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Blade Maiden Sep 2018

In awe of nature
high on its vigor
Shadows dancing through
dark forests of my mind
thunder breaks open the sky
lightning pours down from the heavens
with relieving sigh

I am struck down
by creational forces
the only god I need
cause she is none
Nature won't bow
there's no need
just go
run with its wild horses
Stop fearing
what was yours from the day
you were put in this earth
just like a seed

All is one
I am one and
I am all
I feel the storm
raging on
Inside me and
all around
Hold onto the winds
for I am bound
to this chance of living
and I am not afraid
of what nature is giving

This macrocosm
this moving world
the ground on which I'm standing
There's nothing in pain
no being can harm you
all will be overgrown
all enemies will eventually be slain
There's no need to hide
your darkness or your light

No, I promise, I won't
I won't be terrified
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
The green field I used to frolic and play
Now shrouded in darken clouds greyed
With soil planted with nothing but graves
Vine and stone tablets with epitaphs engraved
Arabella B Apr 2018
Today I got my license
and this year also marks the 4th year
without either of you
When I was practicing
I drove by your house
The house I called a Home
for 3 years of my life
It was in shambles
The vines I knew that would cause trouble
have overgrown and blocked the stairs up into the house
The grass is overgrown
and Mother nature is taking back what once was hers

I saw his truck
parked in its usual spot
but there was a hole
where her car should be
Tears pricked at my eyes
to see the house I called my second home
to be like this
Overgrown and forgotten by the family
that once lived there

You tried to keep me in your life
even when your daughter tried to throw me away
Because to you
I was never your daughter's friend
but I was a family member from a different family

I wish I could show you my achievments
Hear your voice again
I wish I could go back in time to
when I was happy with just
laying around
and not having to worry about life
Sarah Michelle Jul 2016
He has grown vines all
over his body from
old age and wisdom
Eilis Ni Eidhin Feb 2015
All along the mud streaked bank
Gracious trees stand high
They know nought of human things
Though we live so so nearby

A breeze catches in the dangling fronds
Whispers escape the leaves
For nearby fallen detritus
The living green leaf grieves

A swallow darts to dodge the dusk
Defeated, closes her eyes
A couple close embracing look
About them at demise

The park is much forgotten, oh,
The gardener lives nigh
But at the volume of the work
Lets out a weary sigh.
grace Apr 2014
i want to come visit you
when the weather gets warm,
when the garden is green.
i want you to come see me
when you're not busy.
i don't want to interrupt
but i can't be alone
when i am overgrown.
i know i'm sometimes verbose
and ugly and clingy and mean
but maybe you can see past that
and we can whisper in the back
of a car, or dance behind a screen
and bathe in the summer sun.

i just want you to know that i'm
always going to be here.
i won't do what i've wanted
so that i don't hurt you.
i will not desert you.
cause i don't want to go that much.
i don't want to miss your touch.

i know my past has been hard
and i haven't always been glad
a lot of my time has been spent
being sad.
but i'm getting better every day.

so i'll let you come visit me
when the weather gets warm,
when the garden gets green.
and i'll be waiting
because i can wait
as long as it takes.

i'm getting better every day.

— The End —