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Chris Jul 2019
Dear, you are beautiful like a bright star,
always possessing such strong loyalty.
You also have Heaven’s voice from afar.
People will mistake you for royalty.

Your looks always send people in a trance.
I wish your charm would not be turning heads
of those who do not deserve your bold glance.
If they so dared to flirt, they have seen reds.

Alas, outside qualities can’t compare
to the strong power of someone’s ethics.
You have the standards of an angry bear.
With no soul you focus on aesthetics.

It’s a shame to let you go, but I chose
someone else with a character that glows.
A man confronts her wife, because she possesses a dreadful set of morals and only focuses on her appearance. At first, it looks as if he still loves her, but she gets "burned". This poem is in the form of a Shakespearean Sonnet.
Aa Harvey Jul 2018
The Fallen

We are the burners of the future in our hands.
Singers for the condemned; the eternal believers at the bitter end.
So prey for salvation or a miracle my friend,
Because hope is needed now, more than ever, I guess.

We are drowning in lies as the fires rise
And your lie after lie leaves our lives on the line.
We are doomed to die alone with no-one at our side.
We accept this as given; so purify.

Your sins are forgiven, but never forgotten;
We are the children of Eden; the tears of God.
We love our lies; we are completely smitten.
We thought we ruled our planet, but now we are lost.

Our generation believed we were somehow different,
But our past has taught us how wrong we are.
We trust in our souls; we are completely committed.
Our fate has been sealed now we’ve gone too far.

You disappeared like the end of a rainbow;
No gold at the end, for the fallen children.
We need to know it all, but what do we really know?
We walked alongside God, but now we are The Fallen.

(C)2012 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Haley Tyler May 2018
Years I spent playing handyman
Fixing the cracks and the rotted wood
Of a relationship that had already been condemned
Watching from the sidelines as they threw stones in the house they built together out of glass
And I dutifully glued each shard together
Until my fingers started to bleed
And I realized I had no glue to put myself back together
and they’d just tear the house down again anyway | h.t.
TeeCrush Mar 2018
I write and I write,
I love and I love.
It all just seems to go to waste.
My love is worth nothing -
I’ve yet to hear the words, a gesture or something.
My love must have a foul taste.

Nobody sticks around long enough
and the lonely breaks me down but I’m tough -
very tough but certainly not good enough.
I write and write and hope that perhaps one day,
things will go my way, and she will love me the same way.

I am a human who deserves to be loved,
and I am also a human who has not lived through such.
I yearn for love but also my own end
because I must surely be condemned.

Nobody has ever loved me like I love them.
Surely someone will love me one day, right?
Tehreem Dec 2016
Imbibing the poisoned chalice of gold
Or claiming the damnation from your lips
All hell is forgettable in your killing embrace
Oh the heinous act of adoration for a condemned soul
I dread thy affection fearing with fear
Sinning more than the sin itself
For those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

© Melissa Carlson 2015
Poetria Aug 2015
h e l l

"And all the kids cried out please stop, you're scaring me
I can't help this awful energy
******* right you should be scared of me
Who is in control?" - Halsey
She started to hate herself
from the moment he left her
without any explanation.
He keeps me warm and sets me on fire
Everything I never expected yet desire
Condemned a cheater, a fool and a liar
Only to give me wings and take me higher
He loves me well, let me never tire
A lover, a poet and the highest of flyers
For the lover in my life x
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