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I'm a foreigner
at the crossroads
what you see from a distance
wave hands
say hello to you.
I've been confused
ever since stand alone in the crowd,
no one sees me
except for a pair of eyes
that is lodged in people's heads
which I never knew before;
and the clouds turn blue but don't hurt flowing right over the head
then the birds rise expel the wind
who had tossed my long hair.
I just stare at them,
hope they don't look at me.
However, the world suddenly stopped. And my world seems to have a limit
to transcend isolation.
I'm a foreigner
at the crossroads,
which has been left behind by old memories,
and when the new comrades have become adept at reading signs,
and therefore we have bonded
like a relationship
that we are not really aware of.
I'm a foreigner
at the crossroads,
greet you as a stranger too,
but now everyone is busy making their own festival,
and don't ask,
I make a festival for whom,
except for the day
when I'm not known anymore.
Indonesia, 30th November 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Dear comrade,
Maybe you are achieving medals for your victory
but, actually you are achieving our hearts for your bravery...
A big salute to all comrades, serving for their country.
No matter the nation,they costs their lives to protect it...
He does not see or hear her since the war
A massacre an apology cannot erase
His consumption to cannabis stubs
And get-high quick remedies
It's been said the children are not his
what then has he to fight for?
These are the consequences of home wars usually.I just wrote this poem based on experience.What do you think of my poetry guys?
Nico Reznick May 2019
It's the first time I've ever
bought you flowers;
I only realise this
when I'm minutes away
from your funeral.
Sharon Talbot Mar 2019
Custom cannot wither, nor age enslave
My infinite array of memories.
I came of age upon a wave
Of ideals that anchored
Changes and elders outraged,
Appalling them into rage.
They often responded
With violence, yet we endured.
Even when comrades were shot down,
And protesters run to ground,
The promise of a new world grew in secret,
In the impromptu families in hill towns,
Or the remnants of Haight-Ashbury
And the minds of Lost Boys and Girls unbound,
In the survivors of Kent and Jackson State;
Our dream died not but elected to wait,
And In the choices of all
Not to succumb to servility
Nor women to proscribed maternity.
Equality stayed the rule instead of resignation.
Now, age has slowed but not stopped us
And we reach out across the air,
Teaching young ones, as passionate as we,
To distrust despots, ever serve the cause of liberty.
What I do to them.
I tolerant the intolerance.
I see individuals in the crowd.
And I keep'em safe and sound.

We're supposed to be enemies.
They obey people I won't stand.
They believe with no doubt
The things disapproved
With every breath and step  I take.
But our balance is calm as a lake.

We are antonyms.
They follow sun and I adore moon
They praise landwhile I honor the wind.
And we're a duet just as lime and mint.

But now  look at us.
I help them out once I've heard a call.
And they catch me right before I fall.
Always getting stuck in one boat.
And you know, we are simply one,
We don't care that  it's just dumb.
Ju Clear Nov 2016
A kindness movement is creeping in to save our world .
It's in The USA
With people shouting out , let's make America kind again.
Human Kind is our nature the earth our mother.
Incredible army's are moving in ,writing on hills KINDNESS .
It's simple we are born to be kind
It's there in our human nature.
Captured in smiles feeding and nurturing .
Come on comrades raise up and be the kindness you want to see in this world
Kindness rules
Inspired by incredible edible Todmorden  the kindness movement
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