Mack Mar 3

Her once Cobalt blue eyes so full of life
have faded to a empty cold grey stare
eyes that now look straight through me
as I wonder
does she see life's color anymore,
or is the world upon which she looks at  
in black and white?

Are we just shadows making intermittent sounds,
scrambled memories out of sync
like a radio trying to catch a frequency
just out of reach?

I'll sit and hope that you hear my words as I tell you
of the bright yellow butter cups that sit in your window
and of the busy bee that drinks their sweet nectar

And of the children playing in the school yard across the way
Screams of laughter as boys chase girls
trying to steal a kiss
all basking in the Sun's glorious rays In a warm summer's breeze

I'll keep trying to reach you in the hope that you will find that frequency
if only for a second
just to see the world in colour
One last time

My mother-in-law passed from dementia, such a cruel illness, so sad to see someone lose who they are and who you were to them
Mack Jul 2016

I could write a thousand poems about
a drunk father
Violent rages
Broken promises
man so drunk lying
in his own shit and piss
a man with no pride
no dignity self respect
a man in so much pain
that no amount of drink
could drown his demons

Instead let me tell you
about the man
between the broken promises
the ones he tried so hard to keep

Always smell nice son
the ladies love it
,"that's how I lured your mum
that and my good looks"
looking down at me giving me a wink
putting on his favorite cologne  

"Never be afraid to say i love you
it takes a real man to say
I love you
remember that."
"Real men cry
never be ashamed of crying son
life will bring a tear to your eyes
from time to time."

Wise, kind and loving
when he was in this promise
i never felt safer standing
by his side, proud, loved

Placing his hand on my head
ruffling my hair
"Son the world is a beautiful place
when you're older
travel like I did
before you settle,
there are truly magnificent people
out there,
adventures to be had
fantastic places to see,"

In these promise moments
He loved his family
He loved life.

Before long
His demons would return for him
slumped in his chair
eyes glassed with tears
"Sorry my son",
then the whiskey in one

If he only knew his demons
were mine too,
they came for him,
they came for all of us.

I loved those moments in time when he was sober,so full of fun and love,but drink made him Jekll and was drink and his demonds that took him in the end
Blindly Certain Jun 2016

Don't fret if heaven has her now.
Don't be saddened that she isn't around anymore.
Instead, be happy she's in a better place;
Won't she like seeing you sad?

It's true that life may be a cruel thief,
Stealing everything and everyone we love,
But none in this is world is ever so perfect;
We all will feel that way one day.

They'd say Hell's empty,
Since all of the demons are roaming around.
It's true, indeed;
Yet for a reason, it is so.

Never be rash to those with blackened hearts,
Never be rash to life that caused you to suffer,
Never be rash to doubt the faith you hold on to;
Everything happens for a reason.

Think of it this way:
She has fulfilled her duties,
She has fought valiantly for every second of her time;
She, has been a warrior.

Chastise me for not feeling this way before,
I simply speak what my mind and heart shouts.
I may be from the other side of the world;
But I'm still just a person comforting another.

My condolences. I may not know you, but I do hope you could read this, Brian McKay.

— The End —