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Vivek 5d
Please get me outta this maze!
I am stuck deep inside of my brain!
Is this another one of those bad days!
Or is it from overthinking and pain!
It's like a paradox!
There's no escaping!
All this random talks!
Inside my head, I am just scraping!
I am suffocated in my own breath!
Stuck here just waiting for death!
Only you can save me, we'll escape just fine!
All I need Is long walks and yours hand on mine!
Vivek Jul 6
It's the end of me!
The role-plays over!
All the things that I can't see!
My eyes are covered in clover!
Memories flashing in front of my eyes!
All these strangers and their goodbyes!
Good things about me now I hear!
Guess life was just changing gear!
I was so fast and lost control!
Crashed so hard, but I did my role!

Vivek Jun 30
As I was looking in this guys eyes!
Something's that I realized!
I saw he's lost in the darkness!
Alone in the hollow!
Fallen deep into the emptiness!
No one's trying to follow!
Life's such a vain!
Every heartbeat feels like pain!
Wanna get out of the quicksand of mind!
But it's just complicated things that I find!
I was tensed like I just watched thriller!
When I realized I was standing in front of a mirror!

Vivek Jun 22
Lying on the marble floor!
Under the ceiling fan!
Devil knocked on my door!
Got up quickly and ran!
Into the darkness inside!
Peeping through the big white curtain!
Little did I know I cannot hide!
Saw myself laying on the ground, still uncertain!
Don't know how to react!
Is this is a myth or a fact?
Watching them as they take me away!
Guess I have to go, that's the only way!

Vivek Jun 13
Drizzling in the sun!
Everything is shining!
Everyone's on the run!
Birds are hyming!
Then I looked right across the street!
I can't feel my heart, can't feel the heat!
It felt like either I am dead!
Felt like you're an angel in heaven!!
Or am I just dreaming in my bed!
Then you boarded bus no. Seven!
Never saw your face ever again!
I am still waiting in the sunny rain!

Vivek Jun 10
In the boiling summer heat!
You're still more hot to me!
I've seen fire street!
You're still too hot to see!
When I look at you my eyes shine bright!
It's feels like you are a source of light!
You keep me warm!
You keep me dry!
You do no harm!
Never made me cry!
You're too good to be true!
Will you let me burn inside of you?

Vivek Jun 6
In the summer heat!
These lazy afternoon we're free!
You said you wanna meet!
Beneath the mango tree!
In the monsoon rain!
With these hot tea!
You're remedy to all my pain!
In your arms is where I'd rather be!
In the winter cold!
Playing in the breeze!
You're out and bold!
Whenever I see you, I freeze!
I'll be around you through the season!
I'll Never leave no matter what's the reason!

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