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Parker Oct 2021
I view the world through the lens of my parents
All men as power hungry, ***** animals that I'll never be enough for
All women as not wanting me, rejecting my very being without knowing who I am
Lyda M Sourne Feb 2020
If love was forever
Why did you part

If love was loyalty
Why did you seek others

If love was vowed
Why did you break it

If it was meant to be,
Why was it not meant for love?
Wedding blues of a child of divorce
Redaviel Nov 2019
We used my last name
As part of being together
So tomorrow we could end it
Cash and cheap pen
Is all we need
To seal the deal
With the legal devil
But my heart's the ink
And my hands are shaking
I don't want to leave you
I still love you
Like early days full of promises
The idea of leaving the nest
To build a new one
I don't want to leave you
I still love you
Ashlyn Rimsky Nov 2019
to the groom's side:

I am sorry
I never had

the words to say
I love you
one last time.

the truth is..

I don't know how

we got here
or where

I'm going

I do


I have
to go.
Sammie May 2019
Before you take them away
Why don't you ever ask them
If there are any unfulfilled duties left
Why you never give them a chance
To redeem everything that is good balanced and heft

Before they leave for an eternal journey with you
Why don't you ask them
To keep enough for their to-be-fatherless kids
To not just keep running here and there but calmly sit
To love their wives before the final farewell bids

Is it too much to ask for?
Cause you see after you take them away
Families are broken and so torn
Next time
Before you take them away
Please for a while let them stay
Let them stay a little longer
Let them make their families a bit stronger
Why can death not come with a warning?
muteD Mar 2019
why must it always end this way ?
the feeling of being unwanted .
unappreciated .
unloved .
by the ones who are supposed to love
the real me
the most .

what do you do when you're thrown into a tidal
wave of emotions ?
a hurricane of thoughts
i feel like a tsunami
has wrecked the last bits
and pieces
of my saneness .
my sanity .
my reason .
trying to hold on
is just so tiring .
especially when it seems as though
no one wants to see you achieve your dreams .
discouragement is such a tiresome feeling .

exhaustion is also a feeling I know all too well .
always on go .
doing what I thought would keep
you at bay
but as always
you can't even say it to me .
hiding behind what you think would protect
you .
like a child .
oh i wonder how that feels ?
to have someone who will fight your battles ,
for you .
instead of being on the opposing team .

i wonder how it feels to have a family .
my supposed "first" team ..
what's supposed to be my "main" support.
my lifelines
so what happens when the ones
you never thought would make you feel
the feeling you always feel the most ,
make you feel those feelings you hate feeling
the most ?

you crumble ,
even more so than before
you collapse and you decay
until you're nothing but
a fine powder that hopefully no one ingests .
pure crazy at it's finest ,
a drug for sure .
but , this one ?
It kills.
It’s always a daily battle, always something I’m fighting and I’m always alone.
Speaking Eyes Jan 2019
Today you hurt me…
Today your laugh hurts me…
your on side smile of rogue child …
It hurts me to remember your desperate eyes…
That sight hurts…
Our patched love hurts…
It hurts the desire I had to make it work ...
This failure hurts me ...
My broken family hurts ...

Today ... it hurts…
It had been a long time without pain…
I don´t know why…
But today I noticed, you still hurt me...
I still healing... Some days are wonderfull, and some brings pain when a memory hits me bad... I´m not sad anymore... Today I just felt sad for a little while...
Noah Dec 2018
Tattered ribbons
Dented bells
Crushed light bulbs
A blood-stained star
All of that would be better than this
Sitting docile as your FAMILY slanders your name
Pointing out every flaw
Swearing at who you are and your beliefs
Then laughing it off as if it was a joke
But then again
These people haven't been your family for quite a while
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