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Jules 14h
I'm left with that feeling again
A hole thats so deep
It could inhabit the dead
I feel like a zombie
I've got depression, I guess
But most importantly
I'm living life as though it's pretend
Here we go again
I'm ****** in the head
There's no light in this tunnel
I can't see where it ends
I'm lost
A living nightmare of ghosts instead
I have a monster taunting me
Sharing my head
Here we go again
Nicole 15h
My heart cries for someone tonight.
Not any of the usual suspects.
All I want is to have someone to
Sob to, to be completely naked with
During the wreckage of these
Hail storms.
But the walls only hear
My longing and they cannot
To my deep desire for breathing
i hope you drown in those eggshells
you had to walk on.
mope after your fake crown, you fell,
what a shock, withdrawn
and when you're done, beg in hell
for a key to a lock gone.
- spellthief
I found a corner in my mind,
barren, if not for a box.
I dare not visit, or stand to close,
or it may begin to talk.

What if, how come, why not,
maybe so, maybe not,
Try it on, this weighty coat,
see if you can float.

But I begin to fall,
and spiral down,
and lose all control.

So I take some tape,
and surely seal this container,
of my woes.
And hope and pray,
that one day,
I can somehow let it go.
Mandalina 16h
all around me

they're   n o t h i n g
NOTHING you say

echoes in my brain

and they're  n o w h e r e
NOWHERE you say

echoes in my brain

So  w h y
WHY I ask

why are they everything and everywhere?

He said “let me ruin you”

So I let him, cause I knew I wasn’t whole to begin with.

I said “obliterate me”

And he scattered me into satisfying pieces.

He said “broken girls always taste the sweetest”

Like salt and cherry lip gloss.
It’s been a while
Why do we crave the dark,
Why do we want the pain,
Why do we wish for hurt,
Why do we give it a name!
We are our most damaging to ourselves
Last night my best friend's boyfriend broke up with her. As I was holding her in my arms while she sobbed, she asked me "Can you die from a broken heart?"

I told her no, you can't. But it might make you wish that you did. The thing about a broken heart is that you feel like you're life is ending. But it doesn't **** you . It just kills a part of you. And I think someday, weeks, months, even years from now, youre going to realize that losing that part of you, was actually a good thing.
Nicole 21h
Away she flew
Swept by the waves
A soul so blue
Now gone in the grave
And what can u do?
Nothing but remember
How she cried to you
On that night in September
Arduino 21h
Have you ever woken up and felt like you just don't belong
So you lie there for an hour trying to convince yourself to stay strong
And all a long
You've had a song
Stuck in your mind and it's uncanny
How it reminds you of that one time when you thought that you were happy?

I think it's more bitter than sweet now
This food for thought is slightly rotten
Altered memories but never quite forgotten

I never did get over it
I never really let go
It's hard when you beat yourself up over things you can't control
Then whip yourself for every mistake and **** up you've ever made

For everything that you loved

And then destroyed

And then complained

Like you didn't help create a connection from and edge on to a ridge
And then got so scared that you just burned another bridge?
While you were standing in the middle, high up on your cloud
Your dreams are broken and you're falling to the ground
Let's hear the sound
Then watch a billion butterflies
Drag my body from my feet and take my corpse in to the sky
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