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Prince Adofo Jul 4
I never knew you were hurt
Because you never wept
But as you stayed longer
You became colder

You made a promise
That even if you go
You won't be gone forever
But that was a lie

You never wanted to stay
So you slipped away
You've left me all alone
But I'll see you in the afterlife
Prince Adofo Jun 5
Just because I'm different
They give harsh criticism
They're always rough
But they've not had enough

Closed minded people
Their faces showing disgust
Making me live in fear
Without getting things clear

They know it hurts
But they won't stop
They just don't care
So I shouldn't either

No matter what they give
I shouldn't mind their judgment
I shouldn't hold resentment
Because I have to survive
Prince Adofo May 17
The good die young
The bad live long
Oh, what a twist
Life is not a fairytale

The hero loses
The villain wins
Oh, what an irony
Life is not a fairytale

I'm like a prince
You're like Cinderella
But we can't be together
Life is not a fairytale
Prince Adofo May 5
You're staring at me
Pressing your chest so hard
Trying to hold onto your broken heart
You forgot what you did to me

Why did this happen
Shedding sad silent tears
Now you're all ears
You forgot what you did to me

Your eyes are filled with regret
Why did you ever trust me
Why did I betray you
You forgot what you did to me

Now you're sorry
Do not worry
Revenge has given me satisfaction
You remember what you did to me

— The End —