just sitting here
burning under the moon
thinking about alpha omega
& who took it upon themselves
to leave out the in-betweens.

godless heathens.
screechy gospel
that goes on for days

straight trip no stops.
Gray area
angry jagged animal teeth
the underbite of earth's crust
harboring harmful chemicals &
illegal immigrants
at this first ray,
a ****'s hair of celestial inferno
one could say
constantly calling
on this
splay legged abomination
meeting & greeting
every need & accomadation
of greater grazers
they set them selves ablaze
for pity wage
& trade peanuts for raisins.

holy hell.

the nature of things;
of which way's witch ways
is a
flying state
of ***** nirvana.

this is common phenomena.
I could cry. hysterically.

black helicopters
polka dotted the
blinding white
pilot light
that was the sky
littered with little
particulates of sickness.

I want nothing more
but to run to this jesus light
rewind to the darkness
in the daynight
& bottle those clouds,
consume & be alive.

but why.

I run to nothing
& nowhere
cause that's only
place it's all alright.
let it slide past

by the time anyone finds out

another evening beseeches quiet
& we'll abide
to avoid running for our lives
fly fly fly.
Now let us pray.
May hellfire rain down
on us today, on all those who
offered pay in
full metal change to watch
the life sized lights explode
& wicked witches
hanging by the throat
from a tenth floor window
it was all so cool.

so cool.

demon induced
dementia cemented in
an underground parking garage


starry eyed orphan
**** princess-
apparel section
regressing to an
oral fixation & a
need to keep the
fingers busy.

pink **** carpet
heart shaped atrocity

rotten thing.

you ain't the boss of me

scarab angel
seraph snake
made up cheap

heart tarnished
black comedy
legs like a limousine
keeping company with
the holy cross
dressers on the
local drug scene.

oh how special.

I fed my
edificial fetish
& I could not
stop thinking.

these high
arched ceilings.
could not contain
my feelings,
if they tried.

drive by advertisements
remind me there's
not much
to be excited about.
Torture ****.
We do **** culture in uhmerica.

What is uhmerican culture anyway?
I'll explain:
it's like,
irrationalized entitlement,
moral decadence on every side
of every fence &
sick narcissistic pride
to be parasitic,
a louse *******
the life out of
the whole **** planet.

Men who have
still die from depression.
Women who call
freedom co-decency
bold faced oppression.

**** first question later.

Hermits complaining
about the rain when
they know **** well
they don't even go outside.

Everyone lies to
everyone lies to
everyone lies to
everyone lies to

It's a cycle.
A spiral.

Maybe it'll go quiet
into the night, or
maybe it'll ignite
the whole **** planet.

Has anyone else noticed
the rise and fall of
Napoleon & the Romans?  

How every worldwide empire dies?  
In a fiery gust of embarassment  
that was the special from the start.

I've grown numb
to the disgust I felt
towards everyone else &
the fact that they're all
kind of beyond helping.

Now I'm just waiting
for it all to fall apart.
Absolutely nothing to do with feminism, *shudder* I define **** culture as,exactly that ****** culture. Our food ***** our people **** our music ***** our movies **** our schools **** the news ***** & no one even knows what a book is. Think about that while you're pulling your short-shorts out your hoo-hah. Culture has been thoroughly *****, Thanks Merica.
the barker in charge
is sniffing markers
& the dog's the one
in the shock collar.

good god.
I'll come back


galapagos, I'm sorry.
rocketship jalopy
wrote a handbook on
banana boat cutthroat
reconnaissance exotica,
beast of tropic atrophy
broke folk casualty engulfed
in telescopes & TV shows

being monitored thru a monocle
the theatrical apathy & topical misanthropy

can anybody understand me?
Work in progress. Stagnation. Creative constipation
I seen beneath my eyelids
I was a black silhouette
of an entity outlined in
platinum aura eclipse
and the visions fell
far & fell hard
from a teardrop chandelier
hanging from the ceiling
in my skull &
the crude
jewel encrusted
crescent floor

then thunder roared
in the distance &
erupted the crown,
unleashing a copious
explosion of white
gold light
& my skeleton
sheds the snakeskin
& escapes
thru the hole in my head;

just crawls right out,

bubbles up & becomes
a pink heart shaped balloon
& it floats

up. out. away.

creeps thru one of
the holes in the ozone,
straight into the sun
& burns up.

star burst.

&  that's soul.
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