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Himangshu Singh Nov 2020
Of shadows refrained, and
hypocrisy big brained;
labels the crops,
f'r these art c'rpses.
promises in caskets,
f'r these art showpieces.
oh palmy, thy palmy
strengtheneth thy soil
f'r t is in vengeance
too much of Shakespearean sonnets influences a lot
Lyka Mosca Apr 2020
Burn the leaves
Until nothing is left
Green is not
A color anymore
Just a mere symbol
For hope on Earth

Many are naive
Many are deaf
How long
Can one be blind
That when Earth dies,
We do too.
while people are on lockdown, earth became free
Adarsh singh Apr 2019
i was earth,
and you were homosapien,
you came,
you used,
you destroyed,
and now,
you are probably going to leave.
-Homosapien by adarsh singh
Sukhman Jun 2018
They discovered many types of pollution
But still not discovered any solution
Yet they suggest preventions that are countless
But they usually prove to be a messand not a bless

Can't we ever change this system
And free our earth from the tag of victim
Can't the dream never be fulfilled
Where tress are planted and not killed
Poems like this come everyday
But acting on them seems out of the way
Can't we all collaborate and build a nation
Where words are less and more is action

Well offcourse we can
We are the human
The most intelligent species on the world
But why this intelligence is all curled
In a blanket of ignority
Killing everyone through its insensitivity

Please stop all this nonsense
And regain your commonsense
This is our earth
We have to protect it
It gave us birth
We have to respect it
Hannah Sep 2016
The sun glimpses
through the trees.
Casting a shimmering light
onto a dust covered world.
You can taste it in the air.
War is coming.
But, is it enough
to breathe life into
a race full of martyrs?
Probably not.
Only to those who see
through divine eyes
know the end is near.
By the hands of man,
not God,
the walls of the world
will crumble like Jericho.

— The End —