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Sky Sep 16
I was falling,
then crawling,
fighting to find my way

You materialized,
a lantern in the storm,
Offering warmth and safety

I held your hand
and off we ran
Headlong into insanity

Just for a moment,
I had a feeling
that life would be better,
but instead I was sent reeling.

You’ve been trying to help me,
hoping you’d free me
But I’ve slowly been dying
And I fear nothing can heal me.
Sky Sep 15
I’ve been floating aimlessly
in a dark and icy sea,
waiting, just waiting,
for life to make something
out of me.
Sky Aug 31
I know,
I know you’re there.
I know that you’re waiting
to sink your fangs
into my brain
and leave me crying
from the sudden pain.

I know that you’re lurking
right on my shoulder,
claws on my neck
and tongue in my ear.
“Soon, I’ll return.
Soon you’ll be
with me again, my dear.”

I shudder at his embrace,
but it is so familiar
that I cannot help
feeling safe.
Sky Jul 22
everything falls right into place
with you.
Sky Jul 19
I shouldn’t miss you this much.
I shouldn’t miss
our car rides,
your music,
the conversation.
I shouldn’t miss your company,
even when rain clouds lingered.
I shouldn’t miss you
for hurting me this way.
You knew it would hurt me
and you did it anyway.
I should be furious,
screaming in rage,

but I miss you.
A friend decided to cut me out of his life so that he wouldn’t hurt me, but that hurts me more than anything else could.
Sky Jul 18
You don’t need a love poem
because I can speak freely
to you.
Sky Jul 9
I love to trace
the line of freckles
on your face

Your eyes
are so full
of life,
your smile
so true.

Your kiss
fills me
with warmth,
your hands
so gentle
my waist.

You are
a great perfection,
and I love you more
than I’ve ever known.
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