Roberta Day Mar 2016

In order to heal,
apply pressure to pain with
volition and strength.

It's been a while.
Roberta Day Mar 2016

Beware happiness;
It can be draning if you
delve in it too deep.

Roberta Day Jan 2016

I want to be your
personal alarm clock to
start your morning right.

Roberta Day Nov 2015

I'll open myself
up to you if you open
yourself up to me.

Roberta Day Nov 2015

Mind attuned and strung
with balanced chords, struck to the
beat of my new stride.

Roberta Day Oct 2015

Seeking harmony
in one's home is challenging,
though it shouldn't be.

Roberta Day Oct 2015

With some grains of salt,
I sprinkle them over your words
and watch them dissolve.

Roberta Day Oct 2015

Periodic change
is needed for those who grow
complacent quickly.

Need to find a new job.
Roberta Day Oct 2015

Putting forth effort
is all that's ever asked.
Not much is needed.

Roberta Day Sep 2015

Being open to
experience is being
open with yourself.

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