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Ryley Wren Oct 19
I miss you.
You know that, right?

I miss the way
that you smiled
when the sky
was on fire
and warmed
your hands
in the blaze

I miss the way
that you danced
when the stars
were in bits
and pulled me
through the haze

I miss the way
that you loved me
and filled me
with peace
when the world
was drowning
in pain

I miss the way
that you held me
so tight in your arms
to keep my pieces
from floating

When the darkness
was screaming
to take me away
you whispered
to me
as I cried

And even
when shadows
came creeping along
we were safe
when we were

I miss the way
that you loved me
with all of
your soul
and held me close
in the night

for even when
my pain was sky high
you held me
and made it

When my heart
was on fire
and everything burned
You danced
with me
through the pain

because even when
the sky tears apart
I know
I will see you
Ryley Wren Oct 19
It is a word
That means
and total
and joy
It explains
a feeling
of immense pleasure
this feeling
I know
when I touch
my bones
and hard
beneath my skin
it's not as if
I reach through
and find them
between the sinew
and skin
No, they rise
to meet me
as every day
I eat a little less
and each day
the bones
so pale and white
they show
just a little bit more
My collarbones
start to press
against my skin
as if pressing
through paper
my ribs
against my skin
so delicate
or at least,
they will become so
my hips
will jut out
just a bit more
and my stomach
better than flat
it is concave
it only becomes so
when i lay down
but perhaps
if I run
an extra mile
then tomorrow,
I will see them
each day
I go to work
religiously counting
calories, bites, chews
cups, pounds, ounces
I carefully measure
each aspect
of who I am
because I am not
who I want to be
but I will be
If I control
what I do
then I can control
Who I am
And if you can see
the sunset
between my thighs
and the mug
between my fingers
on a cold morning
sipping coffee
black and bitter
I will be good enough
for just a moment
a breath
a fleeting second
in my eternity
I will be okay
because I am enough
Ryley Wren Oct 2019
Your soul is precious

Filled with the sounds of the forest

And the crashing of waves

The power of an ocean

Crashing through your veins

Break the mirror before you

For that guileful glass will never reflect

The beauty beneath your skin

There is nothing inside you

That is not galactic

Take the splintered glass

And release the galaxies within you

Pinpricks of light

Floating eternally upwards  

Into the expanse of deepening darkness

That settles over the Earth

Spreading interstellar light

Upon a stagnant land

Behind your eyes, a sun rises

Warm amongst a barren waste

Skies of purple, pink, and blue

Are better than sitting in the dark

Flowers bloom from within

They reap beauty and sorrow

From the darkness in your heart

Swaying with your life force

As it flows through you

Powerful wind whips through your mind

While the peace of a summer rain

Softly calms your beating heart

With a lullaby of raindrops

You have nature in your heart

And galaxies in your veins

And for this, my dear

You are strong

— The End —