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MB Nov 2020
His soft touches
with warm embraces,
turnt to bruises and scars
all over her arms.

His sweet lies
full of warm sugar,
stuffed her throat with honey
till she's was gasping for air.

His rampant insecurities-
the way he made her wear them,
like a shield of armor
bore to protect him.

But most of all she misses
the way he played with her.
For now all she feels is numbness-
where once was her heart.
It is a twisted thing-
to miss the one who made cry-
but at least then you had someone to blame
Erika Oct 2020
I loved you for who you are
In times of trouble is there
Ready to fight in gray
For my lover's lair

Sacrifice my happiness
For me not to see your sadness
I love you but what happened?
You fool me your maiden

I thought you will be my knight
With the darkest of night
With those beautiful sight
You leave me alone in the fight

I was betrayed
By you, the lover of mine
Until then, I was never fine
You choose her, I was done

In this battle I lost you
You found someone new
In the castle we build
Tonight I'm alone with no shield

I hope you're happy now
For leaving me behind
For the ties unwind
River of tears in my mind.
For all who experienced some messy break ups and betrayals
Mei Aug 2020
When you came to me
Yes, you were
When you left.
People come and go some were stormlike when they leave.
Some are storm that stay.
Mei Aug 2020
Forget about the
tarnished pages, tingy blues,
tattered memories, ties severed, a love that died long ago.

Papers stained of sweaty inks, tear scented poetry,
someone lives
between the lines-
Don't let a poet fall for you if you don't want to hear yourself in every scribbled notes she writes.
Nothing in the world is mine
Not even my own shadow
For I try to hold my shadow
It either moves away...
Or disappears .....!!

Why then...
Talk about the one I love
Pretty well...knowing...
He will never be mine..!!
It's again ...
Nothing in the world is mine ..!!
Florist Dan Feb 2020
To me your my light
Every dark times I fight
With your smile
Troubles gone with a smite.

But despite the courage
It ended up in the garbage
To think it was chance
All I can do is glance.

At a fantasy that never come true
Despite the friendship I feel blue
We aren't meant to be together
For I was just a bother.

I respected you and your happiness
Fly and be free of your loneliness
I won't be a hindrance anymore
you are still the one I adore.

I'm happy for you not by force
But because you're free to soar
Up in the sky of freedom
To the man on the other kingdom.
I'm finally back...
Forbiden Fruit Jan 2020
I will never be able to tell you in person
Wish you would just understand
I saw you somehwere in my thaughts last night
We were holding hands, "Honey I'm not myself without you, please come back"

Feeding my eyes with your dreams all night
A thousand questions reside in me
End up answering them too,
No matter how much I'm busy
Wherever life takes me
I found myself back with you
Your thaughts wont just elope,

This struggle will not end here
Your memories will never fade
My love can never age
I have asked you from the divine giver
This i say from faith,
One day I'll hold your hands, "Honey, don't ever leave me again"
Torits Melody Sep 2019
From True Love To Stranger I had never Met,
From Midnight Muse To morning Regret,
Love That once bloomed turned into a thorn in my side,
The Spark Once felt raged into a flame that Burnt Me To a crisp.
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