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Nidhi Jaiswal Jul 2020

best describing word!✨✨✨
uv May 2018
The window that I can see,
Has no good view
But the glass in its paneled frame
Gives a look thats quite new.
The window has two bifolding shutters
Giving it a charming look
And the white European grill outside it
Makes it as interesting as written in a book.
Though minimum light filters through this window,
It certainly has a charm.
The artificial plants hanging outside them,
Gives it colour and a refreshing sort of calm.
Writing a rhyme for just about anything in your sight gives  you the power to make anything beautiful, to make the simplest of things sound magical and give depth to things that are otherwise taken for granted!
Eve Apr 2018
I will forever remember
Those beautiful deep brown eyes
That you thought were so plain.
But darling, you could not see:
how could you possibly see?
The way they shined in the sun
breathtaking hues of mahogany
Melting into golden rays
Circling an eclipse
your “plain brown eyes”
truly aren’t plain at all
they are a stunning mixture
of every color known to man
The most beautiful sunset on earth.
Your eyes are the most vivid memory I have of you, even after all of these months. You always used to call your eyes "boring and plain" and even called them "**** brown." But to me, your eyes were the most beautiful color I've ever seen. You know when you mix a bunch of colors together and it all turns brown? Thats how I viewed your eyes... The deep brown was just a mixture of everything you could offer the world.
Allyssa Sep 2017
I speak for the dead,
I speak for the hearts that have stopped beating,
I speak for those who continue to walk the streets with their due dates etched into the pavement.
You can walk among the living and see death in their eyes,
Lungs still exhaling,
Blood still pumping.
Those who walk with broken souls clatter inside empty bodies,
Like sharp glass clanking together in spacious bags,
Cutting up walls covered in personas,
A never-ending mindless routine,
Stumbling into shapes,
Shapes made by superior shapes,
Never formulating into these people I once knew.
People aren't people anymore; everything's just nothing.
Chase Anthony Dec 2015
I feel like a ghost walking around unseen
in the backdrops of these other happy lives
I feel like I'm trapped in a ravine
in a darkness that never leaves
Moza Paramitha Feb 2015
Having an
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