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Sky Oct 3
I yearn for the days
when I could pull poetry
from my brain
like a string of pearls,
shimmering opal,
so beautiful to all.

Where    have    my    pearls    gone?
Sky Oct 3
Even as I’m moving
I still feel
In the same thoughts,
the same mistakes,
the same
Sky Jul 30
Why are you here
still stuck in my head
when I should have moved on,
and it's been over a year?
Why do I hate you,
when all you did was
Sky Jul 7
I thought
that maybe
I could find
but I'm still so aimless.
Sky Jun 14
You force us to step backwards,
degrading who we are meant to be as

We should be charging forward,
and changing
for the better.

you seem to wish us to be
nothing more than simple
gobbling the foul feces
that is flung our way.
I'm sickened by what's become of the US. Our basic human rights are being stripped over things we cannot control. I hope that November brings the positive change we need.
Sky Feb 27
I’ve been caught
in a bubble of my own creation,
cold and suffocating.
Sky Jan 1
This isn’t where I wanted to be,
hiding in the other room
on New Year’s.

Hunger and exhaustion
struck war with
defeat and depression
over a bowl of noodles.

And suddenly
it’s the
dragon in the room,
breathing down our backs
and burning us deep.

I wanted to be sinking into
warmth and love,
feeling hope and joy.

Here I sit in cold white light
hearing his voice

how sad it is

I hate that sadness.
I hate when he sounds like
the whole universe is crushing him
in an Iron Maiden of molten metal.

I wish
he would just
take the time
to listen.

New year.
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