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Chuck Akot Apr 2021
There is nothing truly more repetitive ,
or usual or strange to me,
except for the fact that I may see you personally,
hold you closer to me,
feel you as the wind feel the warmth of a star,
I want that moment,
I want you to understand this,
I want you to gaze me like a rounded apple,
to bite or not to bite me.
Chuck Akot Apr 2021
All my life,
I have felt the nearest joy,
when I feel for the first time,
this hidden interest,
the emotions I can no longer touch,
in the slightest hint,
in moments that are reminiscing,
this gentle and sad face of mine,
in the lively tone of your voice,
in the surge of memories,
that anticipate all the love I can give for you,
I remain true to myself,
I remain lively and loud,
vivid to sense that what life can offer me,
is the quiet correspondence of affection,
your subtlety, your buoyant character,
knowing that I secretly love you.
Chuck Akot Apr 2021
I sense that,
I have a great deal to give:
my eyes, my lips, my body,
it is all there is for you to consume,
I want your arms with me,
the stars along the hills,
how dreamily I fog my gaze somewhere else,
just to listen to you talking,
desiring to hold you,
and this eagerness,
to come live where you are,
to ascend,
the unconditional movements of my heart,
flowing in your body,
like a dear fire in an open space,
like grains of sand kissing your skin,
like a flower sitting on your ears,
like a song taming your lips,
ah, just to nestle myself with you,
and into my naked hands,
I bring you the transparent serenity,
the blue sky in its untrammeled thought.
Chuck Akot Apr 2021
I know the river runs dry after it has fallen asleep.
Death is not our alliance, life is.
So, between my arms,
you emerge like a hand,
and the way to celebrate it is to embrace you,
with long kisses on your cheeks,
because your heart is a garden of illumination,
plated with violets and lavenders.
Chuck Akot Apr 2021
It is so nice to come home to a person,
who has been there all along.
It is so nice to have been cared by a warm hand,
by a heart that feels so tender,
like a pillow resting on my head.
Sometimes, a home is not a structure, it is a person.
Sometimes, you live inside a person.
Sometimes, she lives inside you.
Sometimes, she is outside looking in.
Chuck Akot Feb 2021
And now that you are mine,
the world is a safe place in your arms,
your arms where the rivers of life flow,
and into my eyes,
the purple star gleams for eternity.
Chuck Akot Feb 2021
I love you,
is this a mistake,
is this a myth,
hear me,
as I am announcing your place in my heart,
here, inside of me,
there is a different ocean expressing itself,
with good intentions,
with beauty,
and delicate breath and tenderness,
and quietly how you touch me with your hand,
your hand that does not,
deprive me of pleasure,
but gives me a sense of worth,
and what shall I give you now,
is it myself,
is it the mirror of my existence?
Chuck Akot Feb 2021
One day it will come at your feet,
like the brush of a wave in the sea,
one day you will realise,
the life you have created,
the air you breathe through your lungs.
You will stumble upon,
a certain voice saying,
this is your life, and now, this is you,
these are the memories you share,
and long for some time.
One day, you will contain all of these,
when you finally see,
you cannot simply replace them,
but taking these recollections,
one by one, through the other,
and somehow, you will be grateful,
that you are here,
and there will be no other person just like you.
Chuck Akot Oct 2020
For the passing day,
the day mends,
the day follows the unison movement,
of your silhouette,
this consumable force you ****** in me,
are you my amorous joy,
a gliding dew that tickles the corner of my lips,
or the steady architecture of the anthill,
in its demarcation to defy the limits of love,
to bring the spirit of solitude,
the transcendence of our youth,
can it be for a moment or eternity,
that I am totally dissolved,
transforming your pain,
into red and yellow flowers,
the colorful penumbra of the rainbow,
and what does it give you: all of me.
Chuck Akot Oct 2020
there is an indication,
of tenderness between us,
it is like a pillow resting your head,
the onset of the new moon,
as is, that you and me repeats for its need,
rustling like a wing,
for once more,
you continually swarm me with your love,
your love that opens,
the wilderness of my heart,
and if your eyes are the only thing,
that sees me: habitually pleasing,
alluring in all familiar ways,
precedent and preferable,
and if it beckons to shape whatever,
we thrive for,
if it is longing or constant admiration,
you are favored to me my capricious one,
leave no traces or red kisses,
for I will miss you in every mild footsteps,
of the rain filling the earth,
with your warm welcome.
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