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Dead lover Jul 30
When your life's misery knows no bound,
when your happiness is never recorded as found.
Should you take the liberty,
to end your apathy?

There's an entire world out there,
about each one there you do care.
When not a soul talks to you back,
why do you still run on life's track?

Not a soul loves you; the one who claims to,
trust me my dear, would be better of without you.
Why extend your misery,when limited could be your days?
Yet,to relive this burning soul, you have been confused by the ways.
When you can't take your life anymore.
Dead lover Aug 2018
Dreams are numerous,
But, reality is a curse
Dead lover Apr 2018
A person who can be used.
Reused and refused and misused.

Does his living make any difference?
Absence, presence, are just bitterness.

An idiot who is good for nothing at all,
Is pounding his head as a ball on wall.

Day after day, there's no new story to say.
What happened today, would happen tomorrow as it happened yesterday.

Am willing to scream, am willing to shout.
Am no more in doubt, I've ended this bout.

I have had enough punches, from the satiricals,
Even the ones vocals, and the ones locals..

I have no idea what has happened to me,
I can't see, i can't believe, happy i can't be.

This unhappiness, this loneliness,
This helplessness, this depressedness..

Enough of this Temple Run,
I feel done, completely done. I am done.

Good bye..
I wish i don't survive this.. I'm fed up.
  Apr 2018 Dead lover

a minute or so
to experience

seventy years
(give or take ten)
to experience

and a
to be

ushered into eternity

(c) 5/29/2015
Thanks to Gary L for the inspiration

Dead lover Apr 2018
Your presence is heavenly,

It comforts me the best in this hell...
I wish to hug you
Dead lover Mar 2018
When life keeps giving you lemons,
You are a **** lemon tree
Life is awful
Dead lover Mar 2018
Am on a joy ride ,
with no trace of joy.
Hopefully one day the things would change and I'd hug you again.

I love you despite everything, maybe I love you more too..

i miss you whenever you are not available. Takes away my senses.

Although its ironical, how your presence can't keep me sane either ;-)

Maybe one day You'll read this. But I'd be long gone.

After Waiting and waiting for the Master soooooooooooooo busy with his family, in which he doesn't include me. And is tooo afraid to introduce just cause his family is conservative.
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