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Elizabeth Sep 13
I laid in bed that night with a cold feeling in the pit of my stomach. Not winter but fall. It was back in my home. The darkness I felt winters ago, perched up on my windowsill begging the sun to shine for just one day. I felt his silence when I knew he was near. My heart was heavy and cold, I could hear his words creeping up on me in the night. It was dark. But I could feel the pain rushing back in. It was dark and there was a lonely cat outside my window.
I am scared and tired.
Mark Sep 12
Liking all the latest pics
From the keyboard of my device
Posting all the time
Push a button to make a dime
Gathering members from afar
I'm a star

Why did he have to reinvent the book
By typing right here, everything you need
He plugged us in, created social network for greed
The info guru of the whole **** world
That's why he had to reinvent the book

We feel your caution behind the firewall
Finding an app to help us all
It's paradise when your video goes viral
Accepting new friends you've never met
Want to make a bet?

Why did he have to reinvent the book
By typing right here, everything you need
He plugged us in, created social network for greed
The info guru of the whole **** world
That's why he had to reinvent the book

Making it feel more like a celebration
Spreading the likes and dislikes
To a whole new generation
More like New World Order of sanitisation

That's why he had to
That's why he had to
That's why he had to, reinvent the book.
I feel I don't know you,
Not a bit, not at all

Your words are like flowers
All pretty and sweet, grow on
Trees and bushes, fill us with hope
But die after a week.

I'd give my life for you
But you have to live it in return.
Don't give in to the world,
It'll eat you up, devour you whole.

Pain; we're all familiar with it
But we don't live by it
It moulds us, builds us,
Creates who we are, but you let it
Define you, let it diffuse into your blood
Instead of oxygen.

Why won't you let us help you?
You watch us as you let us watch you

Pull down your wall of pride
Your life is screaming to be lived,
But you suppress it.

I swear you want to be a crisis
Because silence of lies is all you give us,
We're waiting for your truth but
You've got to realise time does not stop -

Let us help you,
I feel I don't know you.

It will be winter, the trees and bushes
Will be starved of blossom - all that will
Remain are skeletal figures
Vulnerable to the bite of the bitter cold.

So let us help you,
I feel I don't know you.
Andra Sep 11
home is where it wasn’t home.

home. it felt more like a place but felt like home when leaving.

home is my brother and his blue eyes.

home is can you make me breakfast and watch TV with me?

home is the hot soup grandma makes.

home is Janis Joplin singing.

home is where birds are chirping dancing.

home is that door never closing.

home. is that door open anymore?

home is Venus… and my cosmos.

home is red and red was home.

home is where it wasn’t home.

home is where i wish was home.

home? where is home anymore?
Ackerrman Sep 5
I tried not to cry
When you cut your wrist.

I recognised well,
What had happened,
When I walked through your door.

Your eyes,

You ******:

The bandage-
Medic alert!

White on red
Solemn colours,
All a child’s eyes can see.

How I tremble
As that child’s mind-

All my strength,
My smarts
And I can’t move you

Out of that state,
Out of this place,
This Hell.

Please don’t die,
I can’t live
Without you.
Yesterday was a bad day- still made it into work today though! Not about me, about him. hope he made it into work- i leave before he does.
Anu Mehta Aug 31
Oye सुन!  बचपन से ही तेरा और मेरा ये रिश्ता बहुत ही अनोखा और चटपटा रहा है, अन्य सभी रिश्तो से बढ़कर क्योंकि बचपन हम दोनों के बीच में हमेशा नोकझोंक होती रहती, लेकिन बड़े होने पर मुझे ससुराल भेज दिया…
अब हम दोनों अलग हो गये हैं….
क्या हम दोबारा से उन पलों यादगार बनाए,
जब मेरा हक तुम पे ज्यादा होता….
भाई तू Mehta की जान है
मेरा पहला - पहला प्यार है तू, मेरी खुशियों से भरा संसार है तू,
सदा खुश रहना तू,
क्योंकि मेरी खुशियों का राज है तू,
तू सिर्फ मेरे भाई नहीं हम तीनों बहनों की जान है ।
माँ की आँखों का तारा ही नहीं बल्कि उनका गुरूर है तू
Oye सुन ! तू भी कितना अजीब है पर मेरे दिल के करीब है,
क्यों इतना khadoos बनता है तू ?
भाई तू Mehta की जान है, मेरा प्यारा भाई है तू,
मुझ से छोटा है तू पर बातें ऐसे करता है जैसे मेरे से बडा है तू …
लेकिन तुम रिश्ते यूँ निभाते रहना,
हम तीनों बहनों के संग तू हमेशा रहना,
चाहे दुःख हो या सुख हो तू हमेशा हमारी हिम्मत बने रहना….
भाई तू Mehta की जान है
मेरा तेरा रिश्ता भाई - बहन का बहुत ही प्यारा है
सबसे अलग सबसे अनोखा सबसे प्यारा है तू...
कभी खट्टा, कभी मीठा ये रिश्ता है हमारा कभी रूठना, कभी मनाना,
कभी झगड़ा, कभी रोना,
भाई तू Mehta की जान है…
जीवन का वह अनमोल पल होते हैं जो लौट कर कभी नहीं आते है बस यादें साथ रह जाती है । हर बहन के लिए उसका भाई पिता तुल्य होता है ।
भाई छोटा हो या बड़ा बहन को बहुत प्यारा होता है। बहन भी भाई के लिए बहुत प्रिय होती है । मेरे लिए भी मेरा भाई मुझे हद से ज्यादा प्यारा है।
मैं और मेरा भाई दोनों बचपन में खूब लड़ते झगड़ते थे और आपस में एक दुसरे के कभी - कभी नाराज भी हो जाते थे । लेकिन फिर भी हम दोनों एक दूसरे के बिना नहीं रहते थे ।
मैंने अपने भाई के लिए एक छोटी सी कविता लिखी है आशा करती हूँ आपको सब को भी पसंद आएगी….
मुझे पता है मेरे भाई को मेरी कविता बहुत पसंद आएगी पर वो मुझे बतायेगा नहीं चाहे अकेला बैठ कर थोड़ा Emotional हो जायेगा…
Bhai देखना तू कविता पढ़ते समय वो हल्की - हल्की स्माइल भी कर रहा होगा और मैं ये पल देख नहीं पाऊंगी…
Zoe Grace Aug 23
Thank you for trusting me enough
To tell me
Who you truly are
On the inside.

I love you,
No matter what your name is
If you're my sister or my brother
You'll always have a place in my heart
I love you so much. You're my best friend and my favourite.
I feel so touched that you trust me enough to tell me.
I would do anything for you, A. I want you to know that.
cupid Aug 20
why do you write me as a monster
you introduced him and i

you shaped me from those summer days
you threw me from my dreamy daze

you called me brother before i shed my skin
you intoduced me to my sins

i was pretty eyes and scared white lies
you were lost in wonderland

i never wanted to rule
i wanted to be a knight

my dreams of fighting for you faded
i cared not of queens

i became a traveler in the village
my steps jingled and i led the youth in laughter

you took back the throne you left for me

i want know why the tyranist writes me as a monster
he gave me my prince and my sins

i wanted freedom is all
i didnt want to fight anymore
i went back to read my sisters poems, i think they were very much about me
Kyle Mouat Aug 18
In a foxhole in the cold December night,
my brother next to me trying not to freeze.
No socks, food and very little ammo;
We'll freeze before the enemy attacks.

Suddenly the ground explodes next to me
like a firecracker on the fourth of July.
The sky shakes as if God is moving it,
and the sky lights up as bright as day.

My ears ring and my vision is blurry,
as I look next to me I see him.
My brother lying there motionless,
and cry medic in hopes that it's not too late.

In hopes to protect us, I aim my weapon
And I pull the trigger till my magazine is empty,
But even then I do not notice
For my shock makes everything numb as if I was on morphine.

Now I rush over to where my brother lies
In hopes that death has not grasped him,
I jump on top of him in hopes that I can prevent
Further destruction that would harm him.
As the shooting stops and the explosions quiet,
I feel my eyes water as I hold my brother's body.
He may not have been my blood
But we shared a great bond

Now I weep for him,
As the light fades from his eyes.
I can't stop cradling his head
As if he were still alive.

I watch them carry him away
as if he were a stick in a dog's mouth.
And I wipe the tears away from my face
As I ask myself, why him? Why not me instead?
Brayden Allen Jul 30
Eventually we all grow old
but I’m truly ready to watch
their love grow old,
stronger with each day.
My brother’s love for his girl
resembles that of my Dad’s.
My parents aren’t the perfect couple
they bicker and they fight and they learn
to take everyday as a new
and use the ashes of yesterday
so they can fertilize the new morning.
When I look at my brother
and see his hand holding her’s
I know they worked to stay intertwined
like the most beautiful ******* vines
you’ve ever seen.
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