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Harrison Leland Dec 2018
You cannot take away the storm within me as much as a sailor cannot control the waves of the sea.
I am the storm, I am me.
I want to add more to this and probably will later. For now it's short and sweet
BoringBoy Nov 2018
Call me crazy one more time
I bet a dime you'll lose your mind
And in the dark is when I shine
Although I'm crying I am fine
I smile widely when I'm stressed
They claim they love me more than rest
Picking my brain for little peace
I just want this all to all cease
I see my shadows walk freely
They even try talking to me
My wings were clipped some time ago
I'm ground-bound on this hellish show
I've tried to remain silent here
But they will say to show no fear
So now I watch my story go
Falling down places I don't know.
Ivan Brooks Sr Aug 2018
Poetry is part of my story
So I write not for glory.
I care about it like my health,
And protect it like my wealth.

Talking about wealth ,I have none.
But if just in case I get some,
It really wouldn't matter.
For me I think peace of mind is better,

So I pen away my thoughts.
Leaving no rooms for any doubts...
My emotions,
And my inspiration.

My frustration,
And desperation.
Through it all,
I tried being stoic and rational.

Even though my pains
Even when it rains.
I write not about a special thing,
My work covers anything.

Sometimes it's about love,
Or about the issues I can't solve.
The things I take to God in prayers
The things others take to soothsayers.

© IvanBrooksPoetry
I write not for glory...
Devin Lawrence Aug 2017
I'm a record
repeating all the same lines
hoping that you'll continue to sing along.
I'm a door unhinged
waiting for you to walk my way again.

You're a Gothic masterpiece;
a renaissance of imperfection
spilling over a lifeless canvass.
I sit with a pen
still in my hand.

I can't expect you to hear my every call,
I can't expect that you'll fix the threads that come undone.

If these words are my voice,
then this page is God's ear.
A prayer for what is broken
to be mended once more.
Brandy Nicole Jun 2015
Writing words
here and there
all with no care
Writing words
with no rest
till I truly
became unhinged

— The End —