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Harry Nov 2018
I want to say I love you so
I'm going to ramble about it now;
The most important part,
for me,
Is that I love myself more now than I did when we met.
I've grown more rounded with you,
Confided my gaps into you,
And to top it all off,
I've seen it in you, too.
The little things, the confidence;
I'm not just a part of it
I'm living it too,
You're the only recent part of me
I've wanted to hold onto.
I love you, I love you, I love you;
The words aren't enough to describe you.
Harry May 2018
there's something in the distance
not so long that I can't see it
but too far gone for me to glimpse it.
Harry Apr 2018
I'm alone
this is what you wanted
I can't decide if it's what I really wanted
I'm alive
But only in the ways I want to be
I'm terrified of the time that slips away so silently.

Am I alive
or am I still pretending
I'm so alone
and it's all I've ever wanted to be
I'm so scared
that this is all I am
and I'm so sure that this is all I need to be.
Harry Jan 2018
the tides are tied tight to the boats that lie south of the ocean.
the fishermen wade through their wages made just that day.
the seagulls prove costly to all but themselves as they help it to them
till the end of the morning is done.
Harry Dec 2016
Conceal our secrets in realness...
and tell me then that you don't feel this.
Harry Jun 2016
I can't resist to close my eyes;
Clench my lids, so tight
that they
implode into my mind,
to see what's inside.
Harry Nov 2015
Yet again
I find myself
Loving through my self-inflicted memory loss.
I miss the meaning in the words;
"I miss you"
I miss the feeling when I kiss you.
I miss everything that I hoped it was,
And how it has been before
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