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Chris Oct 26
The hope of judgement
The expressing of oneself a tool for sentiment
Judge not the appearance of the woman 
Nor the postured stature of any man

She never meant it
No money she had to end it
Then judgement was thrown against it
Her silence lives where pain went..
As she walked through a doctor's doors
You called her everything
Then a little bit more

As she lost what was dreams
Still hated ever more..
Forever scorned..

He was kind
Society is so blind
No one is born with baggies in hand
Money is torture, so he made a drug plan

Now take the father or mother
They simply fell ill
Yet even still verbally they abuse them
Hating them on a whim at your will..

Homeless after a career
A Mother
A Father
You created their fear
And on the streets humanity ends
Pain draws so near..

Looked at as bums..
My God ***?

This leaves me stunned
Anger of all gods we wrote into existence
Now only fuel for each instance of judgment
Harsh words in an instant
Devoid of raw substance

What have we done? 

Do you not see this?

We took love and kindness

Now they seem dead
I want to live freely..

As my heart burns in my head..

I think of good soldiers chock full of lead

What have we done?

We should have loved instead..
Look at them

Real lives
That have been rendered dead

A horror, tears on our pillows
Souls of weeping willows..

The unspoken thoughts that live in my head
Beg you to care instead..

Please learn love..

We can still make it
If we work hard at it, friend..

We can end up ahead
Speeding toward goodness

A lesson
Pain of the past

Light speed for light years.. Years long 
Tears fall strong..

I sing with words silent
Setting aside my hells inside..

Sometimes in life you just gotta move along..

Will you hear my song?

Because we have had this strength


Had it all along..
A few observations..
Chris Sep 28
My country tis of thee
Land changed hatred free
Violence for the judged
Silence for the observer
Evil never budges
It changed kindness to brambles
Left my flag in shambles
We could pick up the pieces..

This is an american begging his populace to put an end to this..

We exist as broken as the lives that were stolen..

Too many are dead
We pray in our rooms
No cure no med

Tears upon the pillows of our beds

You've no heart to know
So apart we grow

My country tis of thee..

We are dying in this melting ***..
Such horrid heat, lost in thoughts

My country tis of thee..
We grow as we fade

I am not the only me
You stole yourself now we cannot be free

I beg you
Wake up

Hatred shut up

America grow up

This is not what veterans fought for..

Shame on you
Love a blue hue

Task of a saint
Heart of blue paint

People have tried but hearts have turned faint..
Chris Sep 28
Make the silence glass
Shatter it fast
It matters for the empty
This world we must outlast
To be more than a mirror
Existing to appear here
A goal forged in fear
Mere realization to help the tears
The ones like rain
Invisible Pain

Thunder and lightning
Fire so frightening

Oh, storm from my ceiling
Household walls so concealing
My will may wane
But I am slowly healing..

I will not fall..

Shattered the surface
Underneath found a truth

Mirror of fate
There is no debate

I made this reflection
To change what I hate
Chris Aug 11
I melted fear
Ice of the trapped
But that grew doubt
Hunter of smiles

I run but its smart
My heart will see the good
But my mind..

Will analyze you to shreds

Should my guard ever fall

Know you have a gift..

Its the task of a saint
Loving a heart of blue paint
People try but its hope feels so faint

So as I fall in endless rhyme
I still get back up with every line..

Knocked down reliably as air gives life

Becoming more human every time
Chris Aug 7
Virgil led me to a dream
Into a nightmare I could change
It is truly strange

Duly noted, my ego, my urge
Seen and considered

Morality or less
My stress and this mess
Withered as the rest

Virgil had met one similar
Many journeys ago

I was never the man, never him
I even judged the lost
Karma makes ignorance pay a cost

This Hell I made..
Oh, how I have paid..

In the mirror stands Dante..
But I am not the man, never him

Like many I lived blind


The Circles carry me away..
But I never paid for my forgiveness

Will that be enough?
Chris Aug 6
Porch in the midday sunlight
Birds fly
These little dudes currently walking
All fun no time for talking

Single-file behind Mama Quail
All the while head bobbers bob

So goofy

On the saddest days
The world still has its ways

Smiled in midday sunlight
My memory, The Quail, and I

Sadness defied
Hope defined

Simple and corny
Just fine by me..

I am too serious
Too often

Thank you, Quail..

... Goofy little dudes
Chris Aug 4
The loudest noise of the brightest room
Can carry away the view from you

But you must be you
To shine brighter..

Than any sound ever could bring you down

A lesson of years
Forged in tears
Gives me the years that remain

My life is my lane..

Tried shifting lanes
I tried shifting gears
I tried hiding from my fears
I grew my own pain..

It took the strength of my lifetime..
To be free of the world's mind..

Become an individual..
And be me..

I feel more free

As if I have unshackled a lock
That I couldn't see never was..

The lock existed..

But it took my heart..
To realize my captor forgot to secure me

I walk left and then right
Left and then right..

Like before..

But now free..

Pain can become fear
Fear can hurt you more than that pain

You exist in this world
By nature are bound to no one

Sometimes.. It just takes a little living

To set yourself free
To know you deserve more..

Life can make you breathe a little heavy..
Slow it down there..

Its ok..

You aren't the only one..

The truth is there is so much good in this world.. Sometimes.. You only need look..

"My darkness came from within me"

My heart was that only
My mind as well..

Or so I thought..

But it was never true..
And you can be you..

Should your will ever wane..
I've lived in hospitals..
Suffered in tears like the rain

But I let it go..
The pain..

Been to death's door and back
It was my own heart I attacked

But hey..
I really did make it back..

And you..

You are not alone.
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