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Prince Adofo Jun 8
With my death
My journey ends
Heaven or hell
I am done
Life, Death, Journey
Prince Adofo Nov 2022
As I grow older
Death gets closer
What the hell
Time will tell
Happy birthday to me
Birthday, Age
Prince Adofo Jun 2022
I'm filled with sorrow
My heart breaks at every turn
Tearing up at even the joyful news

Pity floods me like rain
As I embrace this pain
Sadness is me today
Grief, Pain, Loss, Sadness
Prince Adofo Nov 2020
This may seem impossible in reality
But even when I'm truly guilty
Don't ever doubt my innocence
Until you find hard evidence
Prince Adofo Nov 2020
Why Is It Always So Quiet Here
Oh Yes, I Remember Now
It's Because I'm Dead
And No One Has Ever Visited My Grave
Prince Adofo Oct 2020
You loved him that much
He loved you that less
You knew his heart
But you still couldn't care less

You walked into burning flames
Just to be with him
But he made your light dim
And you still couldn't care less
Prince Adofo Jul 2020
I never knew you were hurt
Because you never wept
But as you stayed longer
You became colder

You made a promise
That even if you go
You won't be gone forever
But that was a lie

You never wanted to stay
So you slipped away
You've left me all alone
But I'll see you in the afterlife
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