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Poppy Gallagher Feb 2020
There he was
With his black velvet heart
Smooth to touch, to feel, to love
Drawing me into that luxuriousness of this man
Something so soft, but so dark, so dark.

So I continued to be drawn by the softness, the richness
The dark eyes, dark hair, oh the lair
Once captured there was no escape
My heart forever was bound by his sultry all
No escape for whom we fall.

I shall never leave my cell
Of love that is lost and at great cost
Was my love was for him.
In my dreams he does come
But only with pain
To hurt me, break me over again
Oh the love that was lost at such a great cost.

I lost my heart to him and to him alone
My sweet innocent heart placed at his throne
Till death do us part was so very wrong
It simply did not last that long
But for him my mind does still roam.

To love again I will never impart
Because of his black velvet heart.

The End
This poem is about the first and only true love of my life.
Melili Mar 2018
Sometimes, when the person
I love hurt me the most.
I wish I could give you my pain
just for one moment.

Well, not to hurt you,
but to make you understand
how much you hurt me
and all the pain you gave me.
I wish that karma come to you. You really broke my heart really hard. you said i was the one who hurt you. That a big lie man. you secret friend told me that you where a *******. And that you broke her too. At first i didn't trust her. But I know now is true. I try to talk to you but your text hit me so hard that I cried and never talked to you. 3/6/2018 3 days before
Alexia Lewis Oct 2017
Our world is one surrounded by comforting illusion, that one may choose to live by.
We waste our days and nights away with our brains an uncharted mystery.
How one can ignore the death and pain and global ongoing crisis means their mind truly is shrouded in fog. At some point we all shall care weather it be near death or from the start, but what we all share at the end of our illusions is the darkness in our hearts
Joshua Penrod Dec 2016
In her smoke, a heavy burn
Leaving him thirsty and parched
She taught a heavy lesson to learn
That loving her and her alone,
Is a church bell ringing above an alter dark

"Church Bell" -JP

— The End —