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Neharika Oct 2019
To you they seem petty,
Redundant and fancy.
But these words,
All night they kept crying
They stayed awake waiting
You stood them up.
These words,
They cried all night long.

Your words, they are strong
They never shed a tear.
And every precious word
I wrote you,
Let me have them back
Please dear.
Please dear.
They’ve cried all night,
You’ve turned a deaf ear.

They keep knocking on your door
But you do not open.
All night at your doorstep.
You’ve easily stood them up.
They stayed awake waiting
Waiting and crying
They cry all night
But they won't give up.
Neharika Dec 2017
I resign from your love
It's far too hard a job
My experiences have been too rough
I give my all but it isn't enough

Where does your love come from anyway?
Is it your gut that gives it away?
Myriad words I could right now say
If only it mattered, I could go on all day.

My walls are all blank, I stripped all our pictures
It reminded me of my failure; your silence tortures.
I munch no more popcorn like we used to in the movies.
I watch movies no more either, just hoping to be at ease.

I've had enough of my dreams crushed
Not sure if they can be reimbursed
It's far too hard, even for a job
I quit, I resign from your love.
Neharika Dec 2017
I blinked my eyes to see you gone.
The rumors are true, we arent the same, nomore.
"Mutual", Alas, a mere fancy word
With you gone but I was ashore.
Neharika Dec 2017
I slept for so long
Dylan lent me his dreams
Now, I wait for the wind.
Neharika Dec 2017
My colors are drained,
No stronger mourning than rain
Canvas fogged with pain.
Neharika Dec 2017
Looks have never been so piercing before
Whispers have never been so loud before
You try to step back, submit and comply
Until one day you comply no more.

And after some time you'd want to break the silence
Only more and more fingers to point your defiance
Well what do they know more than what they have been told
Silence is golden, your perfect alliance.

They love you and hate you
Will own you, asphyxiate you
Disregard and deny you
And well still not know you.

You've never opened up, despite how many times they knock
You have had your achievements and you’ve had your block
They worry you no more they are a stupid flock
Still, you stay amused, they are your laughing stock.
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