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Anmol Mago Jun 6
Like the weeds uninvited
In a meadow near perfect
Violence and envy
Cloud over our minds seamlessly
We bicker - We brawl
Pouring out an endless stream
Of slurs from our mouths
Staining our hearts crimson
With hatred and deceit
Dividing the indivisible
Into shallow factions and ideologies
So often we split
Our hearts into two
One trying to relinquish
Over the other
Like broken pieces of glass
Trying to mend
Perspectives - distorted

Boged down by apathy
To nurture joy is a struggle
It is a struggle
For the flower of compassion
To bloom in hearts - barren
Rife with selfishness
In absolute darkness
A lonesome light
Whispers hope
into ears - parched
Anmol Mago Jun 2
We're dying by the minute
Our minds choked on rubble
Of failed ideologies
and pretentious dogma
Our identities are lying
in the debris somewhere
over-shadowed with towering posters,
Stigmatised and afraid

We're living in absolute secrecy
burying our hearts in darkness
Blotting out our inner selves
Filtering out our scars
for the sake of social acceptance
Our souls go up for a trial each night
As we concede defeat
to a foe unseen

Our lives are trapped
In a sorrow unending
Stripped away of joy
the endless tribulations
Of our souls
Speak of the ails of a society
Steeped fast in irrational prejudices
Anmol Mago May 26
Empty meaningless words
hastily scrawled over
half torn - bits of paper
Still reek of a heart,
long lost to despair
prey to twisted tongues
and shallow sugarcoated taunts
(reminiscent of an innocence
relinquished by years of growing up)

Sometimes by the moon light,
a pale trembling hand still
reaches for them instinctively
(trying to resurrect a poet long dead.)
Just a random muse
Anmol Mago May 19
Like a snail-curled
inside it's shell
too meek - to peep outside
Or like the faint glow
of a setting sun
engulfed by a horizon-bleek

(Agony and despair
concealed beneath
a garb of feigned smiles.)
It's a good day, when inspiration comes.
Anmol Mago Apr 30
Like the cinders of incense
Escaping out of an altar
With broken panes
Or the smoke billowing
From an unceasing pyre
(Hope diffused into
Anmol Mago Nov 2020
two vines intertwined
braving a merciless wall
                              --- a window half (shut)
Anmol Mago Nov 2020
A roaring blizzard
the damped gush of silent sobs
                           ---glimmer of wry hope
Anmol Mago Jun 2020
like a sea,
reaching out to
an infinite horizon

we seemingly
coexisted for all eternity
and yet never truly
Anmol Mago May 2020
the most beautiful
of words always flowed from the
most broken of souls
Anmol Mago Apr 2020
It doesn't help
to be told over and again
that these gloomy prisons of
are indeed
self - made
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