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Chris Mar 2021
I studied much science, then shifted to art
That presented theater to me
I shifted to history, why do we fight?
No effects are without cause
What is the source of war?

How does humanity have religion?
Where is the basis of our decisions?
Our complications, observations, & nations?

I look to the sky.
It is always beautiful.  It is undeniable.
I know people like facts. I love them.

Logic entangled with emotion..
We walk through risk's rosy brambles..
We often end up in shambles..

It became luck, morality, and intelligence..
You call it common sense..

It is ironic how uncommon it has become
We laugh and smile but..

Too many live numb..

Feeling when we're young, fading with time
Into our beloved, imagined normality..
You call it typical life..

I call it insanity..

Simply because evidence proves it to be..

Don't be mad at me
I'm not mad at you..

I just can't understand..
Why you wouldn't want to understand..

We say science helps humanity..
So is it confirmation bias?
Where does our fear come from?

You want peace but help to end it..
We're only different because we lied..
To mirrors..
Then judged others..
Our money as a glue for a fatal game of fate..

It is not my place to judge you
You are you and I am always only me..
You say you want equality
We say we love democracy..

Why then does Earth.. A pale blue dot..
Help itself to its own death?

The truth is simple
It is simple because it is facts and logic
It is also never perfectly obtainable

Call it Heaven or the universe..
Either way..
Mysteries are infinite..

Nature is a woman of secrets
Time is a man of faith and honor

We really would benefit from listening..
To our parents.. To our God or no God..
Our Gods and Goddesses or their absence..
To our imaginative possibilities..

I will never hate humanity
I will never judge you


I will call you out when you act crazy
When you nurture insanity..

We are human but not very humane
That is the reality

I only will ask you one question..

I want to breach into your secrets..
I want to define your theaters of war..

I want to find conflict's source..

The truth is often scary
It will still set its seekers free..
If we are more than few.. It can do that..
More and more quickly..

What we're doing never worked
Survival and peace calls for something new..

I think of pure truth..
How it can be scary and still save lives..

So.. here is my question to humanity..

Why Are You Afraid?
This is only my observation.
I cannot fix the world.
Only people working together can.

2020 was like pandora's box. We have been hiding from ourselves though. We didn't open a box. Just pulled back a closed curtain. I think we can fix our mistakes. It will take your mirror and helping one another though. On a scale that will need to be global to work. Peace is not impossible. It will take time and facing our mistakes though. A future of peace is worth striving for. Whoever you may be.. Stay safe out there. Remember to smile.
Chris Mar 2021
We are solutions and sources..
Much like a strange sunlight..
We're odd with so many symptoms..
We may be falling apart..
We may feel powerless.. We are not..
We are who we are..
If we breathe, compassion is still immortal..

Only way to see truth is to not be part of it
All a lie needs to be real is acceptance
Our world is falling apart. Your money?
Its a lie that is killing us
We drown in economy, in overconsumption

You never take a big enough step back
You let history be an eternal truth
You never question validity..

Open up a history book
Our main problem is..

You actually do question validity..
But only do so in unified global dysfunction..

Without ever even noticing it..

Wars still exist
Conflict still persists

People seek to protect their family
Never knowing they contribute to crime
As a result.. I even lost mine..

Humanity is simple but..
Money creates our complications..

Humanity is killing itself
Just look out your window..
Or turn on a TV..

We're trying to survive the chaos we built..

Chaos is Hell yeah but.. It is not to blame..

Why do you focus only on its symptoms?
Trace the sources of negativity backwards..

Why do you bask in such a Strange Sunlight..?
Some rays real with some rays fake..

Your demeanor became a mask

I'm sorry but its just simply true

Next time you shed a tear..
Its directly due to an entire humanity in fear

The world is truly falling apart..

You never investigated the right question
This isn't an outcome of pure possibility
Because we slowly built it into a certainty

We never even knew..
There is no seeing now.. not anymore..
We may still be able to change it but..

Far too many only need to perceive a crime
To swiftly judge it..

Remember.. Symptoms and Source
Solve one.. the other will dissappear..

Now humanity is almost out of time..

I want to survive and I want to be happy..

But.. this chaos is a symptom..
Its source seems to remain unnoticed..
Or ignored due to being truly unpleasant..

Don't hate the messenger..

You should have expected this..

I should have too..
I think we made saints and sinners. I think we can choose one of the two. I think we can be better than both. I feel as if that would define beautiful. The world is heavy nowadays. It does not need to be.
Chris Mar 2021
**** or a lie?
You're drowning in manipulation's waters
Fake your smile. Lie.
I know your nightly tears are a fact
One you can't deny
A fake smile is pointless
We all decieve nonetheless  
We're our own fatal mistake
Chris Mar 2021
The most luminous example of a fallen angel
An ignored history.. A need for attention..
We define The Humanity Problem globally..

Let me enter the mind of a killer
Let me learn from within the mind of a saint
I will calculate the sociology 
The norms killing our psychology 
With pad and pen as my everlasting friend..

I want to burn in hells 
I seek to bask in heavens

Show me the soul in my eyes
Weathering through a common storm..

People will find the real normal..
If they love themselves and help others..

It should be an oddity to erase normality 
And so it exists only as a common standard..
That is how I grew up..

What if we ended expectations?
What if we embraced change?
Compassion could be a global comeback..

There is a nature in duality..
Humans engraved into double-edged swords..

If we could create love and war..
We may be able to end our battles..
We could live with evidence and compassion..

Ending our need to be beautiful, better or rich

As an American.. I am built of guilt
I suffer..

I displayed kindness, love and compassion 
I valued evidence over assumption
Pointed out an economy of overconsumption

Only to be labeled as..


So.. to my fellow kinsmen and women..

Open up a dictionary..

If I am a sheep..
We as a whole are not shephards..

Who do you look for to guide you?
Isn't America obviously lost?

We are defined as sheep by a globe called Earth

Currently? Like it or not.. They're right..

I am not powerful
I am weak

Despite the ego of America.. I am no sherpah..
I am no sheep..
I will never be a shephard..
I will only ever be me..
Think of you when at your happiest..
Revel in the lessons of how that was stolen..

It will be Hell..
I'll be blunt with that fact..

Want peace? Face it.
Face you. 
Deflate all of your ego.

We need to bring back who we were long ago..

We need to care and foster Hope..

Eradicate foolish hate..
Value intelligence and knowledge..

Divided we are destined to **** and die..

But.. United?
We could be a beacon of hope..

A beacon brighter than God, who we're under

An American Beauty..
That has shed her mistakes..

To let go..

Of her American Ego..
Chris Feb 2021
Why does no one ask the darkness..
"Are you ok?"

Fools wander whilst being unmade..
They wonder where agony sleeps..

Within a Silent Mirror is genesis of pain..
Chris Jan 2021
A normal day waking up

I fetch me a quick dose of a nation's situation

The television on as briefly as possible

Down my hallway, a shower, steeling myself

Applying my image to shield vulnerabilities

Briskly walking back through the hallway

Raising a ******* to a blank tv screen

So much pain..

Coffee or an energy drink?
Maybe ***** but I need to be able to think

Reaching like a tired Monster for a Redbull

I still can't escape by flying away..

Counter drawers, withdrawing a dose..

An antidepressant placebo

This land's status always makes it both though


Light of the new day looms
I'd love to just witness compassion

Yeah.. Its.. A normal day..

With a heart screaming silently
With a mind trained to suppress

Appearing as my best..

This stress..

When will it end..?

Lately I'm on autopilot

The stress feels like I'm a mess at best

Knowing I'm not alone in this.. 

It brings a slight comfort and a wave of hurt..

Times are changing and..
Its.. Heartbreaking..
Chris Dec 2020
Let me write
This is how I live

This is how I fight
This is how I stay alive

This is how I survive the nights

The world is terrifying..

I've no other way to be alright..
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