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Dead lover Mar 2023
It pains to know that you are a no one to someone that means the world to you.
Their behavior is kind towards everyone, and not exclusive towards you.

Some of their commitments were mere words, just like meaningless chirping of the birds..
One can associate just any sentiment to them, its not one of the bird's concerns.

I wish you happiness, love, and peace,
thank you for being my most honest critic.

I mean you well, I hope you live well,
I hope on my toxic memories, you never dwell.
Dead lover Feb 2023
You care for me,
I care for you.
I love you,
And i can feel your love for me too.

I want to stay your friend,
But how?
Dead lover Feb 2023
Spare me some memories of the boy I fell for.
For I've no idea of the man that he has become.
Dead lover Feb 2023
the pain of
being your type.
Dead lover Jan 2023
Love me better than I've ever loved myself,
For I don't believe, anyone will ever love me.
I'm trying to be brave,
As much as I can be.
It breaks my heart.
How unworthy of your love could I have been?
I love you.
I'm trying to butcher the butterflies, but that process hurts too.

Is it too much to ask to be loved back?
Dead lover Jan 2023
My stomach turns and crumbles,
My heart it breaks and aches,
I wish to say, all I can manage is to groan.
I wish to sleep, all I can manage is to growl
in the pain, a new night, yet story the same,
Every single day, all over again.

My skin is being peeled, and I bleed,
to death, only to be reborn with the same fate.
Piece by piece my limbs are being taken apart,
My misery is a work of art.
I can't seem to unlove you.
Dead lover Jan 2023
The depth of your eyes, makes me lose my mind that inspires to leave everything behind.

It enchants me and makes me jump into the ocean that knows no emotion.

I imagine you tracing my face, each time that I feel the wind, Yes with imagination I have sinned.

I wish there was a way to end my sorrow, my best bet is on having no tomorrow.

But today, yet again am in pain, I've been tied to the past and that's turning me insane.

You deserve to be together forever,  with someone that you treasure.

My dream has had its fulfilment,
It was brilliant, but I know I don't deserve your commitment.

Live Long and Prosper, oh "Love of My Life", I know I can never apologize,
But will I still get to look into your eyes?
I've never felt more alone in life. I feel bad for my one sided feelings, it is a torture for me, my loved one and also for those who are looking after me.

I wish i gain enough strength to not let these emotions make me cry every now and then. I'm sorry for acting out when you said a no. I should have never confessed, I should have tamed the butterflies and none of this would have ever happened.
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