Tell me again Brave Kate
the battles we made it through

Tell me more, and keep the score
comrades and loves, we bid, adieu

Tell me again Brave Kate
our scars, proof of bitter tales

We survived our many fates
as always, strength of will, prevails

Tell me yet again sweet Kate
when all the conflicts, fought and won

Will there ever come a day
no dire clouds, and just, the sun

Just a flow I followed ;D
No victory for those always seeking torments to fight, and pains to overcome.
Vexren4000 Apr 26

Lone smokers,
Byways faded into darkness,
Roads, people, forgotten by the cities,
Friends made from the smell of smoke rising,
Stayed comrades for life,
Odd no?
That a thing as a cigarette,
Could bond friends for life.


Going through the motions, creating a tune sublime
differing types of notions, not always prose, or rhyme

Assembling our choirs, composed of family and comrades
weeding out the dire fools, trusting, true friends we've had

Reveling in the loudest lion's roar, and all that it can, possibly portend
discarding the dissonant chord and rejoicing in, the harmony of friends

Keep your friends closer than your enemies, the good ones, will deflect the descending dagger, with their life......

What I do to them.
I tolerant the intolerance.
I see individuals in the crowd.
And I keep'em safe and sound.

We're supposed to be enemies.
They obey people I won't stand.
They believe with no doubt
The things disapproved
With every breath and step  I take.
But our balance is calm as a lake.

We are antonyms.
They follow sun and I adore moon
They praise landwhile I honor the wind.
And we're a duet just as lime and mint.

But now  look at us.
I help them out once I've heard a call.
And they catch me right before I fall.
Always getting stuck in one boat.
And you know, we are simply one,
We don't care that  it's just dumb.

Ju Clear Nov 2016

A kindness movement is creeping in to save our world .
It's in The USA
With people shouting out , let's make America kind again.
Human Kind is our nature the earth our mother.
Incredible army's are moving in ,writing on hills KINDNESS .
It's simple we are born to be kind
It's there in our human nature.
Captured in smiles feeding and nurturing .
Come on comrades raise up and be the kindness you want to see in this world
Kindness rules

Inspired by incredible edible Todmorden  the kindness movement
Darren Wall Oct 2015

Etched in his mind,
The internal war,
Haemorrhaging blood,
Hidden once more,

Slowly he’s dying,
His body too weak,
Paralysed lips,
Unable to speak,

Traumatic life,
Slipping away,
His heavy soul,
Aching today.

He witnessed it all,
The burden unseen,
Screaming their names,
Tortured in dream,

His cries settle,
His memory fades,
Wiping the tears,
For former comrades.


For all the soldiers alive today, we will remember them too.
Elmarie Jun 2015

I'm running but so is time.
I will not fail,
I will not fall.

three seconds left
ten steps to go.
please stop counting.
I'm coming.

Next year I will not fail. I will not fall.
Next year it will be three steps.
ten seconds.


A marathon for warriors.
A marathon for me.
Silence Screamz Oct 2014

In eighty four,
when I was eighteen.
I joined the Navy,
so proud and so lean.

First day aboard,
my ship I laid footed.
An accident happened,
this guy was beheaded.

I witnessed it all,
a faint scream, now gone.
Blood everywhere,
I was shocked in stone.

Life is but different,
floating on the sea.
But darkness still lurks,
coming out of the deep.

They called it traditions,
it brought back my past.
The name callings, the torture,
How long will it last?

Hours turns days,
days into years.
Counting my time,
holding back tears.

We had risen the Shield,
another accident happened,
lost twenty one shipmates,
Never forgotten.

At one in the 'morn,
the ferry went down.
In the Bay of Haifa,
twenty one did drown.

They finally came home,
in a flag draped box,
Hearing taps on corner,
Home but not lost.

My demons continue,
to many deaf ear,
bring sadness and sorrow,
bring heartache and tears

One final vision,
that I can not erase.
my friend screamed horror
and the look on his face

The wheel of an aircraft,
rolled over his femur,
crushing and smashing,
Lost in a fever.

Blood and bones,
I'll never forget.
His piercing screams,
still gets me upset.

Twenty long years,
I lived on the sea.
Lost many great men
and their pain is still with me.

Onto my next step,
But what do I do?
These demons keep chasing me,
Can I kill them off too?

Part 3 of 4
Jeptha Johnson Aug 2014

One by one we march by,
one by one we go,
down to the bowels we march.

Fire and death await us,
together we fight,
one by one we fall.

One by one we march by,
shades of our selves,
judgement awaits us wicked ones.

There we stood,
yet there we fell,
death came all too soon.

One by one we march by,
only now does fate come,
honor, dignity, trust all are gone.

The Judgement has come,
forever we shall lie,
one by one darkness comes for all.

Eh, don't be harsh. I just jotted this down. I was going to follow a scheme then just threw that idea out the window.

— The End —