Mack 2d

Walking past the old homeless man,  
just the clothes on his back and a old holed blanket for warmth
which he's draped lovingly over his old black mongrel friend.
Flipping him a coin thinking I still have more than him.
Even though he looked like I felt,
tired of trying to turn obstacles into pedestals.  
But as my coin hit his begging cap
he gave me the kindest smile and words that stopped me in my tracks

"I see you coming with the world on your shoulders dear friend.
What ever bridge it is you need to cross, cross it.
If it's a bridge that needs burning, burn it to the ground
but remember never to stop building new bridges, never lose faith.
I only have the clothes on my back a shared worn blanket
with my old faithful friend and that coin of kindness you gave me.
Yet I look at you and can't help but think how care free and richer my life is
and for that I thank you."

Sometimes to have less is to have more.
Just a scribble :)
Mack Nov 10

Standing in an art gallery
I look up at golden fields of corn
shining like a reflective mirror in the sun's rays
they're in the middle standing mighty
The Oak
like a gatekeeper to God's earth,
branches strong and wide in defiance.
She approaches him like one of God's Angels,
a light summer breeze lifting diamond laced hair. 
I see the silhouette of her motherly curves though her white cotton dress   
brushing her fingertips lovingly across golden corn,
like a mother's gentle caress to a child's face.
I stand captivated in its message.
Life is beautiful and free, God is smiling here.

Standing back looking down
to the cold grey floor, there, standing alone
a well used white porcelain toilet
with a cracked, stained seat.
Humanities abuse is running down it's back.
On the rusty flusher, hangs a sign
Mother Earth
Again captivated
I see the earth that once was white porcelain
clean and smooth to the touch,bright white hope
an untouched strong surface to build upon
but now covered in the stains that is humanity  
leaving our mark on a once uncracked unwritten future
that was God's blank canvas

Or just an artist trying to take me for a fool

When i was a kid a artist put a old white porcelain toilet in a art exhibition
with a sigh on it i can't remember what the sign said,think it was Mother earth or Life,Humanitie,anyway it caused quite a storm. got on the BBC news
Some people were saying he was nuts,others that he was clever.
Give me a  Angel in a corn field any day  ;)
Just a scribble
Mack Nov 4

For every dream I planted in a field of decisions
only weeds of what ifs grow
It was Hope that turned my Failures into pedestals
my Failures that gave me lifes lessons
and Tears that watered the ground
If truth be told
It was Hope, Tears and Failures
that in a strange way kept me going
helping me reach my place of dreams
for Tears and Failures are what make us stronger
and Hope, well Hope will meet you anywhere

Just a scribble
Mack Oct 27

Engine roars, tyres screaming at the hot tarmac
Stereo up, full volume,Meatloaf on
hitting the road
like a bat out of hell
adrenaline rushing,heart pumping
like a Virgins first time
the devil on the back seat
with serpent smile
Leaning over,in Deaths voice

"Put the pedal to the metal, take her into red
and don't touch the brakes there's a  bend ahead,
you'll make it round"

The game is on

pedal to the floor
engine screaming like a well fucked whore.
I can feel the horses,see the fields burning
hundred miles an hour on the road to Hell
with the devil on the back seat in full song

"Like Icarus my friend
you've flown too close to the sun.
there's only one winner in this
one on one."

Into the bend we descend
like a rabid dog, out of control
Into a fiery grave,
for both my body and soul 
on the wrong side of Heaven
Devil found me a new home
in his house of Hell
for my soul to roam

If you dance with theDevil expect to get burned
remembering some lessons can't be unlearned


Driving to fast  to Meatloaf, Bat out of hell.
Its funny how a bit of rock music can bring to Devil out of you behind the wheel.
Mack Oct 12

From the moment you entered my life
I saw things in a different light
Much clearer, more vibrant, so bright
More clarity to this slightly blurred life
In  denial I'd been for a very long time
  who needs glasses not me
I can see fine

One faithful day my opinion did sway
when I saw an opticians across the way
Perhaps a quick test
to rule out any doubt
I'm sure theres nothing to worry about

So I rolled up,
  spoke to the man at the desk
"Could please book me in for a quick eye test?"
In a soft gentle voice, 
leaning in a little closer  
the opticians is next door.
This is the greengrocers!"


I've been avoiding an eye test for a year or more. In denial really lol,
but had to bite the bullet as it was getting hard to read.
Anyway, had test, got glasses.

True Story, worked in same place with this guy for 7 years.
he said to me (after working a couple of days with glasses on)
"There's something different about you(I thought the penny will drop in a minute)
he said"I've got it, you got rid of your old glasses and got new ones"
I said "You twat i've never worn glasses in my life till a couple of days ago"
I thought you've always worn glasses "


Bit of fun about my fading eye sight
Mack Oct 8

watching life pass by through a lens
waiting for the perfect moment
to a catch split second still in time
as the shutter clicks capturing life in a timeless frame

thought provoking

Questions asked by curious eyes 
Who, what,where, and why
each picture taken like poetry in a frame
For are the photographer and the poet not one and the same?

For it is poets words that paint pictures and
photographers pictures that inspire poets to write.

My cousin is photographer who photographs every day life,where he lifes in Northern Ireland Belfast.
we met through the power of Facebook 2years ago and hopefully will be meeting for the first time face to face this November.
This is dedicated to Cliff Mckay and his poetry in pictures.
Mack Sep 3

"He's my voice when I can't find the words,my carer,protector
the man that kept a promise to stand by my side
no matter how high the hurdles
a reason to love completely
a reason to smile.
Please God don't let him slip from my memories,
please don't leave me with a nothingness to gaze into

"She stole my heart all those years ago
as we became friends, lovers, family,
a promise to love honour and obey
a reason to love unconditionally
she became my smile
Please God don't take me from her memories
don't make me become nothing to her

Always there by her side, tho she doesn't see him anymore
her once beautiful mind now locked behind closed doors,
memories of who he was long gone
their first kiss, their first dance, their first love song.
As a lifetime of memories become no longer visible,
by her side sits a man who doesn't understand
just how he became


There's a elderly woman's voice comes on the radio raising awareness about dementia, and she starts of by saying,(He's my voice when I can't find the words)then she goes on to say about his promise to be by her side no matter what.Every time it comes on I get choked up because I know how their story ends.  I've seen dementia and what it does, like cancer it shows no mercy,
and one of the hardest things to try to come to terms with is how can they forget who you were to them.  How could we possibly become invisible,
but we do.
Mack Aug 31

Words that toy with my emotions,
spar with my minds thoughts,
tango with the soul
Inspire poets pen to waltz across a blank page
each word like a perfectly placed dance step

As poets tell stories that only a poet's mind and pen can craft
As lines intertwine and images of beauty unfold
In words that help the blind see

This my dear poets
Is what poetry is to me

This was some left over lines from my scribble
In Anticipation of  your Ink.
Some lines that didn't work or fit
Well I couldn't get to work or fit lol
Mack Aug 27

Taking a leap of faith
She flew with wings made from wax
  into the burning heat
melting under desire
she falls into his fiery embrace
her vulnerability and beauty
capturing his heart in an instant.

He beckoned her into his burning Lair
only to be blindsided by love
as she steals his heart.
Her innocence and honesty
captivating his very soul

Their fate was sealed the moment she leapt

A friend of mine used to play the field, one night stand after another
for years,then one night she appeared, (now his wife)
I saw the phrase 'Wings of Wax' in someone's poem that I read and built this around it.  Unfortunately I can't remember who's poem it was.
Mack Aug 24

As your ink spills onto a blank canvas
I wait in anticipation
as your pen paints a master piece in words
for my mind to gaze upon
your words showing me a little of who you are
'tho we've never met

  As your heart, mind and pen ignite
  and I read in awe every word you write
as your story unfolds and words take flight
comforting me
when sleep refuses to challenge night

As your ink tattoos my very soul  
words of beauty
Love, wisdom and meaning
words that make the mind tick, to think
Words that leave me
captivated in your beautiful ink

This is for you poet's,for the kindness you show towards my scribbling,
but most of all for the emotional roller coaster your poetry takes me on, I can't tell you how many times I sit back and think 'God that was Amazing, Deep, Clever, heartbreaking, just beautiful,often thinking wishing I'd wrote it. I don't always get time to put the best comments down to show my appreciation I always seem to be in a rush theses days, long 12hr shifts at work.
So this is it!
Thank you Poets!
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