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Cambria Andersen Nov 2018
Knowledge in the deep places
The hard to reach places
The hard to read places
Knowledge at the end
With the endings
Only then
Wisdom with the years
After the tears
Beyond the fears
Wisdom will be there.
Courage at the depth
The bottom of the soul
Of the spirit
Courage in a breath
Loving in the light
Bodies at the height
Loving in the night
Loving again
After it's right
...Always loving
I feel like this poem is undone, but until the rest comes to me, I am leaving it here.
Cambria Andersen Nov 2018
After the rain, came the heavy snow.
Falling with silent thuds through the trees,
the bush and below.
Muffled crunches of boot ensconced children
zipping up parkas against flakes by the million.
Stillness in my heart slipping through the broken parts,
dripping to the snow in colors of blue and vermillion.
The quiet flakes gently holding my confusion and loneliness.
Caressing my cheeks as a mother would to her child crying
in whispered tearfulness
A painful summer ambled slowly away leaving a far fairer autumn
but as winter and her snows knocked at my door, the mountain beckoned, and I lost him.
Any ski purists out there may understand this. My relationship was about over, but as snow filled up the resort, it was the end, of it all.
Cambria Andersen Nov 2018
I used to feel that way.
All I needed
was your kiss.
I used to feel that way.
Only to touch your lips.
I used to talk with you
We used to live and laugh.
I'd never thought
we would burn out and crash.
I never saw it coming
never thought I would fall
out of love, out of your arms,
out of it all.
I used to walk toward you,
now, it seems you're further away.
I can't seem to reach you,
So, maybe I will just stay.
I used to feel that way.
I used to feel that way.
Have you felt that way? I do some days.
Cambria Andersen Nov 2018
I am always waiting for the struggle to stop. I realize though, it's never going to stop.
The struggle is the challenge, it's not just the getting through.
it's learning how to manage-
this life.
Even making all these mistakes that I do.
And staying humble, always humble and remembering
that The Lord is in charge.
Not me. Not you.
Every person's struggle that believes in a higher power.
Cambria Andersen Nov 2018
I had been left out of the life that I had made my life about.
Now I feel outta my skin-  an invisible wife.
Cambria Andersen Nov 2018
Toe the line, keep the peace
lay brick and mortar higher
do not proceed.
For fair is my heart and weary am I
of the anger that follows the deed.
I hear the warning from my heart
but I don't wish to flee.
Trying to hammer down the wall,
the masonry, that encircles me.
I am an invert. I have to try extra hard, and that's ok.
Cambria Andersen Nov 2018
I was well once
I was soft once
No bouts of crazy once
No Bipolar once
I am stable right now, but not too long ago I was cycling. I have to manage it everyday. I live with it like anyone else that lives with a disease. It doesn't define me as a person, but I have to admit, my poetry comes easier when I am cycling. I am grateful for the stability I have today and the ability to manage this disease and still be successful in my public and private lives.
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