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Allyson Walsh May 2015
Gather up each emotion and label them one by one, boy
Seal infatuation up and store it in the basement
Out of sight, out of mind
Forget what young love really looks like

Sort your feelings into groups, middle child
Throw joy and affection away
Sew anger and harshness into your lungs
Watch the fury spill from your tongue

Sweep the sentiments underneath the rug
This is exactly what I've learned from your mom
Desert that fabric for the next generation
Leave them wondering where they got it from

Never wear your heart upon your sleeve, son
Keep your eyes cold and your heart hard
Don't ever let the tears blur your vision
Be a man, you mindless child

Let her smile fade from your memories, my puppet
I'm the one who's supposed to control your ways
Watch her eyes turn from evergreen to poison
Because you're the one she's bound to betray
For WY
Written from TY POV
(Tell me what you really think of me. Please don't smile to my face and turn to throw a knife at my back.)
How long must this go on for?
How much of this do we have to take?
How did we get ourselves into this mess?
How do we get ourselves out?
How many times has this happened?
How hard could it be to prevent this?
How many days has it been now?
How many weeks, months and years?
How many times must we do this?
When will this ever come to an end?
This is a short poem I wrote three months ago. I wonder why I didn't upload it earlier???


© Jordan Dean "Mystery" Ezekude
Su Jun 2014
It was like the room was mute
After our boundary dispute
You are a person of repute
Taking over my pursuit
I wish you'd not commute

but everything is so quiet
(these poems are on my blogger)
*dispute : a fight *
* repute: having high hopes
* pursuit : dreams and goals*
* commute : to leave *
Sy Lilang May 2014
You swell some strain on me,
You, middle kingdom!
Eradicating small detachments,
Of both sailors and marines.

They were ranked on islets and reefs,
With an integer of nine –
There in the island next to me,
I’m sure, you know who Spratly is.

Always wanting such detachment
To be eradicated by your own;
Now stationed
On a World War II era landing ship.

Your toy-ships came near me,
With 9-kilometer of the LST.
“It’s there illegally,”
How adamant that be!

I’ve tipped you off already,
Surely will I stand firm!
Then, you’ve countered me on! –
Opting for the ******* of more skyscrapers;
Those that are on stilts;
Now nearby two Reefs & a Bank? –
Nearby my darling Palawan Island!

“There is no room at all,”
For the negotiation on some point,
You’ve declared.

Oh, here’s my friend, U.S.
Left us with course of action to try;
Everyone calm down,
Be less provocative.
For often, he flies over;
Probing some stuffs.

You are the biggest offender, my friend;
In this dispute, you show no sign of slowing;
Or backing, down.
But hey, I won’t give up!

Et cetera May 2014
What do you do
When your heart yearns for one thing
And your brain wants another?
You listen a little bit to both.
But what do you do
When it is your heart that is in dispute
A half wants one thing
And the other wants another
Is it better to do then neither
Or is it better to mute them both
And listen to the conscience?

What do you do
When your conscience goes to war
With your heart and your mind?
You listen to the majority.
But what do you do
When you know the minority to be true
Because in fact, the heart is forever
In love with the conscience.
It is the mind, the mind it is
That tricks the heart
Into believing that
It is in quarrel with the conscience.

So what do you do, really?
You be a good human
And listen to the conscience.


— The End —