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Lynnia Oct 2018
seep through the cracks
launch an attack
so relentless
don't fall back

tie me in knots
poison my thoughts
insidious wares
readily bought

twisted like twine
soon out of time
heart beats too fast,
forgot my lines

the words that i bleed
slowly made free
while my soul is chained
i'm no longer me.
about the dark side of love.
Ez Cruz Sep 2018
You benevolent woman
You prisoned my heart
For the eyes that are desired by every man
Are the eyes that also captured my heart

Why do you have to do this?
Why do I have to bear
The curse of falling into your Kiss
The curse brought by your stare

Now I'm chained to you love
A love that is all I ever want
That no other woman can have
And this only you can grant

So please unchain me from this curse
Let your love be fully mine
Let me be the first
To be unlocked and to say you are mine

Oh Benevolent woman
Your love is the only key
For this locked heart of  man
A man whose heart was locked by thee
Oh girl, you just locked my heart and now I can't love no one but you. Whatttt have you doooneee?
ashley marie Sep 2018
I feel chained to the couch
Mourning something bigger than me
And once I turned off the background noise of the tv
I felt my lungs collapse with it
never have i felt so hollow
and swarmed with silence
until this moment.
losing people in your life is hard.
Irina BBota Aug 2018
Dear Heart, I can hear your silence, I feel it screaming,
without any defense, poisoned by wounds and smoke,
dressed up only with pain and numbness, as a stroke,
without an umbrella, in the summer rain weeping.

You are chained into the rough cage of fear,
on your shoulders, I can feel the pressure,
after all this time, the betrayal still hurts, it's still so clear,
in your boutique are not just delights and pleasure.

There are also fiery words, thrown into the wind,
causing a devastating drought in the soul, begging
the malicious smiles that spread ruthlessly thinned
flames on their nostrils, like a bleeding dragon.

Promise yourself that the drought will not dry your will
to feel once more the sweet scent of love given by a golden fish,
with your heart in your palm you will light endlessly, as you wish,
without the eternal dilemma. That is my only thrill!
Pyrrha Aug 2018
My heart yearns for a thousand butterflies to be released from this cage that was meant for
A single demure bird

It's chained to the bottom of a twisted, lonely, teneberous abyss
As it is trapped inside
A single crooked verse

When it should be soaring high above singing songs of a thousand lovers love, instead here it sits
A single broken part
Madison Jul 2018
You can't see me,
You can't hear me,
It's a shell of a happier person I used to be.

I am trapped in my own mind,
The walls are crumbling,
But I'm still chained,
The chains are weak,
But I'm still stuck,
because I am afraid.

The walls are collapsing,
The roof is caving in,
Under the crushing weight of anxiety and depression.
I am afraid I am going to be crushed,
But I won't leave,
I am even more afraid of the outside

I don't want to be seen or heard.
I don't want to trap you with me.
I am dying,
You don't know,
I am dying.
But you are happy.

So I can be
If you relate please contact me, I want to help you.
AumaObure Jul 2018
I thought it was nothing when we first met
I knew it was just ***
The first time,I Felt like it’s going to be easy
We agreed it was going to be a fling
Weeks later,I couldn’t recognise myself anymore
I wasn’t the same anymore
I felt more emotions, cried alot
It started to get to me,so much that it took control over me
It controlled how I feel,how I act,how I feed
It had me wrapped  up and squeezed in its little palms.
I tried to escape from it,but I kept crawling back
I couldn’t talk to anyone,so I Googled
You don’t want to know the keywords for the search..
But every result gave me a falling in love narrative,
I didn’t want to fall in love, I just wanted ***
I didn’t want to be attached,I just wanted the attention
I didn’t want a relationship,I just just wanted company
I didn’t want commitment,I just just just needed a one time every time
“How did I get here” I asked myself everytime I was in the shower
Or when the thought of you popped  up
I’d fallen madly for you
Deep down, I knew it was  billshit
Deep down,I knew if I told you,you would laugh so hard
So I wallow in my pain,trying to pull out,
I hope i take it down sooner before it takes me down!
I know a lot of you can relate to this
Mary Frances Jun 2018
It's guilt. Maybe, it's pity.
It's a shame when you love someone like that.
Out of courtesy though out of line,
as you think you owed it to them at one time.

You can't say the words.
You can't even whisper some.
In fear you might hurt
he, whose heart is in line.
You ended up keeping it all.
Ignoring that you're already lost  the heart you own.

You think you're saving yourself but you're really not.
You know you're digging deep for yourself to rot.
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