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I asked my mom
how could two slices
of a frozen pizza
possibly be filling?
She told me
it was because
my belly is already full
of emotions
The loss of appetite *****
I was hoping the two dudes who jumped me on the train
would pull me onto the platform and stomp out my brains

© Matthew Harlovic
but someone stopped the train.
mera 6h
To forget or not to forget.
I shall drink my last cup of my dreams of you.
As I stare morosely at these bottles around me.
Each broken bottle is a story, of me, of us.
I feel the sorness in my throat and its burning slowly.
I feel old. Shall I forget these years? I can’t believe these years has been mirage
Annie 7h
just one more night
could you change your mind?
cause i might

we made this garden together
grew thorns everyday
fine as a feather
and now we are bleeding
but we are not giving up
we both know there's no love
its as if we created this fire
to burn what we never had
driving each other mad
they tell me im childish
to feel the way i do
do u think that's true?

we have too much at stake
too close to break
i cannot be saved
so dont ask me
what does it take
cause i dont need your plea
u cant make this fire cease
we grew out into the hate
hiding behind the dead trees
mumbling sterile words
can you hear me
Woeful,white wisp of the vile winter falls,
Upon the lifeless gray trees,by the road
(That leads to the city of 'quiet' brawls),
Dying in silent miserable abode.

As the eve further pours its mystic mist,
A somber thought of unsavory past,
Does,in my wilting heart,ruthlessly list,
The wild, pitiless curses that you cast.

Yet,of things I recall from December,
You lie unsurpassed,you lie far above,
The only shade of pink,I remember,
And yes,the only shade of pink I love.

Why should I then with this sorry face talk,
When toward you,I unwarily walk?
Love is such a funny thing
Or at least it is when it comes from you
In my eyes you were a king
I didn't have a clue

I will never forget the pain
Caught in your web of lies
Playing your games with my brain
While my hope dies

Stabbing me in the back only to come and save me
Ripping me apart
And the silence in my plea
The dying in my heart

I hope I never see you again, that you're **** alone
Rot in your misery while I rebuild my throne
If you ever find this Vader you can sincerely go **** yourself
Two tear-rivers streamed in my black forest,
And sorry I could not dam it to a respite
And be it I’ve longed to change,
And parting one eyelid, as far as I could be sane
To where I tear in the rain;

Then locked the other eyelid, as just as teary,  
And quench perhaps their thirst daily,
Because it was thundery, and wanted to cry;
Though as for that within the rain I was sly,
Had falling tear-showers really be from the sinking sky?

Both these eyes to the world equally keen
In rain no tears shall be seen.
Oh, sorrowed storms hide the bursting stream!
Yet strolling my way sobbing on,
If ever should come back the sun, I’d be gone.

I should be telling this with a hesitance
But somewhere ages ago I died:
Two tear-rivers flowed in my mind,
Succumbing to one less sufferance
And that has solaced all the difference.
A sad poem.
to them or they
here's a brief overview
find me on a bad day
i'll hurt both of you

© Matthew Harlovic
I only tagged love because I'm full of it ****
My ending is already set.
It stands right before me.
My GPS tells me I'm here;
just one step away.
But no,
I have to keep
reminding myself
that when my thoughts
are at their darkest,
I must turn away
and ignore
the constant recalibrations
that lead me back
to this same spot,
this one destination.
I have to keep
reminding myself
to turn away
and forge a new path
that will take me
further and deeper,
the long way 'round.
ioann 16h
why so sensitive you are,
when you see a toilet sign,
when they say here go the men
and there the women.
be all pretty or be strong.
you drink ***** or some wine...

why break down every time,
why flinch at the sound,
why feel your stomach twist inside,
and brain screaming in protest?

‘you are making it all up’ they say,
but you fight your own self every day.
you are powerless and tired –
your strength and spirit fades.

will you endure,
and see a better end?
what it's like to have social dysphoria
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