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Dead lover Jun 14
Sitting alongside my man - as an adorable pair of love birds.

We exchange promises with forever,
But they're just words.

"I love you to the moon and back",
Is what I often say,

for one other man, the same, I wish to convey.

I'm in guilt, I want to get rid of this cover,
I don't wish to remain an unfaithful lover.
I'm fed up of being a panromantic. It's hard to be faithful emotionally.
Dead lover Dec 2020
Traumatising childhood,
Inexplicable Youth.
Dead lover Nov 2020
I bleed through words,
From the cuts given by the society.

I want to escape and fly like birds,
With a hope, it all ends my agony.
Dead lover Dec 2019
As the truth unfolded,
Toppled the fake,
Nothing was ever fair.
Nothing is here.
None was ever there.

For i have lead a life of sin,
How can i expect a life with win?
But tricksters are leading happier lives..
Sinisters are doing great too...

My sin was of my own.
I let them mock me.
I let them into my life, my memories.

For they were none.
There were none.
The bond was but nothing.

I feel soo alone yet again..
But the revelation feels a beginning of new era.
An era of peace. A time of worthiness.

Where i shall forgive all..
For i have sinned.
And thus i choose
Dead lover Dec 2019
I thought I'd never write again,
And yet here i am..
Going through the same pain,

I feel soo lonely, the way I was once used to of..
For those happy days, its supposed to be a pay-off..
Am that lonely toy, nobody wants to own,
Am that orphan child, nobody knows is gone..
Am that cry baby, that cries despite her age,
Once for grades, then for beauty, then for better wage..

But nobody hears me,
Nobody cares for me..

Even my so called lover jilted me at the altar.
Thought that happens only in the movies,
But my life's example isn't very far..

He wanted a beautiful bride, for his pride..
From me all he wanted was ***.
5 years, used me, and moved on to the next.

I could very well be an idiot,
Still wanting and begging him to come back,
Am planning to book the church again,
And request people to be dressed in black.
I'm fed up... And i still love you *****.. And it hurts.
  Dec 2019 Dead lover
Satsih Verma
I was hungry
and you fed the tiger
back and forth.

And then a fierce
battle commenced between
lie and truth.

In temple of eyes
deities were disappearing.

There was no signs
of large fig tree, under which
you can sit to become wise.
Dead lover Jul 2019
When your life's misery knows no bound,
when your happiness is never recorded as found.
Should you take the liberty,
to end your apathy?

There's an entire world out there,
about each one there you do care.
When not a soul talks to you back,
why do you still run on life's track?

Not a soul loves you; the one who claims to,
trust me my dear, would be better of without you.
Why extend your misery,when limited could be your days?
Yet,to relive this burning soul, you have been confused by the ways.
When you can't take your life anymore.
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