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Clear rills caressing the waves,
Brisk breeze twirling on the surface,
With every drizzle I drive content,
And so I am divergent.

Unlike that former sea,
won't burn your blood up,
Tranquil your mind to a faraway terrain,
Shattering the delusions fading your soul into nothingness,
With me this would be your first,
Every moment would be contrasting,
Will reciprocate your reliance with culpability,
Won't defy decisions,
But admire your confidence,
Won't tear up your liveliness with my ambitions,
My aspiration would be the same,
Watching you soaring high like dazzling wave.

You need to acknowledge this,
I am divergent.
"Who gives a f***
about your first love?
Give a big round of applause
for your second love,
because they taught you love still exists
after you thought it could never happen again."

Here I compared love to a scenario where a river meets a sea and the geography of love....
Vishal Rai Jan 2019
Not so different
yet so strange,
Not so old,
yet something new
this is not first time I'm getting those Butterflies,
this is not first time i look through the car window and smile while listening to my favourite music.
this feeling is familiar.
I've seen clouds converting into rain before
I lie awake under sky ignoring the beautiful star constellations, lost in a name.
I've done all this before too, but I've never seen someone doing exactly as me.

this is not first time I'm in love but this time i am being loved too.
tumelo mogomotsi Feb 2017
treadmill, treadmill, treadmill
my mind is in routine
exercising all of your expressions
unorthodox and quirky mannerisms
your decisions are exasperating
my mind is exhausted as i try to
your previous steps.

memorise, memorise, memorise
your voice loops through my head
there are cracks in its harmony
but it plays like a lullaby
even in my dreams
your imperfect chords hang over
like a utopian sillouette.

- t.m
inspired by the frank ocean song “memrise”
There's only so much damage a person can take and after all the damage and abuse mine has been through, I swore falling in love, again, just wasn't in the cards for me. I went through so much at the young age of 14 and I didn't know how to deal with my emotions. I was only 14, you know? How do you come to the acceptance that the only boy you've ever loved used the fact you loved him unconditionally as a tool against you to break your heart? It was too much for me. So for 3 years I stayed away from the idea of "love" all together. I promised and swore to myself that after all the trauma I went through that no one could love me, not even my family, and that "never again will I let someone in." And for 3 years, I kept that promise. We broke up May 2014 and I never wanted to fall in love after that May... But then May 2016 came...

At the end of my junior year I met this guy, and from the moment I met him everything just about him drew me in. He was so handsome and he was so unbelievably sweet to me. He made me feel appreciated and made my heart feel alive. When I kissed him the first time I fell in love and when he put his hands on me it was to hold me not to hurt me. But I was still scared, because I didn't want to get hurt again.

Because for 3 years I stayed away from love but I didn't stay away from boys. I talked to boys, hung out with boys, but when I found myself catching feelings I ran away. I just couldn't do it...

I never intended to fall in love again, it just kinda happened. He's a dream come true and he is such a blessing in my life. I love him, I really do. And I never want to lose him... I can't...
Dark Ink Mar 2016
The say your bad
Or perhaps your mad
Or at least you
Should stay undercover
Your mind must be bare!
If you would dare
To think you can love
More than one lover
rosie Jan 2016
gods built homes
in the crook of your neck;
i feel them
every time my teeth
graze the surface,
the sky crumbles
down on their sturdy mountains
and somewhere between
your trembling fingers
the earthquakes
in my bones
and lighting candles
with the fire
from your cheeks,
I lived through real
natural disasters
that not even
Poseidon himself
could wash my brain
with enough salt water
to rid the memories of.

Copyright ©  2016 Alyssa Packard
All Rights Reserved
my first real poem about you

— The End —