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Em MacKenzie Feb 5
Noun: a secret plan by a group
to do something unlawful and harmful.
Verb: the action of plotting or conspiring.

Conspiracy theorists,
are actually theorists of conspiracy,
while those in charge conspire.
While it’s easy to shrug off
and dismiss as “crazy,”
if you do the research
and dig down the rabbit hole,
you might start to question things
as well.

Take neither the red or blue pill,
as the pharmaceutical companies
will profit more from slow treatment,
or placebo effect, than they ever would from curing you once.
But open your eyes, and squint
to see, truly see, the world around you.

Why budget more into a military
than a healthcare or education system,
if you don’t intend to profit from it?
Industrial Military War Complex
is a real term and it’s definition
is dollar signs and blood.
The government is no longer politicians, but investors.

Sure some of us get a bad rap,
and we’re grouped in with the
eccentric or uneducated,
or just flat out theatrical.
But we’re the believers.
The ones who know that a society
is not just a structure, it’s a well
oiled, well designed machine
to keep the bottom on the bottom
and the top on the top.

I can’t say for sure that the Queen is a lizard,
and I’m pretty certain the world is
not flat,
but can any of us truly know?
Besides the Queen and those lucky few who travel to space...
how do you know for sure?
Even astronauts can be put into
a stasis, placed inside a simulation
and not know of it.
They would think they’re floating
in a satellite above our planet,
up until someone broke the
airlock, and they weren’t killed.

You see what I did there?
I took it too far.
And that’s what gets us the reputation of being crazy.
Would it be too crazy to believe,
those who take it a touch too far
are government plants to provide
an illusion of insanity
and discredit us completely?
You’ve heard of crisis actors,
but are their theorist actors?

Just know that the American government and CIA did once
(that we know of)
mull over the possibility of a False Flag Operation,
but on paperwork they rejected it.
The fact that the idea of attacking your own citizens to justify invasions of other countries
and create warfare was even on the table,
are the things that keep me on edge.
And should keep you on edge too.

I could go on forever about the
inconsistencies in testimonials,
footage, and Warren Commission Reports.
About common sense and intuition,
cold hard facts and brutal realities.
But, it’s not my job to pop balloons of blissful ignorance,
and those who don’t wish to see
the truth will forever stare at a counterfeit world telling themselves
it’s the real deal.

Anarchy would never work,
and communism could never be fair.
But democracy is made up of
well known names and popular
faces, of occasionally publicly approved personalities,
who are in turn overcome with
greed and then bought out and controlled by corporations and the big banks we entrust our salaries to.
They have our money, but not our
best interest at heart.
It’s like paying for a therapist
who will disregard everything you say, and then tell you to get back in line.

If someone aspires to have a position where they mediate and alter a group of people’s structure,
don’t you think they might have a power issue?
That if money makes the world go ‘round,
we’re all just numbers and barcodes?
And that maybe, it’s just safer for
those who make the world turn
to tell us what we want to hear
while showing us images of how
much worse it could be?
Just throwing down some knowledge. HP is even having trouble letting me post this........conspiracy?
Scarlett Dec 2018
my mind
is just a concept
never heard nor seen
its existence is questionable
fragile like my sanity
do I exist or am I a character in a strangers game?
“Deeds To Remember”

Castle cast!  Lo,  hail the Aloft,
Wisest of Wise He indeed is.
Forsaken Herald forever forbidden
To oven never to return to Kingdom.
5.That Pride!  That iniquitous Overthrown.
Beware!  The Fallen lures and crush soft,
Disciples walks in darkness of forsaken
Taunt them not,  merciless they are
Peril Serpent desires vengeance.
10.Bind the chain of authority to defeat.
Thee reckless numb! Thee commanded One,
Paradise filled by plaintive of atrocity?
Oh!  How unprophetical jest!
Holy wrath wiped luring serpent out.
15.Double-edged sword is sharp indeed.
Holy man! Indeed a perfect craft
Thou art the clairvoyance of God,
Pillar of Paradise on Earth
Boon by wisdom to realm of Heaven.
20.Hell's Oven not meant for thee.
Yet! Lust seduced thy virtue,
Lust for pleasure did lured thee.
Ah!  Mortal man not a ludic
But perfect creation in Him,
25.Err is natural thou mustn't lessen by
For pleasure of lust once known
Is valley of abyss for eon.
Thou mustn't astray, He say'd!
Thou art Holy boon of Will
30.Of ***** of everlasting Living.
Valley of death now a deficient!
Thou thrived conquest not a bish
Sitten upon Thee,  man shall bow
Salutations they'd wave, oh Mighty
35.Restful cuddle for them with Thee.
Hark the Herald of Divine,
For trumpet sings for man.
Feast indeed! Now lamb to Shepherd.
Sacrifice that pave way to Home
40.Forget not, for He awaits thee Home!
Nganyah Ngonyen Phom
Alexander T Sep 2018
A walk through life
left, 9/11
right, moon landing
above, Aliens
below, there's the devil

What is being said
we are a simulation
our lives are being controlled
our phones have been tapped

in this world
I have one question,
what isnt a theory

can you hear me
I said what isnt a theory

so speak to me
are you being told to say that?
am I programmed to write this?
whats your theory
youphoria Sep 2018
a concept
an illusion
a scam
a false reality
a conspiracy

these years keep flying by
a minute is gone in the blink of an eye
Caleb Hess Sep 2018
I don’t like puzzles, not this kind, anyway. My thoughts are puzzle pieces and these days are prophetic. What is my prophecy? Where I am supposed to be is far away, maybe. I feel that life is on autopilot.
LOST! Where the hell am I?
I don’t think that I’m meant to be here, nothing goes as planned. I see everything as if it was made of glass, I see it all. Surrounded by mirrors, I’m discombobulated. As I see everything, everything is everywhere. I know how to get there so I go but somehow I become lost… but it was so clear. The mirrors always catch my eye, I guess.
At some point I steered off during my prophecy and now the gods can’t seem to locate me. How will I ever get back? I’m trailed off in a simulation living in the background, I feel. I don’t want this, I want to be the main character of my own life.
I. Feel. So… l o s t.
I  am  getting  nowhere.
Aaron LaLux Aug 2018
Know thyself,
know your worth,
for if you don’t know yourself nor your worth,
then really your art work will hardly be worth the hard work,

but know yourself & know your work,
& every work of art will be worth it even if it isn’t perfect,
sure it's tough being of service in this whirlwind world circus of serpents,
but you will prevail if you steady your sails & navigate with your compass,

through the currents with a purpose enlightened & in service,

there are still good men amongst us,
though only a few it's true,
but their virtues are righteous enough to help us all pull through,
which compels me to ask if one of those righteous men might be you,

see nothing lasts forever,
but together we can build a few statues,
we can create a few solid things in this unstable world of chaos,
because it's not a coincidence that water freezes at the degree of 32˚,

because it's symbolic of solidifying something that's not solid,
so let me ask you again is one of those righteous men you?

∆ Aaron LaLux ∆

from The Holy Trilogy Vol.2: Manadalas
available worldwide here:
M-E Jul 2018
It taste like metal
The blazing copper
The flying bullet
I haven’t tasted it
But it tasted like metal

It’s hard to travel
In the world’s novel
The life’s poetry
The designed banditry
The plain puppetry
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