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Two wrongs don’t make a right.

But no one ever says how the distinction blurs as you grow up.
The problem with protecting yourself with barbed wire is
people try to get close and end up wounded.
I feel numb and detached

My blank gaze penetrates the ones I care about
Piercing their heart like a frozen bullet

There's damage
but no evidence that I cause the pain.

Why am I so cold? Why do I hurt everyone around me?
Why do I feel so frozen?
Have you ever tried to look into a mirror that has been fogged by steam?
Have you attempted to wipe it away only to be left with a distorted picture looking back at you?
Have you wanted to have clarity to see yourself, only to be left frustrated?
Has the haze left you muddled and groggy?

What does it take to clear up this barrier to see the real me?
Depression drains you of all feeling.
Emotions can be up or down, but the worst is when there's nothing wrong at all.
Just like the alarm from the monitor when there is nothing pushing you forward.
You feel exactly like that sound, but it occurs inside.
If only there were defibrillators to resuscitate my emotions.
The feeling leaves me powerless and there's nothing I can do to stop
                                                    The Flat Line
And just as the season changes; so does she.
As the sun goes down mid day, so do her thoughts.
Her emotions are raw and brisk, just as the wind in the night.
She applies layers to herself, as if she were going into a blizzard.
But this isn’t a bundling up that you can see.
She builds thick walls to protect herself from more than the cold.
Darkness seeps in and covers her.
She is consumed by her despair and she remains frozen.


— The End —