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Ellis Oct 2021
-want to say-
but i-
-to talk to you-
but i-
-thinking about thinking-
-too- because i-
-think-    -much-
-i meant too much-
but i-
-m just a ******-
because i-
-don’t know what to-
but i-
-see you walk away-
because i-
-didn’t- -opened my-
dumb mouth
but i-
next to you- -so close-
because i-
I really want

-talk to you-
but i-
-stumble, fumble, tumble-
over words-
-because i-
No- -i’m not-
but i- -i’m not lonely- -because i-
-convinced myself 15 different times-
-with 15 different excuses-

-so what-
-if you walk away-

I’ll talk to someone else.
Colm Jul 2019
I’m not sure which is more pleasurable

      The last ounce of sugar on my tongue
      The echo unsung
      Or the quiet words in perfect unison

Sung, a most capable accompaniment
The kind which doesn’t make me feel alone

In the silence of a broken room
Your song sings words to the reticent me

Make me feel both old and new
Words really do mean more at night, like a song.
Ryan Joseph Aug 2018
You are the type of a naughty one,
And I were the one who easily gets annoyed,
My heart and mind always made me upset,
That how does destiny united us.

Every day you always bother me,
Even in the text, you were so cruel,
And Because of the magic you used,
I felt like I’m in heaven.

In me, you were always paying attention,
Even none didn’t bother you,
You always came to me,
What should I do?

That what If I might fall to you?
Will you watch me?
Will you love me?
Will you stay with me everlasting?
Will you say I’m enough?
Will you say ‘I love you’?

I always look up in the sky,
When I’m having a problem,
And when I look up,
I always remember your smile,
And the way you smile,
Makes my whole world melt and fade for a while.

However, I tried to forget you,
But really I can't do it,
Because in my heart and mind; it already chose you,
Especially when I realized that I have already loved you.
A reticent one who never told  its feelings
Rebecca Ridge Mar 2014
spent the last
six months
to talk to

Yet, I haven’t said a word.
And how can I?

Knowing that,
not the one
song sings for,
all this time
you’ve been
December 10, 2013

— The End —