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Sky 2d
I once sat
in the middle
of an infinite ocean,
struggling to breathe
and desperately awaiting rescue.

And then,
there you were.
Life pulled me through
pain and solitude
just to bring me
to you.

You approach,
and in your wake lies
a path to the future.
Sky 5d
I know that I am good,
that I am a lightly colored soul,

But sometimes I feel the darkness
welling up inside—
I force it onto myself
so that I don’t hurt anyone else.
Sky 6d
come over me,
wash into me
To take me away
from this madness
  Jun 7 Sky
My eyes flash between the memories,
Trying to figure out which ones are new or old,
Which ones are good or bad.
Have these events actually occured?
Or are they creations from my own mind?
Sometimes it is hard to tell what has actually happened, or what was simply a dream.
Sky Jun 6
My reality
is cracking
at the corners
And I’m leaking in all the wrong places
Sky Jun 1
There’s a lot of emotion
hiding here
that no one is aware of —
there’s so much heartache, so much pain,
that makes me feel every decision was made in vain.

I’m so tired
of the past,
of things I’d rather just forget.
I’m choking on memories
and drowning in nostalgia.
Sky May 22
These bits of hope
are dimming more and more,
but maybe this one will stay bright.
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