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Shofi Ahmed Sep 2019
Hand on the thorns
and eyes on the rose.

Singing ravishingly
a happy song
is only half of
the story is told!
Via the phone
When I heard your voice
Having a friendly tone--
At long last you have won--
My diffidence and anxiety gone
An electrifying ecstasy
Charged my heart's zone,
Who fate was
To ceaselessly lament and moan.

The vein inundating feeling
You evoked, anon,
Percolated down to every bone
To each love thirst
To atone!
At last she started to respond to Sms & and phone
Salmabanu Hatim May 2019
Mirror mirror on the wall,
Who is the fairest of all,
Like Snowhite your daughter is the fairest of all.
Look behind you in the mirror,
See a slight faded image of your mother,
You a copy of me but ravishingly lovely my daughter.
We are the blossoms of the same tree,
Each a bloom of our own time you see,
A reflection of the same beauty.
I may have wilted, my petals fallen to earth,
But you are a bouquet of flowers,each its worth,
A splash of colours,
Like a ravishing red rose,
That accent your beauty most,
Or the white dazzling daisies,
Which captures your  eyes that pleases,
Some pink carnation and yellow sunflowers,
Gives in you a glimpse of a sunset shower.
Your sweet smile melts heartstrings,
With a look of an angel kind and caring.
My Daughter is the most beautiful of all

— The End —