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They paint red
She is happy
She is a great artist
She draws a pattern
She thinks it is the finest

Gaza's streets are filled with red

It may be surrealist
You must blind your heart
And say as the world  told
Thanks thank God
As you created like that
Israel killed these animals
As they do not deserve to be lived
You must solid your mind
And dance, dance very fast
And drink barrels of highball
To see the world's talk
To see how it is so having tale
that Israel is doing well

it may paint of realistic
it reflects a view of fact
telling Israel is the master
Arabs must bow and worship her more

It may be line
And see how Arabs are awful
They don't deserve a1ot to be wonderful
**** , **** with your powerful
To destroy Arabs at all

It may be a cartoon
they tell Arabs doing as Tom
Who looks stupid and will fall
Doom to undeveloped persons
****** over that world
Which encourages the unjust
And she will **** ****
As the baby does with his doll
the killing occured aty Gaza and world encorages the killing
Yazad Tafti Oct 2019
poetry is so ******* gay
write about stupid **** no one cares about
i must be a ****** because i always write passages
**** those butterflies
cut off its wings
emotions just a waste of chemical signals
neutralize my brain chemistry for joy atm
just one of those days hahaha
I sit here....
I      sit      here...
I                 sit               here...
until one day, I................................................................­.......................die
having done absolutely  N.   O.    T.    H.    I.    N.   G.
and I regret <dfihbadflhbfihrefbiuwfiuhfihifiufiwief> everything.

pretending to be busy instead of doing school work
Chris Jun 2019
Bathing in the sun
Soaking it's nutrients

This blade so sharp
Rub to fast
and you might get cut

But it shines so green
It offers shelter

I trust my food
to keep me safe

So mighty leaf!
Hide me away!
Abstract. Enjoy.
shana Nov 2018
He loves how his name rolls through her tongue.
As he made love with her
Under the dim light beside them
Until they fell asleep
With peace flowing through their veins.
Lets fall in love in a place where words like fate and forever are completely out of reach
Mugerwa Muzamil Oct 2018
You had no shadow
because you're a light

The clouds followed you with shade
because you're a mercy

Your sins before and after
were forgiven
because you belong to paradise

Angel Gabriel got lost in your light
because you're the finest of creations

You had the ring of the prophets
because you're chosen

Your message is for the whole world
because you are the last of  the prophets.

— The End —