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Roberta Day Jun 30
Wading in waters
So suffocatingly deep
Help me, I'm drowning
Been a long time since my last haikuesday. I thought about this one last week but was late to post.
Roberta Day Jul 2019
As the sun swelters,
I wear the sky with clouds
to keep me light and breezy.
Inspired by a blue dress with specks of blue and white flowers on this hot summer day.
Roberta Day Jan 2019
I plan to unlock
untapped potential to reach
heights I've not yet known.
Roberta Day Oct 2018
Fall feelings are here...
orange outsides and green plants.
I've been here a while.
Roberta Day Oct 2018
the greatest motivator,
I've been slacking again.
Roberta Day Aug 2018
Inspired by light
and a likeness between us;
No shade needed here.
Trying to get back into the swing of this.
Roberta Day Mar 2016
In order to heal,
apply pressure to pain with
volition and strength.
It's been a while.
Roberta Day Mar 2016
Beware happiness;
It can be draining if you
delve in it too deep.
Roberta Day Jan 2016
I want to be your
personal alarm clock to
start your morning right.
Roberta Day Nov 2015
I'll open myself
up to you if you open
yourself up to me.
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