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  Dec 2015 Amelia Pearl
There is a part of me,
An evil part of me,
That wishes to burn everything I have.
Because having nothing
Is safer.

This part of me
Asks evil questions.
"But is she enough?"
"Could you do better?"
"Is she the one?"

People like me,
With this evil part deep inside,
Were born
to die
Everyone feels pressure to make a huge impact on the world
We all want to be remembered when we die
We fear that if we are not famous when we die
then no one will miss us
No one will grieve us
No one will ache for us
That is not true
Fame does not measure how much you are loved
You do not need to be on TV to be loved
You do not need to take your clothes off in front of a camera to be loved
You do not need to write a hit song to be loved
You do not need to have a million dollars to be loved
The ones who love you for who you are
The ones who have seen you at your lowest and still stuck around
The ones who fought with you and for you
The ones who remembered your birthday without the help of Facebook
The ones who saw you at your most vulnerable and never took advantage of you
The ones who held your hand when you were scared
The ones who cheered you on when you couldn't believe in yourself
Those are the people who truly love you
Those are the people who will remember you
Those are the people who will not let a day go by without showing you
even after death how much they love you
So what those people may be five
or 20
or 50
They may not be 2 million followers like your social media profile reads
I would rather be remembered by 5 people who truly loved me
than by 2 million people who only love me based on my social status as a celebrity

For anyone who has passed on that thinks their souls are not remembered and to those who fear they will be forgotten after death, you will be remembered and you are remembered. This poem was inspired by Taylor Swift's song "Long Live" and Season 4: Episode 14 "The Hero In The Hold" from the Television show "Bones"
WRITTEN BY: Mandie Michelle Sanders
WRITTEN ON: November. 26, 2015 Thursday 4:49 AM Thanksgiving Day
  Nov 2015 Amelia Pearl

In another time,
will you still love me?

In another place,
will you still meet me?

In a fleeting moment,
will our stars meet?

I guess I should give up,
knowing you're not there...

but then I'll better wait,
Patience is all I have left...
  Nov 2015 Amelia Pearl
Because as we sat there under that tree one chilly Autumn afternoon all I could think was, "****, I could love her forever."
-and this is why we would never work // a.s.
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