Mack Sep 3

"He's my voice when I can't find the words,my carer,protector
the man that kept a promise to stand by my side
no matter how high the hurdles
a reason to love completely
a reason to smile.
Please God don't let him slip from my memories,
please don't leave me with a nothingness to gaze into

"She stole my heart all those years ago
as we became friends, lovers, family,
a promise to love honour and obey
a reason to love unconditionally
she became my smile
Please God don't take me from her memories
don't make me become nothing to her

Always there by her side, tho she doesn't see him anymore
her once beautiful mind now locked behind closed doors,
memories of who he was long gone
their first kiss, their first dance, their first love song.
As a lifetime of memories become no longer visible,
by her side sits a man who doesn't understand
just how he became


There's a elderly woman's voice comes on the radio raising awareness about dementia, and she starts of by saying,(He's my voice when I can't find the words)then she goes on to say about his promise to be by her side no matter what.Every time it comes on I get choked up because I know how their story ends.  I've seen dementia and what it does, like cancer it shows no mercy,
and one of the hardest things to try to come to terms with is how can they forget who you were to them.  How could we possibly become invisible,
but we do.
Mack Aug 31

Words that toy with my emotions,
spar with my minds thoughts,
tango with the soul
Inspire poets pen to waltz across a blank page
each word like a perfectly placed dance step

As poets tell stories that only a poet's mind and pen can craft
As lines intertwine and images of beauty unfold
In words that help the blind see

This my dear poets
Is what poetry is to me

This was some left over lines from my scribble
In Anticipation of  your Ink.
Some lines that didn't work or fit
Well I couldn't get to work or fit lol
Mack Aug 27

Taking a leap of faith
She flew with wings made from wax
  into the burning heat
melting under desire
she falls into his fiery embrace
her vulnerability and beauty
capturing his heart in an instant.

He beckoned her into his burning Lair
only to be blindsided by love
as she steals his heart.
Her innocence and honesty
captivating his very soul

Their fate was sealed the moment she leapt

A friend of mine used to play the field, one night stand after another
for years,then one night she appeared, (now his wife)
I saw the phrase 'Wings of Wax' in someone's poem that I read and built this around it.  Unfortunately I can't remember who's poem it was.
Mack Aug 24

As your ink spills onto a blank canvas
I wait in anticipation
as your pen paints a master piece in words
for my mind to gaze upon
your words showing me a little of who you are
'tho we've never met

  As your heart, mind and pen ignite
  and I read in awe every word you write
as your story unfolds and words take flight
comforting me
when sleep refuses to challenge night

As your ink tattoos my very soul  
words of beauty
Love, wisdom and meaning
words that make the mind tick, to think
Words that leave me
captivated in your beautiful ink

This is for you poet's,for the kindness you show towards my scribbling,
but most of all for the emotional roller coaster your poetry takes me on, I can't tell you how many times I sit back and think 'God that was Amazing, Deep, Clever, heartbreaking, just beautiful,often thinking wishing I'd wrote it. I don't always get time to put the best comments down to show my appreciation I always seem to be in a rush theses days, long 12hr shifts at work.
So this is it!
Thank you Poets!
Mack Aug 6

Grief consumes the heart
becomes the throats noose
laces the eyes with sorrow
drowns the soul in pain
Where there's great loss
grief follows

Grief tells the heart

"I'm here til Time heals
and Light brightens your darkness.
tho' you should remember
that to feel such deep grief
you were loved so completely.
You know me now as grief
but I was love before your loss

The Heart tells Grief

"You are a constant reminder
of a love that's lost
which cannot return to my yearning embrace,
a burden I must carry
on a path we must walk together
and if Time does becomes my healer
I'll allow Light to brighten my days once more

Not sure why I'm writing about Grief again,it's not like anybody I know has died
Thank God. Just going where the pen takes me
Mack Aug 2

I knew your name before you were born
I heard it carried on a song
in a fire lit room on an old grammar phone
as me and old Jim sing along

Oh Danny boy
The pipes the pipes are calling

From boy to man
by your side I'll stand
till old and grey and I am no more
at heavens gate is where I'll wait
till you come to me once more

Oh Danny boy oh Danny boy
I love you so

My Dad new the moment he heard the song **Danny Boy** he would name a son after the song,Jim Reeves was his favorite singer.
Borrowed some of the lines from the song obviously.
Mack Jul 28

Tragedy gives grief it's charge
to Lance the heart with agony
and lace the soul with sorrow

In times of loss
We fall so fast
Yet drown so slowly

We have all felt this at one time or another.
Mack May 25

Staring at the blank page before me
a mind, full of nothing
  my pen ready,
ready to attack
  adding color and life
to its blank existence
waiting for the cogs to turn
then lighting strikes
as mind ignites and pen flows
that Frankenstein moment


This about the many dry spells I have while trying to write poetry.
Mack May 19

They say the apple doesn't
fall far from the tree
but please my son
fall far away from me
if there's one thing I ask you
don't be like me

Never been a good man
my path full of sin  
most of my life
fueled with whores, whisky
and Gin

Life with the dice
and a deck of cards
a gambling man
I've gamble hard

I'll risk it all on a throw
or a turn of a hand
never to lose
well that was the plan

Made a deal with the Devil
that cannot be undone
this soul full of sin
for which he will come

My life a blurred battlefield
a war I can't win
never finding the strength
or courage within

So listen my son
don't be like me
fall as far as you can
from this poisoned tree

My dad would always say,
Son don't be like me and I never took his path.
Mack Apr 23

A twisted dream
beyond a twisted door
it's not somewhere I've been before
not a nightmare
but there's something wrong
I see a fat man in a red thong
riding a whale in full song
Pink dogs with wooden legs
  yellow cats with bobble heads
blue penguins in top hats
backwards caps on break dancing rats
a chequered rainbow on a vanilla sky
It's a far out dream or I'm really high
This twisted dream
beyond a twisted door

I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore"

First things first I wasn't taking anything illegal when I wrote this,it's about those dreams you have that are not nightmares but they're not dreams,you're not frightened,just not comfortable with what's going on.
I've just taken it to the extreme lol
A bit like Dorothy when she lands in the world of oz.
She must have been thinking WTF.

Just a bit of fun
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