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Donna Mar 23
Sitting in a cafe
sipping coffee eating eggs
Tiny leaves poke through

Loving and spending time with my son jake and loving spring time too xxxx
Jenny Gordon Mar 10
I am.  So there.  


What? as firs whisper hoarsely to th'exhale,
Winds howling down the chimney, sirens thence
Lo, chasing which or whom on Sunday?  Dense
Cloud racks are peach, grey-blue in tow, the pale
Eye of these empty hours with what detail
I feel now in my bones?  Don't ask me whence.
"*** off yer soapbox."  Silence culling sense
Unto the 'fore as I'd talk, where is bail?
She'd post th'espresso break with this note fer
That: "necessary." I said yes, I knew.
Post Raisin Bran for breakfast...I had two.
Ne fancy artwork on milk's foam in tour,
I'd savour that, and feel the boxes'd stir
My lecture 'til he...walked away.  What's new?

Well, I mean, I've this subscription to First Things, and receive two essays late Sunday morning.  Needless to say, I've put off reading them for the moment, anyway.
Ben Estrada Feb 21
I'm not a morning person by any means,
but anything can be done with the right motivation.
It's rough but I can handle it,
5:00 isn't "too" early.
I'll tell you what, it's amazing the human conscience,
left in autopilot it can shower, brush teeth, and even get dressed.
It snowed this morning, well, there was like 3 flakes but it counts.
Why do I do this to myself? I could do literally anything else...
like sleep...
I don't even eat, curse this body and it's intolerance,
I just drink apple juice and eat a kiwi.
But I guess it could be worse,
some people put yogurt in their cheerios.

"Why do you even go to breakfast?" you ask...

...I don't know
Arianna Feb 5
Sweet ointment,
Massaged gently along my throat,
Soothing the scars
Of dead words.

Сладкая мазь,
Массированная нежно вдоль горла,
Шрамы мертвых слова.
Краткая стихо по-русски. :-)

A little poem in Russian. I'm still learning, so grammatical and vocabulary suggestions/corrections are helpful and welcome.
Daniel H Shulman Dec 2018
Calming with the softness of your skin,
Sated of my hunger for your kiss,
Nourished by the state you put me in,
Feeding this soul’s appetite for bliss.

Craving delicacies of your eyes,
Sensing sunrise warmth of your embrace,
Mornings such as this I energize
With anticipation of your face.

Awake to the honey of your tongue
And fluttering eyelash on my cheek,
You’re the morning hope of day still young,
You provide for me the love I seek.
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Ben Nov 2018
**** you Halloween
It's Gobstoppers and Sweet Tarts
For breakfast, I guess
Sketcher Nov 2018
The smell of butter, the taste of flour,
Children will mutter for half an hour,
Until everyone's food arrives,
Mouths full and away with the cries,
Of chattering people and loud music,
Eating is the only language fluent.
Made this while waiting for breakfast... Also, I know the last line doesn't make sense. That's the point.
Johnedel Rubinas Oct 2018

Soft, circular, fluffy delight.
Euphoric taste, ******* to the mouth.
Heart pounding, as Aunt Jemima lathers her essence all over this treat.
Fresh bright fruit falling onto this plate as if it were sent from the heavens.
An earthly treat from Mother Earth, guaranteed to fill your satisfaction.
Savouring every bite, tingling all your senses.
A meal that could tickle ones soul and enlighten their day.
Pancakes, a synonym for yum, the definition of bliss.
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