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Emily Mitchell Feb 2020
Treetops glowing gold
in the moment of sunrise
fading to mundane.
I accidentally / inadvertently saw the sunrise one morning I was spacing out looking at the orange glow and then it crested The Horizon and shone in my eyes hahaha I thought this is incredibly beautiful and it happens almost every single day but few are around to see it at the very moment it happens.
Devika Sajeev Jun 2019
i leaped
from branch, to branch
and i could see the tiny holes
on the underside of leaves
and i could see the tiny scars
on the underside of branches

as soft as a child's
as hard as the branches
eyes reflecting the sky
speckled with birds trying to fly higher

i'm taking home with me
slowly tossing it up
watching as it grew branches and leaves
falling on to its soft edges
softened by time and touch
i'm taking home with me

i'm taking home with me
i don't know
Elm May 2018
Flip flap
Flutter flew
Butterfly breeze
Coming through

Soft shimmer
Shining sun
Canopy crayons
Colouring fun

The joy of all
Becoming one

— The End —