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timothy johnson Dec 2019
I look for love
but it's never enough
so i hurt my girl
and get with a guy
im sorry im bi
why would you tease me
if your just gonna leave me
timothy johnson Dec 2019
Drugs, will they fill me
or will they **** me
they can make me feel alright
but I can also die tonight
but is life worth living
with all this pain and suffering
i don't know
give me one more hit and i might know
timothy johnson Dec 2019
runaway from the pain
cut my wrist in the rain
silver birds fly away
i know death is a shame
especially when they have fame
who am i? just a name
we are one in the same
both heartache and pain
you make me feel some kinda way
but i cut my veins
to send endorphins to my brain
hillary litberg Aug 2019
every time i hit rock bottom
someone digs a little deeper
now these walls are too steep
i’ve not enough grip
slip and slip and slip and slip
pickup and pack up perpetual bags
start the process over
with new characters
and settings
and expectations
but the same feelings
and probably meanings
and letdowns and stained cheeks
should i cut or burn this time?
there’s one thing i control
where shall i take these scissors
to my forehead or my closest ties?
that are holding me together
but all too tight
is it weak to wither away
at the hands of something
i can’t see?
my demons are only metaphors
just like those bags and ties
i used to think depression pains
were the same
but they’re as literal as can be
not just tears but pangs
broken hearts bleed faster
and tarnished lungs take shallow breaths
the past took a pocketknife to my skin
carved and scooped me out
and turned my body to a little tease
that won’t give me the real mortal thing
i wrote this when i was rlly ****** sad lol
aisha zoë Mar 2018
I have written you a letter
it's seven pages long
it's not even finished
I have been re-reading
it over and over
now the part where I have folded it
folded in thirds; seven pages
are soft
like weathered with ages

I know you won't ever read this,
I know I won't mail it and
the page under my hands
will never reach you
like I've never reached myself
I got tired of writing
I wrote you a letter,
it was seven pages long
I wrote you a poem
that I crinkled up
after I finished and
put a period at the end
of my sentence
I am tired of writing words
that you will never read

I wrote you a letter,
a letter that I know I won't send
though some times it felt so real and
alive but then dead
at times I felt we were like the ocean
but they were only ghosts in my head
I have written you a letter;
I can tell you about it
it's seven pages long and
it took forever
I wrote it on the best paper
tried to put everything down
but I tore it up
threw it in the sea
I wrote you a poem
it rots at the bottom of me

I write things
I know I won't send
there were memories that were oceans;
oceans in my head
though some times it felt so real but
you're gone, long gone
over and dead

I wrote you a letter
threw that letter in the sea
I burned all seven pages of it
just like you've burned me
I wrote you a seven page letter
seven pages of things that
I forgot to say
things that would never reach you
that you'd never care about, anyway
awww how sad
jordan grant Sep 2017
every morning i awaken and sigh
with dismay i have to live another day
friends as if I'm okay
im fine
i say
you see the thing is i could try open up
but i would not know where to start
no words can describe
this emptiness and loneliness
hey the list goes on but why bore you
ill say I'm okay and you can cary on with your day

— The End —