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wyatt rabbit May 2020
what went through your head that day?
you went out for a smoke,
i didn’t even hear you drive away..
i sat on the couch and i played on my phone
until you called and you told me
“hey baby, i’m not coming home”
my head started to spin
and the world faded away
couldn’t think, in a blink
wait, babe! what did you say?
no. no. NO! this isn’t right!
you said you needed a smoke break
you never said you’d need all night!
“can’t talk anymore, i’m about to lose you..”
and fear took over because i knew
the valley in the hills
where you were driving through
The Badlands
where our music never buffered and we’d swerve through the curves holding hands
and then the service cut out
my heart beat so fast i lost count
and when the call dropped
my heart did too
you were gone like that
i never had a clue

that was my last night with you
The Door is Still Open to My Heart
Dean Martin

1:11                                                                -1:44
wyatt rabbit Sep 2016
write about your pain
from the most beautiful point of view
make your readers fall in love
with the demons in you
wyatt rabbit Aug 2016
It's time to write now
of the things you're most afraid.
Release your demons.
wyatt rabbit Jan 2016
it's not your fault baby bird
they never taught you how to fly.
you were forced out of the nest
while they watched you fall and die.
wyatt rabbit Sep 2015
i got really good at living in my head when i was a kid
and now i can't seem to find my way out.

how much is reality?
which parts did i wish to see?
wyatt rabbit Sep 2015
yes, your heart broke. but let me tell you this, it didn't happen the way that you think it did.
it didn't shatter, crack, or crumble.
it broke open.
it had so much love inside that it simply spilled right out. an overflow of emotion so deep it brought you to your knees.
you can feel it in your chest, like you're being pulled open, like your soul is being pulled right out through it.
but give it just a little while to adapt, my love, and you'll see it grows fast
it will expand to shove that love right back in again. plenty of space for a new love to take place.
it's a flow of emotion, feel it like a wave and float with it.
ride it til the tides are guiding you back to shore and ground yourself then. your toes in the sand.
you're apart of everything that exists.
feel the sea, feel the sand, feel the trees, feel the land.
but most of all, feel the love.
wyatt rabbit Jun 2015
with the invention of humans
the universe became conscious
of itself.
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