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Lyka Mosca Apr 2020
Burn the leaves
Until nothing is left
Green is not
A color anymore
Just a mere symbol
For hope on Earth

Many are naive
Many are deaf
How long
Can one be blind
That when Earth dies,
We do too.
while people are on lockdown, earth became free
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2018
For every night spent wide awake
Crying, tossing, and turning because of you
For every time you decieved me
Tore my heart in two.

For making me participate in your game
And stringing my innocent self along
Until I was certain that lonely place
Was exactly where I belonged.

For every "I love you" I believed
Every other sweet word you said
For each compliment you truly meant
Every night spent in your bed.

For every last broken promise
For abusing my heart day after day
I am writing this to you for the love I wasted
For ******* me up in so many irreversible ways.
Because once people are broken in certain ways they can't ever be fixed...
Lenore Lux Jan 2015
I hide mostly in confines now.
Not fearing death, but life.
Lone in the light I can manage from matches
and torches, paranoid and anxious.
Topside today, no home tomorrow.
Still I rise to see the sun.
Yank the chain tether to test for rust.
Wander into the wastes in search,
mostly of water, and then for trust.
It's simple enough with a gun.
I look East, but think twice and
travel to the West for the wind of peace.
In old buildings close to my bed and blankets,
I find a young boy with his sister, and while
she's older and dressed in hardened leather,
the clasp on her hip holster's shut tight.
They're looking for sustenance. I watch with
my eyes just over the window sill
as the two cling to each other
through the rooms.

They find nothing. Turning to what's left in their packs.
Cans of tuna. Pork and beans. Fumbling with
knives to stab through the shell.
Is it a good day to die?
I wonder,
thinking of the can opener
I found yesterday.

— The End —