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SoZaka Oct 2018
A girl named Hope, was in a state of despair from a glance in the mirror
at the sight of her hair.
She tumbled down the well
For all her days she fell,
she landed eventually.
It's supposed to be dark its Halloween
SoZaka Sep 2018
a dove in mid flight
    good ideas come to light
     as my head rests on the pillow
in the depths of a dream

a clear eyed mind
a window to look within
newly grown wings
and so better
a view from above
better to be aware of the world around you. Rather than lost in thought
SoZaka Aug 2018
who could sleep on a night like this?
how could you not stay awake?
whilst I wander amidst these wildfires
you started by mistake
anger rage discontent
SoZaka Aug 2018
A life lived in a dream
if ever a heavenly sight could bring me to stir
asleep on a plume of Neptune
dimensions away from here

of three eyes of which I see
not one sees  through my confusion
too dense a haze surrounds me
to spot the closest star
much less the farthest one away
SoZaka Aug 2018
I was a  waxing moon reflection lost at sea
a light too distant to keep you warm
you led me safely through a long dark storm
until  I awoke from my lucid dream

now, like a new moon amidst a mid summer scene
I lay awake with a past I can't' recall
grateful and rested
unsure if it was a dream at all
loss and gain life and death rebirth timeless
SoZaka Aug 2018
my adrenaline is running
because nobody is driving
a slow curve coming masked behind  the clouds

my enemies are closing
no matter how quickly my mind spins
my wounds left breathing
are leaving me out of air

on a slow day
with mindful
SoZaka Jun 2018
we said goodbye
the moment we were born
the miracle of life
and all we could do was cry

the moon and its reflection
was all we ever knew
we were sailors of a starless sea
adrift in the abyss

but when the sun finally arose
I saw you on the shore
now we are sailors of a starless sea
no more
this is about union understanding and hope
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