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Words' Worth Apr 2020
The skies looked starless
I sculpted the moon with a clasp-knife
I felt the power of time
You told me to take back my share of loneliness and heartbreak
Part 3
Elly Apr 2020
Do you still remember how we used to be?
Laughing and laughing beneath the sea
The thought of us being forever
I didn't realize that it was going to be over
Everytime my love for you grew
Now I realize, all of it wasn't true
Yet you realize that you're late
Well I'm sorry, but my feelings already fade
Hearts are
falling flowers.
Stars fall
like leaves.
Rain falls
from grey skies
bluer than a waterfall.
Days do not pass.
Time just falls.
Everything around us
are falling within.
But if you're lost,
just go.
Let them fall,
just follow;
for where they do
is home.
Ephemeral [adjective]
: lasting for a very short time.
Aŧül Mar 2019
All the times I loved in the past,
They now seem ephemeral,
Moving on always seemed impossible,
However, the word impossible,
Itself says, I'm possible!
My failures were evanescent dreams,
Were they not?
My HP Poem #1734
©Atul Kaushal
Zach Hanlon Jul 2015
The Siren's song swimming into my ears,
sweetly against the harsh instrumental.
The angelic vocals flood all who hear;
a love of a melody so gentle.

Hair long and dark as the lyrics she sings,
eyes a bold green and skin a soft, pale tone.
A Goddess of elegance beauty brings,
whose talent does her no justice alone.

But nurture does as it will always do:
A son born from such grandeur; a Lion.
The immaculate voice is all but through;
A respite of lull sulks from the scion.

The achievements of song left in her wake;
I'll wait evermore, as long as it takes.
A sonnet for Amy Lee, lead singer of Evanescence. We miss your music and hope to hear some new stuff soon!
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
Your great
to ember evanescent
Tiffany Marie Dec 2014
Ember is kind
Ember is smart
Ember is loving
Ember Is  art

She is E.E.
And she forever  is my *friend
Second thing that does go out to Ember Evanescent
JM Ang Oct 2014
In this limited life
Spent on the pursuit of happiness
And the discovery of oneself
Maybe we have wasted too much time

Maybe we let the promise of happiness blind us
And settled for temporary pleasures
Maybe we let the fear of dying get to us
And mistook comfort for bliss

Maybe we should’ve been living
Not for the sake of just being alive
Not for the sake of collecting memories and moments
But for the sake of feeling alive and happy and content

Maybe we shouldn’t have ignored
The throbbing feeling in our chests
Maybe we shouldn’t have avoided
The gut-wrenching decisions we had to make

Because in our evanescent lives
We ignored the real things
And chased after fake butterflies
Even when we knew they were fake all along

And we tried so hard
To mask our pain and melancholy
With a stiff smile and a happy façade
And we shouldn’t have

We thought we were living
By avoiding the horrible parts of life
And putting up a beautiful façade
Of a life we didn’t allow ourselves to have

— The End —