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a gale Sep 2014
“You are my
greatest what if,”
she whispered

But **** it,
what if was never enough
to make her stay

What if was never enough
to make things right

What if was never enough
to make things work

What if was never enough
to keep her from letting go.

What if will never be enough

a. gale
a gale Sep 2014
“And her eyes,” he said
“They burn through me
like wildfire
every time her eyes
meet mine.”

“It’s not like fire,” I sighed
“You’re just in love with her
which makes everything
about her more amazing
than it really is.”

“Love?” he laughed
“What do you know about that?”
he asked as he looked at me
like wildfire, I thought
if only he knew

a. gale
a gale Aug 2014
Here’s to the boy
Who was first in line
And strummed
These heart strings
And taught me
How to play

But you strummed
Too hard
As the strings gave in
And you didn’t bother
To even fix it

But my love,
Won’t you at least
teach me
How to play with
Broken strings

*a. gale
a gale Aug 2014
It’s been years
Since I last saw you
As we talked
Like nothing happened
As I asked how you were
You made me think
Things were good
But before I left
Out of earshot
I wish I never
Heard you whisper,
“You were my favorite
And most painful
What if”
Because, my dear,
You are mine

*a. gale
a gale Aug 2014
“Let’s play a game,”
You said
As you held my hand
And we ran around

You’d chase me
Every time I run
Look for me
When I hide
And catch me
Whenever I trip

It was wonderful
And magical
Until you let go
It was all part
Of the game after all

*a. gale
a gale Aug 2014
One day, you'll meet someone
but not just anyone
Someone who brings you to your knees
Who will make you fall hard
Only realizing then
why it never worked out with anyone else
Someone amazing
who will make you take all the risks
because you know it's worth it
She's worth it.
And that's the person you'll know completely.
Seen her best parts
amazed by the way she is.
Seen her worst parts
But not being able to leave her
Even when she's being a *****.
One day you'll meet someone
who you'll love unlike anything else
who you'll fall for unlike the other times.
Someday, you're gonna fall in love
and never fall out of love.
One day, you're gonna fall in love
with that one person
with the right one.
But until then,
I'll be waiting here
Wasting my wishes
on shooting stars, eyelashes, dandelions,
11:11's, and wishing wells
Hoping that I would be that girl for you
as you are that boy for me.

*a. gale
a gale Aug 2014
Close your eyes
Cross your fingers
Count to ten
that's how I've always been
hoping everytime I open my eyes
somehow 'll get what I want
If I don't
maybe it's just not meant to be
But as I sat here
the moon as my company
the space beside me
emptier than it used to be
eyes closed
fingers crossed
as I count to ten
hoping you're finding
your way back to me
but as I reach to ten
opening my eyes
uncrossing my fingers
I guess the tears
could speak for itself
Maybe it's not meant to be...
But it has to be
Close your eyes
Cross your fingers
Count to ten
as the tears
won't cease to stop
If it's not meant to be
then I'll find a way
Close your eyes
Cross your fingers
Count to ten
If I leave now
you might come back
to an empty space
If I leave now
I might not see you
back here with me
"Close, Cross, Count"
I whisper to myself
I don't know
how many tens I've counted
Close, Cross, Count
Maybe it's not meant to be
maybe you're not coming back
maybe your absence
is permanent...
Close, Cross, Count
I know I should stop
this foolish wishing
But as I stood up
begging myself not to cry
all I could do
is Close my eyes
Cross my fingers
and start Counting
the days
or months
or years
or decades
until your back

*a. gale
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