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Bhumeeka Jun 4
Take me up in your arm,
let me sigh in that secluded dawn.

You are my serene shelter,
ethereally cozy,
and entwined with warmth.

I meltdown to your aura,
I meltdown to your caresses.
The broken unstable puzzles of me
fall right on the place.

Thousands of voices echoing,
old scars of ripped heart,
broken melodies of hazy eyes,
and the agonies of falling apart.

Your embrace knows them all,
like I have always belonged here.

Take me up in your arm.
let me sigh in that secluded dawn.
Serendipity May 21
the sky blushed black,
freckled stars dotting her inky cheeks.
Scoot Jan 16
What Does He Do but spin me up with sunshine?
batting away
the Bad Boys
with a broom
because Beautiful
Bashful Women
should not belong
where they´re Blushed
-Black and blue-
Beaten through
and through
-then Blessed
to do it again.
Sally says she loves him
Steven says me too
stupid Sally
Silly Sally
said this much too soon
sliding down a spiders nest
down its slippery silk
Dark and Warm a home away
Staying ¨safe¨ where sally´s used to
try hard
not to
focus on that
Black and Blue Blushed face
I´m not in an abusive relationship currently. This is just something I wrote because I have a lot of empathy for situations like this.
With this feelings,
My heart crushed.
When you smile at me,
Still, you never failed to make me blush.
With my every favorite old songs,
It reminds me of you,
I hear your singing voice.
It's already summer,
Yet all I think is you.
I can't be like this forever,
Because we won't be together.
My dear Bunny :)
Unknown Apr 29
When you think of sleep
Are you still on your feet
Are you thinking of me?
When you close your eyes and begin to dream
Or am I just a memory
Or am I just a memory

Do you find it hard to remember me,
And my barefoot reveries?

You are the spoon in my coffee
I'll spin you around and the world couldn't stop me
Its they who have lost me
I'm often
Caught in a river if coffins
Your presence it buries them all and
The voices they stop
They finally stop

When the whispers have me to my knees
When the shivers penetrate the trees
You carry softness like the breeze
You carry blushes in your cheeks
You carry hearts upon your sleeve
And all is perfect when you speak

You make me weak

And together something else
And for forever on the shelf
We carry on our broken selves

And never ask me
If this feeling's everlasting
Because the beat sounds sad
But the sentiment is happy

All I really wanna do is run away
All I really wanna do is run away
All we really are are books with blank pages
Lets scribble in the lines and find the plot
We are the authors of our fate
And you're my date tonight
And for the ages

This mascato never sweeter did it taste
Then with your face in front of mine

And through the space and
Through the time
I'll hold your hand and
Stand in line

And ride this roller coaster ride
As long as you remain beside

And for the first time
In a long time
I am patient
And I am open
To interpretation
My lady
OpenWorldView Apr 20
Bereft of words
we sit like fools
across the wooden table.

Eyes swaying shyly
to catch glimpses
of each other.

She turns her head
to hide her flushing cheeks
and rosy curled smile.

Her blooming beauty
stirs hidden butterflies
toward spring blue skies.
First spring love.
i burned into myself a way to remember your laugh
flushed cheeks that raised flags red to your eyebrows
skimmed over in the heat of thinking "this is it"
and it was
nothing more than the sounds of joy for milliseconds
that echoed for years in one's head
it was like the sea had flooded my cranial cavity
i was drowning cerebrally
My folding fan
Opens wide.
And covers the smile
I'm trying to hide.
Abby M Mar 12
I am a garden just waiting to let spring in
I stand frozen now with wind blown tufts in the air
Nothing but a blankness, as suits the harsher months
I wait for the signal to unclasp my sprigs
To make known my blooming blush
To let down my head of greenery
And fill the empty space where I have slumbered
Alice Mar 5
the sunset
even enamors
the clouds...
they blush pink
when he comes
to meet
the horizon
sinking below
to: a spring sunset
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