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Daemon Delano Jan 2019
Please forgive me
My dear loveless
Broken hearted
Ember of the sun

I still love you
My dear loveless
Broken hearted
ember of the sun

When I was gone
And I lost you
I learned you’re the one

My dear loveless
Broken hearted
ember of the sun
I will love you
Now and forever
But I have foiled our love

Now you’ll hate me
I’ve forsaken thee
My dear loveless
Broken hearted
ember of the sun

My dear loveless
Broken hearted
Ember of the sun

I remember
how we felt there
In each others arms
So completely
So safely
Each other’s star

So as you go on
living and loving
Think of me the same
Your clumsy wallflower
Your Crazed albino
I am yours til the end.

I wish the best for
My dear loveless
broken hearted
Ember of the sun
wrote this along January 11th 2018 originally. It killed me leaving someone I loved thinking I was doing right by both of us. But I ended up hurting us both more than I helped. I actually think we died inside almost completely. I'm still trying to gather the pieces and attempt to love again.
Daemon Delano Jan 2019
You were hurting my heart,
deepening a hole,
while I was hurting your heart,
creating a hole.

They were right from the start:
We were toxic.
My love extends so far;
we hit the limit.

I left you alone now;
cried it out.
I had to break down,
to know how to build up.

You are amazing,
You're awful.
You are beastly,
You are beautiful.

No more will you hurt me,
nor blacken my injured heart.
No more will I hurt you,
nor injure your blackened heart.

From this moment onward,
I am immaculate,
a god among men.
I wrote this September 14th, 2018. I had just experienced a mental breakdown after the break up. Nearly killing my soul completely. This amazing person I lost was also my secret Fiancé. He proposed but we didn't want to tell anybody until we felt it right. On my way out of my mental chaos, I had an overflow of excessive confidence that warped my views on what happened/ Crazy love end in crazy ways. My love for him was so deeply intense that I lost my mind almost completely. Thus "I AM IMMACULATE" was born.
Daemon Delano Jun 2018
You see me crying loud,
with my heart on my sleeve.
They see me crying loud,
easy pickings, wishing I'd leave.

You pick me up,
telling me to be proud.
They push me down,
unwelcoming, I'm not allowed.

You tell me that I'm perfect,
because I'm so unique.
They tell me I'm ugly,
that I'm a freak.

You love me, smiling,
say they're ignorant, and wrong.
They hate me, scowling,
say I'm trash and don't belong.

All the while, I ignore the hate
and welcome the love.
My heart sings proudly,
as I hold my beloved.
Daemon Delano May 2018
Forgive me mother,

for I have sinned.

Like most others,

I wish to make amends.

Forgive me mother.

Search your heart.

You are my maker.

How great thou art.

When I try to say what matters,

and everything goes south,

the heat of the moment makes me stutter.

I lose control of my mouth.

When everything falls silent,

and I realize what's been said,

I no longer can repent.

Instead I'm filled with dread.

When I try to say what matters,

and instead I'm overwhelmed,

I ignore the endless chatter.

I now just want to be held.

Once it's all said and done,

those words weigh heavy on my mind.

I feel empty and numb,

and simply wish I had been kind.

Forgive me mother,

for I have sinned.

Like most others,

I wish to make amends.
I wrote this when I got into an argument with my mother and said something I didn't mean. I was angry. As this happens often with many people during a dispute, I found myself having a reason to write my feelings out and yet again share them with the world. It's never pretty when you say things you don't mean. You get in a heated argument, become overwhelmed, Eventually, you panic and need to say something. But your so filled with rage and tension that you spit out the worst choice of words possible.
Daemon Delano Apr 2018
[enter the punk]
Walking outside,
My nails in black,
My hair a mess,
And oh so sad.
They stare,
They gaze,
They glare,
And they haze.

[enter the bohemian]
Walking outside,
My hair combed neat,
My headband on,
And Me Smoking my ****.
They stare,
They gaze,
They glare,
And they judge me without compare.

[enter the muslim]
Walking outside,
My face concealed,
My body hidden,
And me heading to Mosque.
They stare,
They gaze,
They glare,
And they spit on my prayers.

[enter the free-thinker]
Walking outside,
My heart on my sleeve,
My opinion my own,
And my choices my own.
They stare,
I don't care.
The gaze,
I don't give them the time of day.
The glare,
I don't acknowledge that they are there.
Daemon Delano Apr 2018
There are times that I wish,
I hadn't been born.
Beneath the fake smiles,
I'm extremely forlorn.
When I'm in a crowd of people,
I feel like nobody can here me.
I've always clung to that ivory steeple.
Now, I am a lost soul not sure what to believe.
My body, a rotting shell, an empty sleeve.
Though my heart feels cold in these moments,
There is a sense of hope for the better days.
Love and it's presence,
Let me count the ways.
Even with the love I have,
Even with the love I feel,
In these moments, my heart isn't glad.
It feels cold like stone,
With a hardness to match.
Daemon Delano Apr 2018
Let the light find you,
and the dark find me.
Opposite stars,
in the skies we see.
Come to my call,
and fall with me.
Faith is unworthy,
and worthy are we.
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