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Bad Luck Feb 2013
The rain keeps falling
As dry as a drought.

                       “ Rain drops heavier than water,
                           When it’s laden with doubt.

He said,
                       “ The ground simply can’t hold it
                                     … So it must go without.

               ” You’ve never known water to stain,
                  But you’ve never felt this kind of rain.
                  It’s thicker than your skin.
                  It stains your clothes and what’s within.
                  It sounds like hammers as it pounds -
                 And yet, the ground won’t let it in.

          So it flows like a river that only gets bigger;
          It runs like a force that knows no remorse.
                     Despite endless efforts to stop it -
                     It still runs like a faucet…
                                        With nowhere to drain. "

But if the ground holds no plants, is the water so vital?
Is the rain’s sole purpose this lifeless recital?
The ground stays so strong.
It holds fast, like pure stone
But can one stay so long when one’s so alone?
When one is forced to move,
               Will the ground or the rain?
And when the first one has gone,
               Will the other remain?

For now, they coexist,
Each facing a challenge it can’t resist -
Both unstoppable and immovable,
                              They hopelessly persist.
As complements, they combine
                        With the product of a flood.
But the water that’s collecting
                        Has the consistency of blood.

There’s a heart behind this water.
It pulses, instead of flowing.
So you turn to the only man you know,
             for parting words with danger growing.
And he says, as you leave:

               “ I wish you luck where you are going.
                   My son, you’ve only seen the rain . . .
                    . . . The winds are not yet blowing
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Poetic T Feb 2
You were the drought
  and I was the rain that
was going to drown you out.

But you swam like you depended
                on the earth to hold you.

Never letting you hold ground
              cos I took it from under you.

No discipline to hold you like gravity,
        the only thing you'll be doing is sinking..

Bottom of the bay, where all wasted things
                sink too, you may take a while.

But believe me you'll end up where the rest

Shrink wrapped with
        stones of regret on ya
             ankles of missteps.

When you dried out I was the oasis
                   of plentiful rhyme.

you tried to steal from my fountain
   but i held you under till you drowned.

And as long as no one knows where you
  were ship wrecked, you'll be a drought
in a sea of plentiful moisture
                                    that i drink upon.
Debbie Lydon Nov 2019
Everything today is tainted with a cold hue,
As though all the world were glazed with an icy blue.

A tear frozen at the midpoint of my cheek,
Stagnating the sorrow and deeming the day bleak.

Eyes want to rain like to sky is right now,
But hydration eludes me and my clouds take a bow.

Grey lingers languidly above this arid head,
The colour of the frozen paints me paralysed in it's bed.

Rain, please rain so that I can make this green again,
I don't belong in this starved sketch, lead me to a new terrain.
Mark Toney Nov 2019
Which of these does man have control over? (Choose all that apply)

_ Rainfall deficits trigger biotic crisis
_ Acid rain decimates ecosystems
_ ICBMs rain down destruction
_ None of the above
11/3/2019 - Poetry form: Acrostic - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2019
ALesiach Jul 2019
Sweltering in the sun, wishing for a warm rain
thirsty drooping flowers crave a refreshing drink
the brook dries up waiting for the rain to flow again
the heat waves shimmered, the rocks seemed to shrink,

Then I heard the gentle tapping on my window-pane
and watched the rain spill to earth from heaven's brink
flower heads lift as rain soaks their garden beds
a brook ripples and sparkles as the water quickly spreads

ALesiach © 09/01/2017
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
I sat there like a museum of moments,
a mosaic of emotions
as she dissected my personas
and did an autopsy of my past.

Memories climbed my spine
from the forgotten attics in my heart
with every question, she asked.

But my tongue was a drought
and my voice box was a rust box,
as the child in me
was bullied into quietude.

My edgy, messy and raw memories
molded my perception,
rewrote my interpretation
and deepened my experience.

There was underlying vengeance
as the layers of fabricated scabs were scrapped
to disclose the deeply entrenched, tender emotional scars.

As the present, struck a cord
my limbs would turn into cement
as the echo would bring me back
to the endless street of time
and I would be dragged
through open wounds within me.

The pain would seep in the nooks
and crannies of my soul.
At every jibe and remark
one more part of my flesh
would be chiseled away.

The sky would join in my sorrow
as the clouds gathered like sheep
summoned by a shepherd
and then we would begin to weep
our unresolved issues
onto tissues.

I revisited the bathrooms
that became sanctuary in high school
with its gossip soaked walls
and tear-stained countertops.

I dream of the people
that have lost their way in my memory;
a fabrication of nostalgia.
But the tranquility of waves,
can’t even erase the memories of their wrongdoings.

My past engraved itself
into my muscle memory
ingrained its teachings
and matured my sensibility.

The dim shadows that would creep
And the blues that I would pour
are becoming budding flowers in my chest.

Weaving from the same web
I was entangled in
building from the same sorrows
I was drowning in.

I began connecting,
understanding its stem
stitching my memories.

I write for my younger self
who felt silenced and erased by the world.

I shape all the tainted pieces of memories
into art and paint shades of my past
as each is soaked in a memory.

I craft subconscious relief,
breathing memories
into 6 alphabets
that were strung into paragraphs,
beginnings and end.

I reached out to corners
to bring out
sunrises and sunsets
and reignite dying embers
as I de-spell the damage that silently reverterbrates through generation.

I find home in my skin
and love myself, whole;
Shadows, crevice and all.
a river bed lies profoundly dry

out in the remote west

showing no visible signs

of any trickle's zest

each day bringing the same

emptiness of refrain

thirsty river banks are feeling

such a sustained pain

the wanted gift of moisture

being absent far too long

a river's course slowly dying

to feel a dampness of song

soon the summer's scorch shall

be again upon the river's trace

in its despairing hour it will beg

for rain's life giving grace
mjad Jun 2019
The rain isn't bad unless you're stuck outside,
but then again you can look at it from California's eyes:
a blessing from the skies
Amanda Jun 2019
Dark clouds collect overhead
You are as hidden as the sun
As far from me as the moon
Joined life we knew is done

It has been storming since we parted ways
Raindrops falling all the time
Friends tell me to keep my chin up
Starting to think the sun lost its shine

I am tired of this poor weather
Heart colder than winter snow
Drafts slipping through the front door
Sneaking in the crack below

I look towards the sky for freedom
Releif from this torrential curse
Although buckets of water dump from above
Only your kiss can quench my thirst
Why is it always gloomy in Amandaland?
rook Jun 2019
every now and then my pen runs dry.
i forget how to swallow the words of others, as if any thought can be truly organic.
why isn’t there a farmer’s market for ingenuity?
how much to buy a phrase that could finally satisfy me,
a phrase that would finally make me stop after years and years of
nomadic poetry tried to string together meaningless events into a story
that actually made sense?

every now and then,
my pen runs
i spit all of my words out in search of answers to
questions i shouldn’t ask.
i was parched.
i have so long been parched.

one day
i will set my pen down
and one day
i will look up to the sky in this desert of my own creation
and i will stop trying to put the pieces together
( there are none that fit)
i will close my eyes
and let the rain fall.
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