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Réne Curtis Oct 11
A starry night he did proclaim
with hues and stokes so untamed,
he layed on with palette knife.

The twirls and swirls of gold
above the dormant village old,
despite his own inner strife.

Stars played cheerfully around,
restful hues on slumbering town
as though, sleeping with his wife.

While the sun awaited to arise
shadows of wheat black to his eyes,
he turned the heavens into wildlife.

Locked in his cold dismal room,
he painted not of his true gloom,
but of a dreamy, wonderous life.
To favourite my painting and artist, The Starry Night by painter Vincent van Gogh. Painted in June 1889, from the east-facing window of his asylum room at Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, he awaited the sunrise.
Réne Curtis Oct 3
Tiny lives he had trapped,
inside a big old jam jar.
They twirled and fluttered,
fire sparks of light afar.

His prize possession,
A starry piece of the night,
that brought him lots of joy
and gave off so much light.

Alas, they danced less,
a faint light they did make.
So, in a last act of love,
his jar he had to break.

And off they all did fly,
up into the darkest night.
He turned to his eyes up
and noticed all the light.

So consumed to keep,
a few stars of light,
he had failed to notice
the heavens shining bright.
I love telling stories with a message,  and when it all rhymes its so much sweeter:)
Réne Curtis Oct 1
Tiny feet scamper across dewy seas
Firefly eyes dart amidst blades of dark green
Moonlight shines softly on faces that tease
Tiny feet scamper across dewy seas
Bobbing and hoping between limbs of trees
Teeny folk dancing that no one has seen
Tiny feet scamper across dewy seas
Leaving no footprints to tell where they've been.
My first Triolet
I used the .pentameter (English version) where each line only has 10 syllables
Réne Curtis Oct 1
Kiss me slow
You kiss my soul
Let the feeling linger
You have me
Wrapped around your finger
Twisted in your love
Rolled up in your attention
Don't you feel
The chemistry, the tension
I can't hold it back
Like an elastic band
It goes snap !
My love for you
Just saying...
Réne Curtis Sep 30
My love for you is something
I have tried hard to put in words
My love for you is everything
Yet still it sounds absurd
For each time that we speak
I just fall back in love with you
My face just lights up everytime
It's just something that you do
And it's no use in me trying
To capture it in lines of rhyme
For no metaphor or simile
Can convey this love of mine
It only seems to grow each day
And never withers with time
What I've discovered is that no words can really catch "love" and I've tried, over and over. Lol
Réne Curtis Sep 27
Sparks flew,  
and one  
became a flame
feeding like  
a  starved child
it grew into
a raging fire
Réne Curtis Sep 27
Dawns consumes Dusk,
to  a  wishers  dream .
She's  his  first  rays,
he's  her  moonbeam,
her  dark  lullab­y
his  sweet  morning  song.
She  breaths  in  him  life, his  love  makes  her  strong.
In  that  moment,
as  they  lay  s­­ide  by  side, their  world  is  at  peace dawn  and  twilight  collide.

©Réne Curtis
Short brevity that rhymes personifying Dawn and Dusk

— The End —