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Leah Dec 2019
Your heart has a question to ask,

My love

Come and sit down with me.

I can explain things the best that I can

My love

Because I truly do want you to see.

You've asked why we can't be at one

My love

And you pine for what the answer will be.


There was just us in the beginning of time

My love

I gave to you endlessly.

It went on like this millions of years

My love

But there was someone you were longing to be.

You asked to be more like myself

My love,

To have the power to love endlessly.

And not just continue to take from

My love

But give it all back to me.

As soon as I give you this chance,

My love

To conquer this world on your own,

My love

You created a moment in time,

My love

A moment that we could define,

My love

And without history before or future to come,

Existence turned on its axis, and from that was sprung,

A million shards of stardust with delicate strings,

Cast out into the universe to become every thing.


You deserve ultimate perfection,

My love

You asked to work for this on your own,

But things don't go in just one direction,

My love

Those delicate shards of stardust may stray far and wide,

Adventuring life,

Developing pride,

Forgetting their roots the farther away,

But those strings will begin to tighten one day,

And all the burden and strain and strife that you bear,

Will only make you more able to share,

In the absolute perfection of being aware,

Of the intricate depth of

My love


You will have to get to the end of the rope

My love

And then you will actually see,

That it's more like an elastic band

My love

Drawing you right back to me.

The pieces collect,

And lock back to place,

In this beautiful vessel in a beautiful place,

And we'll call that place heaven, to paint a picture in your mind,

And when it's time...


You and I together, will simply be

My love

Where the lover and loved become free

My love

You will come back to me

My love

And together we will love endlessly.
A conversation with god about the beginning of time, love, the Big Bang, string theory, desire and The Human Experience. In essence, and very simply describing how the laws of physics and gravity will draw all of the scattered puzzle pieces back together into the complete vessel once again once everyone reaches the proverbial end of their rope hahaha
Leah Dec 2019
Love is like a rose, frail and fragile.

That sways with the wind and violent storms.

Sometimes the rose fades away and wilts to nothing, but love may also blossom more beautiful than any on Earth.

Love is a special thing everyone holds,

Some hold back, others let love flow free like a babbling stream.

Some hold lots of love but are afraid to let it go, for fear of losing it in the wind.

But love is endless so show as much as you can, for love can never run out.
I must have written this when I was 13 years old. Based on the handwriting and terrible spelling! I am in awe of the person that I was and the depth of my words. I don't know that I've ever found anything more inspiring than my own words about love before I even knew what it was.
Leah Dec 2019
In the beginning there was me.

Then civilization reined, and then I died.

Not died in its literal form, I died within myself. My very being crumbled into ashes and floated away.

And emptiness, nothing but empty dank nothingness remained.

People, all kinds have done this to me. People are mad.

Soon my life will come to a point whether I live or die, whichever comes more naturally.

I am here and everyone else is there. I cannot reach them, I cannot make them understand.
They are blind and ignorant, I want to break them all, each and every one with my bare hands.

I want to watch them leave, leave me here without a good bye, leave me here with the chance of regaining myself.

To give myself a chance to break the chains and attempt to scale the wall of the endless pit of desperation that I have toppled into,

Crawl to the light, and breakthrough to the dream, that is me.
Circa 1994. I love to glimpse into my mind back then....
Leah Dec 2019
You have become the light on the dark side of me,

Your hands are my eyes, groping through life veins.

Feeling as deep as they will. Pushing it over the edge.

I am ****** into here wet and naked. My eyes unopen. Everything is white.

The only way to find out my surroundings is your touch.

I'm becoming locked on to you. A bond that holds as strong is the force keeping me here.

Every move to me is as dramatic as the first move ever made, yet nothing is alive. Still as stone and white.

Gleaming, shining, blinding white.

All light is here. All points of life stuck into me like needles piercing my flesh. So slowly I cant even feel.

So now what?

Paralyzed with awe I'm forced to lie stiff on this bed of cloud satin.

A voice whispers to me from the other side and it says "shine, shine, shine pretty baby shine, shine beautiful girl."

Then she closed her eyes and was swallowed into the fury of light beams,

Her song, her body, her beautiful skin never to be seen again.

Taken from this world, never to be seen again.
I was going through some old stuff and I found this poem that I wrote when I was 14! Sounds like an alien abduction to me now
  Dec 2019 Leah
Bryan Lunsford
Under any light,
I find art within her eyes,
As like stars found in the night's sky,
She's a masterpiece no darkness can hide
Leah Dec 2019
I learned from you through longing,

A presence so deeply felt.

Wordless interactions between your heart and mine,

Love blooms,

And I see clearly one of the sweetest of lessons.

Love is unspoken, an un-severable bond.

And its not you who agreed,

Your heart spoke for itself.
Leah Dec 2019
You cant have it, you live it.

You cant find it, you grow it.

You cant take it, its endless.

You cant give it, its given.

No valve, no damper to slow the flow,

Open with the strength of a fire hose with no nozzle to aim,

It floods everything.

Drown in the expansiveness of love,

The most sweet surrender.
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