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Anmol Mago Jun 16
like a sea,
reaching out to
an infinite horizon

we seemingly
coexisted for all eternity
and yet never truly
Anmol Mago May 19
the most beautiful
of words always flowed from the
most broken of souls
Anmol Mago Apr 23
It doesn't help
to be told over and again
that these gloomy prisons of
are indeed
self - made
Anmol Mago Apr 18
Everthing was
perfectly still before
                                    she (the storm) arrived
Anmol Mago Apr 15
I think your love might
feel like a bitter sweet pickle
(more-bitter than-sweet)
Anmol Mago Mar 25
"Death gives me hope to live"
Anmol Mago Mar 3
"Keep in touch with me --
                                               forever!! "

she said with a conviction
so genuinely made up
that he couldn't help but

( Why does forever always mean NEVER ? )
dedicated to (you)
Anmol Mago Mar 3
Tearing away
my eyes from
the screen

I realized
rather sorely -

how long had
it really been
since I stopped
missing (you)
Dedicated to (you)
Anmol Mago Feb 24
"I don't understand your poems"
she told me so often

[and yet
in each
of my verses
there was
so much
more of her
and so
little of me]
Dedicated to (you)

sometimes the ones you try and forget, are the ones that matter the most
Anmol Mago Feb 24
I cry out to you
but you don't hear,

and somehow, my love
this cosmic dilemma
of resent,

just drags on
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