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Anna Dang Feb 15
Summers rain it’s warm embrace
Kisses flowers and my face
A smell quintessential to this place
I love you forever and always
No matter time and space

Summers rain kiss my face
hold me tight But leave no space
Twirls and leave a trace
I love you forever and always
No matter time and space
To my love, happy anniversary. Thank you for opening my heart and my soul
Anna Dang May 2020
The sun glows
the same color
as my skin
as sunflowers
as happiness
but why
does the color of my people
the color that means joy
the same color I'm proud of
be the same reason that
you measure my worth
and the weight isn't in gold
Mau Vang is the color yellow in vietnamese. Its the color of my skin and the same color that makes people look down on me. I don't understand why race, a social construct, is still living in the history we make today.
Anna Dang May 2020
I write the things I can't say
All my feelings
that I leave at bay
The thoughts
that run in my head on replay
What clutters my mind
that makes me not want to see the next day
I write to free all
that I want to say
My depression is back. I can't escape from it and sometimes it feels like I'm a yoyo and its the one playing with me. It decides when and with what power. So I write and I create.
Anna Dang Mar 2020
Warm as a summer breeze
Sweet as the same one
That carries through
A field of sunflowers
Basking under the sun
Light hitting each petal
Like the way light
Hits your brown eyes
Melting into honey
As warm as your smile
As sweet as your love
For my love, my sunflower.
Anna Dang Mar 2020
Check in, Is it time
to Check out, or maybe love
its time to pull up?
Check in with yourself. Remember you can persist from falling into that rut.
Anna Dang Mar 2020
It was the same urge
That rushes through your heart
When you contemplate
Hiding in the louvre
To stay after its closed
Just to see the mona lisa
For a little bit longer

Yet still
After a few minutes
You blink and remember
How lonely it is
Seeing the mona lisa
In a closed empty museum
All by yourself

-Anna D.
You put my heart together, broke it, just so I could watch you with someone else.

— The End —