Mack 3d

Staring at the blank page before me
a mind, full of nothing
  my pen ready,
ready to attack
  adding color and life
to its blank existence
waiting for the cogs to turn
then lighting strikes
as mind ignites and pen flows
that Frankenstein moment


This about the many dry spells I have while trying to write poetry.
Mack May 19

They say the apple doesn't
fall far from the tree
but please my son
fall far away from me
if there's one thing I ask you
don't be like me

Never been a good man
my path full of sin  
most of my life
fueled with whores, whisky
and Gin

Life with the dice
and a deck of cards
a gambling man
I've gamble hard

I'll risk it all on a throw
or a turn of a hand
never to lose
well that was the plan

Made a deal with the Devil
that cannot be undone
this soul full of sin
for which he will come

My life a blurred battlefield
a war I can't win
never finding the strength
or courage within

So listen my son
don't be like me
fall as far as you can
from this poisoned tree

My dad would always say,
Son don't be like me and I never took his path.
Mack Apr 23

A twisted dream
beyond a twisted door
it's not somewhere I've been before
not a nightmare
but there's something wrong
I see a fat man in a red thong
riding a whale in full song
Pink dogs with wooden legs
  yellow cats with bobble heads
blue penguins in top hats
backwards caps on break dancing rats
a chequered rainbow on a vanilla sky
It's a far out dream or I'm really high
This twisted dream
beyond a twisted door

I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore"

First things first I wasn't taking anything illegal when I wrote this,it's about those dreams you have that are not nightmares but they're not dreams,you're not frightened,just not comfortable with what's going on.
I've just taken it to the extreme lol
A bit like Dorothy when she lands in the world of oz.
She must have been thinking WTF.

Just a bit of fun
Mack Apr 19

I stand defiant
in the face of darkness
refusing to let you cloud my day
not allowing you
to have your way
as you try to twist my dreams
inflicting your twisted pain
trying to make me feel insane
turning my world upside down
But I refuse to be a puppet
In your constant freak show

Instead I stand defiant
and say

I'll embrace life's love
  bask in the sun's warm rays
Listen to the soothing sounds  
of mother nature
as she sings her sweet lullaby
on a light breeze
Softly caressing my face
lifting my spirit
For she is God's
natural remedy
to keep you at bay

A few years back my life's train came off it's rails,and it was my loving wife and our love for being among mother natures splendor that put me on track.
It can happen to everyone just didn't think it would ever be me.
Mack Apr 17

I'll give you a door
To help you through
I'll build a wall
To shelter you
I'll be the light
To light the dark
I'll be your strength
To carry you
I'll hold your hand
To guide the way

These things I promise
Till my dying day.

Mack Apr 9

He takes her tiny hand
just a child too young
to fully understand
just two sets of footprints
in the sand
the third now walk in heaven

Looking up into her father's eyes
she asks

"Is mummy coming home?"

As he  feels the full wrath of sorrows suffocation unable to talk
trying to pull the word from his throat,
as griefs noose chokes
 eyes laced with pain
and silent raindrops fall  
  knowing he cannot tell her
what she wants to hear
pulling her close to him
with heavy sigh  
he painfully whispers


This is a rewrite of one of my first scribbles I put up call Why.
Just tried to give it a bit more depth,
Might look at it in a years time and rewrite again,oh had to change the title as well,
Mack Apr 8

She was a ravishing beauty
with ocean blue eyes
long golden hair
milky white thighs

mile long legs with
firm pert breasts
an arse like a peach
So delicious and sweet

To her bathroom she goes
to slip something on
silk nylon stockings
and a racy red thong

Then like the beauty that grows
within a beautiful chrysalis

you emerge
we make love
I get Syphilis

"Good God not again"

Dedicated to my friend Derick who served in the Royal Navy many years ago,
unfortunately this was not the first or last time he got Syphilis.
he is a wild wild funny man who loved women and wine,not syphilis tho,he hated syphilis
Mack Apr 6

Wednesday café
Me  Americano, you Latte
We chat and laugh
and while away the day
In our minds we'd fly away
Paris,Venice we'd visit them all
in our
Wednesday café
me Americano, you Latte
As life's parade plays on
and time stands still
I admire your beauty
your hand in mine
those eyes I've fallen into
a thousand times
in our Wednesday café
Me Americano, you Latte


Ten years long
you've been gone
but I still come and sit
in our Wednesday café
Me Americano, no Latte
An old man, a table,
facing an empty chair
That's what they see
but I know you're there
As life's parade plays on
and time stands still
in our
Wednesday café
Me Americano, no Latte
Never looking for new love
never wanting to move on
because I found my
one true love
many years ago

a little café
on a spring afternoon

The day

Saw an old man sitting by himself in a little café opposite an empty chair and it gave me the idea for this.
It was much better in my head,
Really Struggled to get anywhere near the original concept playing out in my mind,

Just a scribble
Mack Mar 30

As bullets tear through the air
he wonders
Will the next one bear his name,
will this be his last hurrah?

To die in a shallow dirt grave in a foreign land,
never to see or hold his child again or
place a tender kiss on his one true love

She gives her cuddles and says goodnight
tucks her in warm and tight
mothers tender kiss to seal her sleep
to an empty bed for a quiet weep
till her river runs dry
then to sleep

As night time falls
his two comrades are gone
the enemy advances
  it won't be long
gun in hand
he stands to his feet
in his loudest voice
"No surrender no retreat!"

The charge is on.

In a shallow dirt grave in a foreign land
never to see or hold his child again or
place that kiss on his one true love

She sits at the table
staring into space
it's been so long
since she gazed upon his face
his smile, his charm
her saving grace
She preys for his return
his warm embrace

At the door stands a soldier
Letter in hand
As he talks of bravery
and salutes with his hand
As time takes her breath
grief strikes her face
to her knees she falls

Please.....   No*

For those that lose so much in war
Mack Mar 19

As I turn my collar to the wind
and the cold air bites at my face
nestling my chin into my woollen scarf
I can't help but smile
as mother nature dances around me in a waltz,
her taking the lead
my journey home our dance floor

As a boy I'd stand by my father's side
my hand tight in his warm embrace
I never felt more alive
Closing our eyes
Leaning into the wind
as we waltz with mother nature
She would always lead

I love all mother natures elements,I really love to hike in a storm,you just can't beat the outdoors to really feel alive.
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