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Allow change to take over you
Melt into the tides of renewal

Allow the past to wash over you
Mend your heart
Reconcile with those who have hurt you

Nothing is worth more than your sanity
Your peace is a priority

Do not allow the externalities of this world to imprison
Your hope
This overwhelming knowledge that
nothing will ever be the same again
doesn't phase me anymore

I choose to not feel anything
because when I do i get hurt
if there's nothing i can do about it
my emotions only hold me back

so when you ask if im ok
know im not

im  just really good at faking
This new step feels different

It feels like summer rain,
the warm droplets reassure me that the nights of endless sobbing has been taken over by the divine rain

It feels like dawn braking,
the hiding sun has taken center stage and awoken me from my slumber, supported by the imaginatively inspiring clouds

It feels like finishing a puzzle,
the pieces have finally fallen together and the landscape that I am destined to chart has been laid out by countless frustrating corner pieces

all that's left is to set sail on this new day leaving the rain behind
Sometimes I feel like I have to know everything
Like I have to have it all figured out
Like I'm not doing enough to achieve what I want
Like I'm wasting time
Like everything I do is wrong
Like I'm not good enough

But then I laugh in the face of those thoughts
because they come from me
And they can be anything I want them to be

So today my emotions tell me
I am strong enough
I am brilliant
I am stunning
I am captivating
I am doing all that I can
It's okay to make mistakes
We'll figure it out as we go

I got you.
We become imprisoned in our own thoughts and expectations of life because we try to control every little thing. That is impossible. Surrender is where we find true intelligence and wisdom because it is the things that we can not control that teach us our greatest lessons.
How easy it is to become consumed
Lost in the ebb and flow
The stressors of life
hold us captive

a breath
a small bubble
in space and time

reminds us who we are
and why we fight

never forget why we do what we do
our purpose is what drives us

neglecting your purpose
is to neglect your greatest strength
and the sole force that pushes you forward
I invite you today to remember your purpose and be renewed by your passion for life. It gets better, i promise
Drowning in the waning tides and crashing waves

Your words are what bring me back to  sandcastles after they were rebuilt
The sky dances for us like one not unaccustomed to attention but longing for affirmation

The sun hugs us with the warmest embrace,  like we're old friends who have know each other since birth
Seeing us through our awkward phases and past lovers
Listening to us beg it to come out from behind the clouds on our worst days

We don't listen to the stories the creatures of the sky and land regale between breaths of song
We don't value their wisdom anymore
Rare and fleeting if there ever was a time in which we did

We refuse to smell the beautiful commradery of all that happens

Without us

We only taste the defeat of failure or the destruction of our daily encroached reality

We prefer it that way

Beacuse then we can't let the light in,
If there's no light

We see no need for change
Because we see nothing
Our perception is limited and occluded only by ourselves and our willingness to stay in our own darkness
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