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Gabriela Cintron Oct 2021
I am responsible for the knowledge that feeds my head.
It hasn’t been getting fed
Gabriela Cintron Oct 2021
My lovers skin I have been
Sticking to them like humid clothes in the sweltering heat
Attached when I know I need to release them

The hurt goes so deep
I barely have the sheer willpower to confront it
Even heal from it

I remember the best moments
I relive the worst

Protecting everything you have inside
Refusing to let your vital organs spill out
I poured into you
I chose you
I fought for you
I loved you

Your smell
Your taste
Your sight

All etched into my memory
Affecting my Being
Like the carvings inside caves
Left for another to deduce it’s timeless meaning

You have in me made impressions
Not unlike the steps in sand
The rifts of earths highest and lowest points
A summation of everything that has ever been
And everything that ever will

Now I know why
You are not worth it anymore
Gabriela Cintron Mar 2021
This one is a hard one
All these emotions
That wane and wax like the illuminesence that brightens our nights
All these emotions
That drown me under the tides of isolation and incomprehension
All these emotions
That eviscerate me in the moment

But that's the thing about time
It passes
Gabriela Cintron Mar 2021
You will never understand my underlying battle beneath the surface if you spent a millenia breaking me down

I have fought
I have lost
I've felt

That isn't all that I am
I am
What I've learned
How I fought back
How I chose to over come
The ways I surmounted

That's ok
You were never meant to dissect my beating heart on the table simply for your selfishness of knowing

All that I am
I wish someone truly took the time to realize how amazing I am sometimes but then I realize I am that someone I rely on myself for support and inspiration. And only myself
Gabriela Cintron Feb 2021
It is easy to be drowned out by the perception of others

It's easier to feed others when you yourself are starving

It's easiest to lose sight of your purpose when you're fixated on these things

It's difficult to choose yourself, but I promise once you trust yourself and believe

I know that anything is possible
The future may look daunting but it is just a different variation of the present
Society forges the problems of the world from scraps
Voicing opinions as tools
Thicker than wool
Creating a line of division stronger than steel
While we allow the blacksmith to spin the disastrous wheel
This is no game
But if the price is right
We'll gladly "come on down" after they announce our name
Oh, the crimes we commit for the glory and fame

We, the Blacksmith
Gabriela Cintron Jan 2021
I am speaking to you,

You who lost your face in the multitude of the crowd
You who deserted your purpose for confusion
You who rejected yourself because it's all you've ever seen others do to you
You who adopted patterns the desolation of accommodation

I see you
I know you
I have been you

I am lighting the path to freedom
Because my purpose

Is to eminate
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