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Ylzm Jun 18
Man, tripartite entity,
of earth, water and air,
of body, soul and spirit,
of proteins, cells and organs,
of families, tribes, and cities,
of Kings, Houses and Nations.
Man is a part and One,
A fractal entity of Unity.
Martin Dove Oct 2018
I'm not a religious man
but god might be there
Depends on what you mean
and if you think he should care.
I'm not a religious man
But, man, this got me thinking
There really is a sequel
to our life, after it’s ending.

Your life is a wave
Of information and matter
The wave started rising long before
you ever saw your first mother -
I don't believe in reincarnation -
but you are a manifestation of all
past and present influences
past choices and events.
Not just by you. But by eons of elders
that doomed or blessed you to a life of specific circumstance

We are
genetic combinations interacting with nature
A wave. A continuum
Connecting one time to another

Now that's a magical feeling.
We are but seasonal leaves on an ever-growing tree
A tree that’s stuck with existing
that's how it's going to be.
This feeling is humbling
Now I can stop mumbling
For now I feel peace
After writing this stupid little piece
Oskar Erikson Mar 2018
Kaleidoscopic, heart
Fractals, spinning
World apart.
I ache but
when the music begins
everything bad
goes away at an instant and
I can breathe again
for just a minute, forgive myself
for it, feel kindness.
Be asinine without reservation, brave
like a fool but ready
to fall in love, maybe I'll even stop
wishing for contraband
because the hurt is gone and
I can see light at the end of
my darkest hour, just for
a minute I realised that
"no man is an island"
and I am not blind
to my own needs.
Here's to an ℓP
of empathy
and to adaptation
at the edge of chaos;
Julia, Mandelbrot.

Line Sixteen from Devotions upon Emergent Occasions [1624] by John Donne.
Jonathan Sawyer Dec 2017
I. There exists only the Fractal.
II. The Fractal contains itself.
III. Everything else is derived.
10 Dec 2017 - Behold, the answer to Unified Field Theory in just 3 statements and 18 words.
Vexren4000 Jun 2017
The pieces of reality,
Shaped by shapes overlayed,
By the careful hand,
Of mathematics and physics.

Joe Thompson Oct 2016
With every breath
Every touch
Every thoughtfeelingdream
Joysorrow pain and healing
The map of our soul multiplies -
An infinite fractal reflection
Of the universal design

And we move further away
From simple answers
I sit atop a mountain and beneath a tree reveling in ecstasy as I gaze upon the divine.

It is here that God chose to experience itself.  From the snow
dusted slopes, to the lightly coated trees, all is as it should be.

My eyes journey from the frozen water particles to the plant life struggling to keep its heat above a crystalline sea, and onward to the mist that enshrouds the mountain….I cannot help but stare in wonder at the spectacle of god presenting itself in its many fractal forms.

Solidified energy falls softly
in an attempt to build itself ever higher.  

The transference of purity puts on a show for those souls with open eyes.

Above me is a comforting blanket of particles,
falling, crying out as they land
“I am!”

Emanating from the most minute pine leaf to the mountain itself arises a silent shout of existence.  It is here that I may be at peace, with the ever present reminder that everything simply is. How would it be if a snowflake judged itself…would it be judged by its tumultuous formation?  how conclusive it's landing? or the quality of its travels?  

Nay, it forsakes judgement because its perfection is stated quite firmly
in the present moment.  Here above the cities

and in the mountains it is cold.  

Paradoxically, it is here where I am stripped bare and proclaim myself warm and free.  Thank you life.
Gigi Tiji Oct 2014
The tone is a human,
a human is a being,
and a being,
is a tone.
The tone is a being.

When one human sings,
they create a tone.
A tone that carries
all tones within.

When two humans sing,
they create two tones.
Two tones that carry
all tones within.

They are making love,
They are making a harmony,
and the harmony
is a child.

The union of two,
the child carries all
the vibrations of one,
and all of the other.

Every harmony carries
all harmonies within.

The child is one,
The child is twice one,
The child is half of each,
and infinitely more than none.

The harmony is a child,
and the child sings.

The child is human,
and the human grows.

When a human sings
they create a tone.
This tone carries
all tones within.

The tone is a being.

The being is one,
The being is twice one,
The being is half of each,
and infinitely more than none.

Each being carries all beings within.

When the being sings,
it creates a tone,
this tone carries
all tones within.
Each tone sounded
carries all tones within itself.
As the fundamental tone vibrates,
so do the proportional overtones it creates.

An entire string vibrates.
Within that length,
1/2 the string vibrates,
1/3 vibrates,
1/4, 1/5, etc...
Divided into infinity.

(You can find the harmonics on a guitar string in these fractions.)

This is the shared source of all living beings.
This is the harmonic series.
This is birth and death.
This is one single tone.
This is you and me.
This is Om.

Birth, crescendo, diminuendo, death.

This is breath.
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