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Chase Anthony Nov 2021
The ears of a hound
The face of a pit
Your fur brown
And your body fit

An oddly placed triangle
Right behind your head
White, acute angle
Like an arrowhead.

Bark loud and vicious
But love to give kisses
Playful and affective
Yet so protective

An ear twitch
And an eye quiver
A strange hitch
Took you over river

Between us
A river as big
As a blue sea
I will walk
The bridge
To see my dog

My dog Lucy was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy in July of 2021. What we thought was epilepsy, had turned into brain cancer. Lucy had to be euthanized 11/29/2021.

I love you, girl.
Chase Anthony Feb 2020
You're the color green
Therefore you are half of me
I'm the color blue
Chase Anthony Oct 2019
Often times
When I closed
My eyes
I saw nothing
But dark

Sleep was somber
To daydream
Was likewise

Until I saw
My favorite color
Resting within
Your eyes

When we lock lips
Or touch fingertips
I see all that I need

A colorful future
With you and me
Chase Anthony Jan 2019
I sleep near a dam
With cracks in its walls
Water is slipping out


I cannot sleep
I am going to die
Everyone I know
Is going to die
Chase Anthony May 2018
It’s a beautiful day out

It’s sunny, bright, and warm
But not too warm
The breeze blows my windows curtains
But not so much as to disrupt the clutter of my room
Birds are singing
But not enough to drown out the sound of my quiet TV
Nature is moving along with the world
But I am not
I am comfortable in my bed
But I am not comfortable in my skin

If only my mood matched this beautiful day

But I am alone.
Chase Anthony Dec 2017
As I lie in bed with my body engulfed in darkness
And my face illuminated
I reminisce on the picture that my finger summons
In front of my face is me
A younger me
One where I have not yet burned a whole in my favorite shirt from shooting fire works
One where I had no worries and plenty of friends
One where I did not know this is where I would be


I'm so lost

Maybe I can find myself in this picture
Maybe I'll stare just a bit longer
Chase Anthony Mar 2017
You broke me

So you could use my pieces

To fix yourself
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